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kindle ´ The Little Locksmith Ó ☆ [PDF] ✑ The Little Locksmith: A Memoir Author Katharine Butler Hathaway – The Little Locksmith Katharine Butler Hathaway's luminous memoir of disability faith and transformation is a critically acclaimed but largely forgotten literary classic brought back into print for the N literary classic brought back into print for the first time in thirty yea A lovely memoir about the author's early years when ill with tuberculosis that affected her spine with the cure being to strap her to a board Despite the unusual nature of her upbringing and the effects of the disease the author stays positive Her ability to see the magic of life around her her struggle through college to reach a point of indepth writing and her eventual challenge toward her weaknesses leading to love home and beyond are very well told

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Ity faith and transformation is a critically acclaimed but largely forgotte This book was not first published in 1980 It was first published by Coward McCann Inc out of New York in 1942 shortly after the death of the author Katherine Butler Hathaway It was also published in Toronto Canada by Longmans Green and Company The world lost something wonderful and fine when she passed away in her early middle years This was a tremendously talented lady with a very unusual take on life for any time period but for the 1940's she was downright AMAZING I am only about a third of the way through her book right now 05 05 2010 and I am struck by the realization that every page is a little vignette of its own Exuisite microcosms I will have to post another time when I have finished it Eileen Prendergast Apoe

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The Little Locksmith A MemoirThe Little Locksmith Katharine Butler Hathaway's luminous memoir of disabil 355 This same feeling of my own intrinsic separateness was always with me too when certain grown up callers insisted on coming burbling upstairs to see poor little Katharine I could always hear them coming and I knew just what to expect I didn't need to be very subtle to realize from their puffing exclamations of pity and their heavily tactful asides that these visitors imagined that I was unfortunate under their breath I heard the gruesome word afflicted Such people bored me beyond words They didn't seem like real living people I knew they were not interested in me at all as Katharine only as poor little Katharine They never paid any attention to what I was drawing or making they were blind to all the interesting treasures around me They were not real people surely but just large meaningless objects that had got into my room by mistake and were very much in the way there Ignoring everything under their noses which would have interested them if they had been alive they could only seem to see the one thing in the room which was not interesting and not important except that it was doing me good my halter and rope And they would stand staring and asking uestions and boring me with their stupid pity until my mother or my nurse finally led them away The only impression luckily that was left on me by these visitors was disgust for their ignorance and a fresher satisfaction in my own affairs This book was suppressed so that the disability porn cuntfuckery that is Flowers for Algernon Of Mice and Men Me Before You and so many flatulent no nothing obscenely renowned others could be written Heaven forbid any of the disabled andor neuroatypical folks find love and life and even consensual sex on their own doesn't die at the end terms heaven forbid that not only a disabled person but a disabled woman not in the 21st century or even in the late 20th but someone born in the tail end of the 19th be capable of traversing the ocean in the pursuit of art fame romance and best of all succeeding in all of these goals both consciously striven for and otherwise I won't profess that the author is perfect but her voice is a powerful counter to the ableist filth that clogs the assumptions of both media and law that in turn contribute high and low to the denial dehumanization and death of both me and those in my community I don't care how much able authors writhe and moan If they had ever actually had a healthy dialectic with a disabled person they never would have written what they ultimately made bank off of I was a fanatic in my belief that life is not ordinary and in my hatred for all the acts manners talk and jokes which treat the mystery of life as if it were comic and obscene to be handled with contempt and laughed at or kicked around like an old rag It is extraordinarily valuable to have a record of a child rejecting the pitying glances of self serving adults and obnoxious children for the bullying in the schoolyard is always handed down via the sins of the parents and the only way to humanize disabledmentally ill children is to rid the world of disability porn and other related ilk which those parents consume Hathaway had the benefit of extraordinarily supportive finances and a generally supportive family but that only points out how much of the devastation of disability is artificially created via capitalism and socially sanctioned abuse The moment one believes people exist for the society not the other way around is the moment one sells one's soul to the deep Hathaway's emotional turmoils are harrowing but her life is one of triumph largely in thanks to emotional as well as financial confidence and I am likely to add her cumulative letters and other writings just to read of the multiple transatlantic crossings and interactions as well as to see whether her disappointingly racist views with regards to Japanese people especially Japanese women have any underlying context That was one of the major flaws in an otherwise singularly wonderful piece of memoir and reading on would ease my mind somewhat if for nothing than the acuiring of context for a sensationalist narrative Sometime in the future then This book was difficult enough to acuire in my usually passive fashion and a discombobulated work will certainly prove even elusiveFrom the liberals who armchair diagnose Trump to the alt right aspiring to the heights of their ideological Nazi ancestors ableism has many heads and many self perpetuations Unless you yourself go out of your way to listen to disabledmentally ill folk you're participating in their annihilation as no individual exists in a vacuum and a world that continues to herald Me Before You is a field of war for any person who refuses to fit the mold of human sacrifice for the sake of able others There is so little writing out there that the mainstream pays attention to so there may come a time when 1939 rolls around again All I can hope for is that there are August von Galen's and Theophil Wurm's albeit of a non antisemitic sort in positions of power and that the rest of the white world doesn't once again bury its head in the sand or leastwise doesn't go nearly as deep For as the Apostle with good reason admonishes us Those that seem the feeble members of the Body are necessary; and those that we think the less honorable members of the Body we surround with abundant honour Conscious of the obligations of Our high office We deem it necessary to reiterate this grave statement today when to Our profound grief We see at times the deformed the insane and those suffering from hereditary disease deprived of their lives as though they were a useless burden to Society; and this procedure is hailed by some as a manifestation of human progress and as something that is entirely in accordance with the common good Yet who that is possessed of sound judgment does not recognize that this not only violates the natural and the divine law written in the heart of every man but that it outrages the noblest instincts of humanity? The blood of these unfortunate victims who are all the dearer to our Redeemer because they are deserving of greater pity cries to God from the earth Paragraph 94 Mystici corporis Christi