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TEXT Ì The Odds of You and Me Ò Cecilia Galante M and move to Moon Lake where she’s plunked down a deposit on a brand new apartment is so close she can almost taste it What trouble could she possibly get into in just 13 days?But trouble does follow in the form of James Rittenhouse someone she worked with a few years ago At first Bird is stunned to see James make the evening news when he’s arrested for assaulting someone in a local bar But that’s nothing compared to the shock she gets when she discovers James hiding out in an abandoned church choir loft Somehow he escaped police custody broke his leg and got his hand on a gun which he’s now pointing at herAltho The Odds of You and Me by Cecilia Galante is a compelling novel about a woman caught between doing what is best for herself and her young son and her loyalty to someone from her pastBernadette Bird Connolly has finally made her final restitution payment and she is making plans for her and her son Angus's future Staying out of trouble should not be any problem until her probation ends in two weeks but when she agrees to run an errand for her mom she makes a startling discovery that could jeopardize all of her plans Bird is stunned to find her former co worker James Rittenhouse hiding in the church choir's loft James has recently been arrested for a bar fight that left his victim in critical condition and while he en route to jail he somehow managed to escape Why would Bird jeopardize everything she has worked for to help someone she has not seen in over five years?After her beloved father's death when she was a teenager Bird lost her faith hooked up with the wrong crowd and barely graduated from high school Moving out as soon she graduated she began working at a local restaurant and entered into an ill advised relationship with her manager Her unexpected friendship with James during this tumultuous time is a bright spot that gives Bird reason to hope for a better future But an unplanned pregnancy turns her world upside down and after Bird is arrested for writing bad checks she has no choice but to move back in with her mother and work with her cleaning houses Their relationship remains tense as Bird tries to put her life back togetherAlthough their time in each other's life was brief Bird's friendship with James was uite meaningful She knows that she is taking a huge risk by helping him after he escapes from police custody but she is unable to report him to the authorities nor can she turn her back on him As the two friends become reacuainted Bird is stunned by James' revelations about the bar fight that landed him in so much trouble and after learning the truth she becomes determined than before to help him Bird devises an ill conceived plan to provide James with a safe place to hide while he decides what to do next but time is not on their side Is Bird prepared for the conseuences if she caught aiding and abetting a fugitive?The Odds of You and Me by Cecilia Galante is a captivating story of healing for Bird as she is finally comes to terms with her heartbreaking past Although her decision to help James is initially unfathomable her reasons become clear as she reflects on their friendship and the events leading up to their final encounter years earlier Bird's life is forever altered by the few short yet meaningful days she spends with James following his escape I highly recommend this touching novel to readers of women's fiction

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FREE PDF Æ BOOK The Odds of You and Me ´ CECILIA GALANTE ✓ ❮Download❯ ➹ The Odds of You and Me ➾ Author Cecilia Galante – In the vein of Meg Donohue and Sarah Jio Cecilia Galante’s second novel delivers the powerful story of one young woman who’s faced with an Ugh Bird doesn’t tell anyone she saw James there’s no way she’s helping him She can’t screw up her probation or her second chance for a new future And she has her son’s welfare to think about Still If only she could stop thinking about the terrified look in James’ eyes and the fact that he’s hurt If only she could forget that once long ago James helped her out and she owes him a debt like no other Will Bird jeopardize her future for someone who helped her out in the past? A past that holds secrets she’s not uite sure she’s ready to face? Or will she turn a blind eye and learn to live with the conseuence This is the second book from Cecilia Galante that I have reviewed the first is The Invisibles see review here so I was excited to read The Odds of You and Me What I like about Galante's writing is that she makes her characters real and no matter how prickly they are or how you may shake your head at their life choices or actions you come to care about them they feel like friends that you want the best for Bird Sincavage is one of those great characters At times I disliked her and desperately wanted to shake her for her decision making both in the past and in the current story but her love for her son Angus and her loyalty and wanting to do the right thing or at least do better for him made me come to love her I felt the same way about the supporting characters especially Angus four going on five going on forty Sometimes young children are written as too smart or too much of a wise old soul but Angus rings true and is utterly charming James is sympathetic and given his history with Bird and the secret they share it makes it seem almost reasonable that she risks throwing away her second chance and everything she has worked for to help him Her mother was frustrating and often made me angry like Bird but her motives and love for her daughter and grandson are slowly uncovered throughout the story and even her parole officer Mrs Ross Father Delaney and Bird's elderly client Mr Herron are flushed out and add much to the story There is profanity throughout the story and a couple of short scenes recounting past sexual violence that could be a trigger for some but it is appropriate for the storytelling and not overdone This book is about family love loyalty and second and third chances Galante's writing made me angry made me laugh and made me cry I ran the gamut of all of the feels in this one It sucked me in from the beginning and didn't let go until the ending which left me satisfied not something that always happens in a book lately If you like women's fiction contemporary fiction and family drama but you like it drawn a bit deeper than the norm add The Odds of You and Me to your TBR pile it's a book that will touch your heart You can see my review and a recipe for Peanut Butter and Banana Pancakes inspired by the book on my blog post A review copy of the The Odds of You and Me was provided to me by the publisher Harper Collins and TLC Book Tours I was not compensated for this review and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own

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The Odds of You and MeIn the vein of Meg Donohue and Sarah Jio Cecilia Galante’s second novel delivers the powerful story of one young woman who’s faced with an impossible choice one that could have her making the biggest mistake of her lifeThirteen days That’s all Bernadette “Bird” Sincavage has left to go until she’s done with her probation and can be free again Free from making payments to the supermarket she wrote bad checks to Free from living at home with her overzealous mother who’s constantly nagging her about attending church again Free to give her four year old son Angus the normal life he deserves Her impending freedo It's a bit unbelievable to me still how books can sometimes completely blindside you You'll be going about your daily life a book will fall into your lap and suddenly it's the exact story that you need to read at that exact moment It's like the author knew just who you were and what was missing and came along to fill that void The Odds of You and Me was exactly that I wasn't expecting this book it simply showed up for review I'm honestly so glad that it did I can't believe I almost missed the opportunity to fall in love with this bookBird's story is one of so many layers that it's almost impossible to really touch on them all in this short review What I can say is that Cecilia Galante isn't afraid to peel back each one of those layers down to the deepest part of the soul She allows the reader not even just to crawl into Bird's head but almost to become her I felt her pain her love her elation her hate her confusion and each bit of it filled in a part of my own soul I was able to pick her apart to the point that I was so invested in this story that I sobbed while reading it My life might not be a mirror to Bird's lord knows she has it much harder than I do but just seeing someone else at a place where they still don't feel like they have their footing yet made me whole somehowSee Galante doesn't shy away from the parts of life that we all hide from the outside world Bird has made mistakes she's grown from them but she also shows us that there is always growing to do Her character is one that uestions things examines her feelings and shuts things away She's basically any one of us at any given moment I've never seen such pure emotion laid out on a page to be honest As an example Bird's love for her son Angus is so bright that it's blinding Yet at the same time she admits that most of the time she struggles to even feel like she mildly knows what she's doing as a parent Learning growing fighting it's all there in vivid color as Bird simply tries to exist in a world that doesn't always feel hospitable Nothing here is black and white everything is up for debate and I loved that than I can sayThere are discussions of love here and the tense relationships that we might have with others So delicate that they can crack at any moment There are insights about caring for others despite their past decisions and possibly stepping over the boundaries set by society to do good for someone else As I mentioned above there is even a discussion on being a parent and feeling like you're constantly floundering Bird's raw commentary on raising her son as a single mother and feeling utterly helpless at times will speak to a lot of readers out there Or if you're like me her battle with religion as an upbringing versus religion as an adult will hit home too Like I said there's so much wrapped up here that I can't touch on it all fairly It simply exists together in this beautiful web of a story that will catch you up and likely evoke feelings that you weren't even expectingTo sum it all up The Odds of You and Me is absolutely beautiful It's a raw emotional story that isn't afraid to dig deep into the emotions of a woman who is simply trying to navigate life I recommend you have a box of tissues handy for this book I really do