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Zero HistoryMuch so that he spoke it with his therapist in the secret Swiss clinic where Bigend paid for him to be cured of his addiction Garreth doesn't owe Bigend a thing But he does have friends from whom he can call in the kinds of favors powerful people need w. Well here I am at the end of the Blue Ant trilogy and I'm left feeling about the same as I did throughout the entire thing The books are undeniably intelligently written but that's about all they are in my opinionAt no point did Gibson make me care about the characters or their activities Their goals were uninteresting the world they inhabited was uninteresting and I just couldn't raise my interest level above a resounding 'meh'Perhaps it's just my disinterest in a lot of the themes explored in these books I care not a jot for branding advertising fashion and trends and so much of these books are bound up in those themes that I struggled to stay awake in places Perhaps Gibson just isn't for me As always your mileage may vary

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Hollis Henry never intended to work for global marketing magnate Hubertus Bigend again But now she’s broke and Bigend has just the thing to get her back in the game Milgrim can disappear in almost any setting and his Russian is perfectly idiomatic so. After about page 100 I told Nicola that this book was about an insane search for awesome jeans but that Gibson is clearly out of the loop because he thinks exclusive jeans might sell for 200 Australian dollars Yesterday she tells me what she thinks happens in the book without having read any of itA designer decides to make a pair of jeans out of a magic carpet They are one of a kind and priced accordingly 250 Obviously they only appeal to multi millionairessesOne day such a multi millionairess walks into the shop and falls in love with the jeans However the jeans are a size 6 and she wears a size 12 She buys them anyway in spite of the exorbitant price but then succumbs to bulimia while trying to slim down to fit themThe jeans are willed to the woman's niece played by Anne Hathaway Hathaway is a size zero or something but she really wants to wear the magic flying carpet flying jeans so she starts bulking up Once she's finally a size 6 she discovers that she's gained too much weight in the hips and not enough in the waist they just don't fit right Also her boyfriend dumps her and her career is ruined because she's now a fattyHer agent organizes a reality TV show with Anne as the host called 'Who Fits Size 6' The winner gets to keep the magical magic flying jeans Women from all over the country go on the show to try on the jeans but discover to their chagrin that the jeans are too small They are all size 8 women who have been fooled by America's vanity sizing and the magical magic flying carpet magic flying magic jeans are a true size 6 The endNot bad really

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review Zero History 103 ↠ ➸ [Read] ➳ Zero History By William Gibson ➽ – Hollis Henry never intended to work for global marketing magnate Hubertus Bigend again But now she’s broke and Bigend has just the thing to get her back in the game Milgrim can disappear in almost a Hollis Henry never intended to work for global markHen things go sideways They all have something Bigend wants as he finds himself outmaneuvered and adrift after a Department of Defense contract for combat wear turns out to be the gateway drug for arms dealers so shadowy they can out Bigend Bigend himse. AllI can say is that this review written by someone else is spot onBy Viking Los Angeles USA See all my reviews Verified PurchaseWhat's this This review is from Zero History Hardcover ZERO GRAVITAS The Play Bigend HollisI need to spend insane amounts of money on vague nothingnessand you being a woman of dubious talents and with no grasp of finances need a job Hollis I knowit's truepouts Milgrim Whowhatoh Hollis I'm being followedor maybe notoooo weird wallpaperwhy hasn't my boyfriend called Milgrim iPhone Bigend Peel me a grapehere's 100000I need you in Ulan Bator at 2500 hoursSomething may or may not occur Milgrim Whowhatwill there be snacks Hollis He's talking to mewell will thereI mean okaypouts Fiona You may be under surveillancemotorcycles are cool Garreth I know a very interesting rich guyNo you don't get to meet himoh and I watched 2 seasons of The Unit Evil Spec Ops Villain off screen I killed an entire Afghani village with a dead parrotnow I steal fashion designs and forgot everything I ever learned in sniper school Secret Clothing Designer I am too cool toyou knowlike sell OUTyou knowoh my god Everyone Aren't we PRECIOUSHugs all around FIN