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A Bike Ride 12000 Miles Around the World review Ê 3 ↠ ➵ [Reading] ➷ A Bike Ride 12000 Miles Around the World By Anne Mustoe ➪ – Gwairsoft.co.uk When ex headmistress Anne Mustoe gave up her job bought a bike and took to the road she couldn't even mend a puncture 12000 miles and 15 months later she was hAround the world through Europe India the Far East and the United States From Thessaloniki to Uttar Pradesh from Chumphon to Singapore she faced downpours blizzards and blistering deserts political turmoil and amorous wait. In 1987 Anne Mustoe set off from London with basic euipment in panniers on a bicycle 439 days later she returned to London having cycled 115521 miles From the UK to France Switzerland Italy Greece Turkey Then Pakistan India Thailand Malaysia Singapore across the USA and to Ireland Epic without doubtAnne Mustoe was 54 had limited experience on a bicycle couldn't repair a puncture and by her own admission was overweight A recently retired head mistress she was not short of self motivation and determinationAfter a brief introduction where the author describes her euipment and the motivation planning of her trip she then launches straight into the cycling It is hard not to draw comparisons with Dervla Murphy well known as an accomplished cyclist and traveller often alone but sometimes with daughter in tow To be perfectly honest this book missed what makes most Dervla Murphy books successful it was not as amusing There were a few wry comments and amusing situations but for me far too far between Large tracts of the travel were only marginally interesting and perhaps due to the great distance covered the commentary seemed to skip through the potentially interesting things far too uickly As I understand it this is Anne Mustoe's first of many books I have several in my shelves and perhaps she felt obliged to mention each town and village no matter how briefly Perhaps in the following books she gets a instinctive feel for where to linger in a story and what to omit Parts of the European countries and almost all of the USA fell flat with me I enjoyed the central part of the trip Greece Turkey Pakistan India but to be fair they are destinations I am much interested in Thailand and Malaysia were brief in their descriptions and didn't spark much amusement There was far too much saw that cycled here slept there eat that of a repetitive nature it just all remained too predictableIn hindsight I am glad I read the first of her books first and I am game to try again But not too soonBetween two and three stars for me but erring towards the lower end

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Ers alternated with great kindness Bike Ride 12000 eBook #8608 from strangers along the way A Bike Ride is the first in the series of Anne Mustoe's successful and inspiring Bike Ride 12000 Miles Around PDFEPUB or travelogu. If you want a book that provides a lot of history and insight into cultural differences today this book rates 5 starsHowever if you want details about the realities of travel apart from finding food and accommodation this book is lacking description The author is a bit refined a real book titled How to S t in the Woods is the kind of book that a traveler on a trip like this needs you are traveling by bike in a country whose language you do not know where facilities for locals and certainly for travelers are inadeuate lacking or nonexistent how do you find a toilet She drank copious amounts of caffeinated soft drinks because she was sure the water in them was safe Each drink meant a trip to the toilet but how did she find them In rural areas sometimes it was just a walk outside even worse than some backpacking trails that I have been on where people did not bury their waste The smells flies disease and the risk to her health In some areas it was an open pit with a plank on the roof of the hotel In some hotels she had her own hole in the floor like some restaurants in France that I have used In some cities crowded with millions of people who lived on the street where facilities were not available people simply use the streets What did she doWhat did she do about hand washing when so many things that she needed to touch door knobs her bike after others had handled it etc were filthy and sticky with dirt and germs I have been in places where the accepted protocol for people was to step off the trail in full view of everyone and others were expected to stop on the trail until the person was finishedI have been on Manhattan Island where you could buy an expensive cappuccino everywhere but there were no washrooms unless you wanted a full meal By the end of our visit there I could understand why there was a show on Broadway called Urine CityIn underdeveloped countries aid organizations are working on improving sanitation and decreasing disease spread by open toilets In most places except when she was in Americanized hotels in major cities she needed to leave her room and often the hotel for toilet facilities That is a risk that to me is not necessaryI know that weight is a problem but I would have packed some PeePoo bags for emergencies 'Peepoo' bag offers sanitary human waste disposal for pennies designed for underdeveloped countriesBecause of the difficulty in many countries of traveling alone as a woman where because of her size she could pass as a man I think she should have used a Stand Up to Pee kit which allows her to pee fully clothed and also removes the need for toilet paper female urination devices I have used these in toilets in Mexico which were too unsanitary to sit on The planks that she sat on were not sanitized and were wood which would hold moisture and host bacteriaI don't want an author too delicate to describe these necessitiesAnne Mustoe was on her own; she lived on subsistence food levels but did not adapt to the activity levels of people with minimal caloric and nutrient intake As a result she was susceptible to disease and illness Usually she could survive because every week or two she could find an urban hotel with adeuate meals and build up her body again But there is no point in exposing yourself to deadly germs unnecessarily Anne probably overcame these problems but she did not discuss them in any detail in her book She put her body through a lot of strain and I think it eventually paid the price Anne Mustoe d

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A Bike Ride 12000 Miles Around the WorldWhen ex Ride 12000 PDFEPUB #190 headmistress Anne Mustoe gave up her job bought a bike and took to the road she couldn't even mend a puncture miles and months later she was homeHer epic solo journey took her A Bike PDFEPUB. I think if I had been setting out on a round the world trip on two wheels I would at the very minimum have made sure I could fix a puncture Anne Mustoe however abandoned her comfortable bourgoise life as the headmistress of some classy private girls school to cycle out of her comfort zone and around the world A Classically schooled and prim lady setting out to cycle across some of the worlds tough environments physically and socially she has an air of mad dogs and englishwomen about her I've done some serious cycling but not much outside my European comfort zone Anne Mustoe rode straight into the unknown and dealt with it except for basic cycle repairs and maintainance Following Alexander's route of conuest east and beyond she crossed Turkey Pakistan India Thailand malaysia which make for the most interesting reading as she is challenged by poverty religion and culture as well as being an independent woman in some societies where such an existence could not easily be contemplated Again and again she finds it is those with the least who are the most accomodating and give the most and will accept no payment hospitality being an honour given cheerfully It is interesting how once you are on a cycle for any time the world becomes a completely different place your bike opens doors and minds and it is this that again comes across clearly in Mustoe's book as the uite plummy middle aged uppermiddle class lady discovers a freedom and sense of adventure that has been I think missing in her life up until then There isn't anything in my experience to match being out on the road with only what you carry in your panniers and the excitement of the world opeing out in front of you Anne Mustoe tells the tale well Still can't believe she set out unable to fix a puncture though and reilied on being a damsel in distress to get the few she had fixed madness