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Cait and the DevilGness to submit to his perverse demands and desires But a phantom threat stalks Cait and Duncan is troubled by her secret and mysterious past Can Duncan protect his vulnerable wife Will their powerful and unusual brand of love prevailThis book is approximately K words and includes a complimentary excerpt of Annabel Joseph's novel Lily Mine. Rape warning Everthing seemed fine and I even enjoy it until heroine was raped by her father in law what a disgusting terrible story

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O has already buried one wifeShe travels to the Devil’s castle reluctantly in dread and Duncan is none too pleased to welcome the pale dark haired creature as his wife But the two soon realize they are perfectly matched than either suspected His deep desire to dominate and discipline his new wife is matched only by her bravery and willin. I enjoyed the first half solid prose and hot sex but then the heroine gets repeatedly emotionally and physically brutalized and raped for two weeks and then kidnapped beaten and raped for SIX WEEKS by her husband's father To add insult to injury the aftermath of this is basically summed up as a tl;dr and her mother helped her recover and she had a baby and they had kinky sex again and lived happily ever after So sick of rape and torture as a plot deviceI do however appreciate that this author gives detailed trigger and kink warnings on her website

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Download Cait and the Devil ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Reading] ➾ Cait and the Devil By Annabel Joseph – The young maiden Cait has always lived a simple secluded life in the Scottish woods Then in her eighteenth year she is summoned to Aberdeen and informed with cruel disdain that she is the The young maiden Cait has always lived a simple secluded Cait and Epublife in the Scottish woods Then in her eighteenth year she is summoned to Aberdeen and informed with cruel disdain that she is the unwanted daughter of the king To deal with this “problem” Cait is forced to marry a forbidding stranger Duncan the Devil of Inverness wh. Here's how I feel about this book WHAT THE MONKEY How the author of Comfort Object which I consider to be one of the best erotic romances I've ever read wrote this is a complete and utter mystery to me Maybe Ms Joseph was kidnapped and taken by mysterious ninja monks to a monastery high in the glaciers of western China where she was kept on a diet of bread and water until she wrote a novel Or possibly there was a lot of booze involved A lot of booze and a deadline Look I'm a fairly tolerant sort of individual but my tolerance does not extend to relationships between a sexually experienced man and a woman so childlike and ignorant that she thinks oral sex can get her knocked up Honestly that level of ignorance is pitiable; that a man would not only tolerate but sustain it in a woman he claims to love is disgusting Say it with me kids IGNORANCE IS NOT SEXY I find this particularly bizarre in an author whose BDSM themed books so completely eroticize consensual and fully informed submission Also although the book blurb does mention something like brief non erotic nonconsensual sex that's way way way not enough warning for what actually happens So here we go my service to you is to reveal that there is brief on stage rape and multiple repeated offstage gang rapes Basically a third of this book is boatloads o' raping That's surprising and a departure from the general tone of the book but the only thing that actually OFFENDED me was the concept that all the heroine needed to recover from said gang raping was the hero's Magic Wang Look rape victims are still sexual people But the idea that the therapeutic application of peen is all it takes to heal the psychic effects of MULTIPLE GANG RAPES is wrongheaded and disturbing to say the least It also seems bizarrely out of touch with Ms Joseph's other work I don't even know what to make of this I'ma go read the last chapter of Comfort Object again to purge away the suick