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Certain GirlsFinds herself faced with what she thinks is the truth about her own conception the story her mother hid from her all her life When Peter surprises his wife by saying he wants to have a baby the family is forced to reconsider its history its future and what it means to be truly happyRadiantly funny and disarmingly tender with Weiner's whip smart dialogue and sharp observations of modern life Certain Girls is an unforgettable story about love loss and the enduring bonds of family Our book club featured this book and when it was selected I didn't care one way or the other so went along with it After reading it though I HATED it If you DO read it don't read the ending It's lazy and a terrible shame that the author did what she did the conclusion adds nothing to the story and drags the events out for dramatic effect If it were a movie the audience would say a collective oh come on What I felt was a C book used an F endingTo be sure skip the ending BUT I would recommend not reading the book at all The story flip flops point of view between two protagonists the mother and the teenage daughter The daughter's point of view is so rude and disrespectful that I wonder what the author thinks of teenagers in general It comes across as contrived and forced There's a passage where the daughter describes her mother who is sitting cross legged as having her boobs in her lap and it's comments like these throughout the book that would make the most normal of women self conscious about weight with her constant retorts about her fat mother It's also very heavy with Jewish coming of age procedures which was a little weird for me as a non Jewish person because a lot of the language was foreign and not explained and I didn't understand the relevance of the events Probably cool for a Jewish reader but for those not familiar with terminology it's one thing that makes the book difficult to become engaged in All in all I found the hype to be undeserved and I wish I had spent my time reading something else

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Reader ☆ Certain Girls ☆ 386 pages º ❮Download❯ ➻ Certain Girls ➿ Author Jennifer Weiner – Readers fell in love with Cannie Shapiro the smart sharp tongued bighearted heroine of Good in Bed who found her happy ending after her mother came out of the closet her father fell out of heReaders fell in love with Cannie Shapiro the smart sharp tongued bighearted heroine of Good in Bed who found her happy ending after her mother came out of the closet her father fell out of her life and her ex boyfriend started chronicling their ex sex life in the pages of a national magazineNow Cannie's back After her debut novel a fictionalized and highly sexualized version of her life became an overnight bestseller she dropped out of the public eye and turned to writing scien I was very excited to finally read the seuel to Jennifer Weiner's best selling novel Good in Bed Weiner writes fantastic stories that are both funny and heart wrenching Not sure you've heard of her? In Her Shoes is another highly popular Weiner novel Good in Bed is the story of feisty Cannie Shapiro and her journey through weight issues boyfriend problems fatherdaughter issues dealing with her lesbian mother and single parenting Certain Girls is the story of Cannie Shapiro than a dozen years later told in alternating chapters from her POV as well as her daughter's POV Cannie is now happily married to a doctor she is a successful author and very proud mother to her almost teenage daughter Joy Her problems start about the same time she begins planning Joy's bat mitzvah party and her husband Dr Peter K decides he wants to have a baby Cannie struggles with the idea of using a surrogate Joy discovers the popular book her mother wrote ten years prior a sensationalized version of her mother's life and is traumatized after she reads it on the sly Enter the teen rebellion years and all of the horrors that come with it Things uickly slide downhill as the author throws a mish mash of new and old conflicts into the plot The first half of this book was delightful I laughed I cried I thoroughly enjoyed it and was able to relate to the characters I liked learning about the various traditions and planning that goes into bat and bar mitzvahs My heart ached for Joy when she made the decision to connect with her estranged maternal grandfather Like I said Weiner is a terrific storyteller But the last 50 pages stunk on ice What is this author's aversion to giving Cannie a happy ending? Count me in as another reader who is pissed off about the contrived ending of this book I have a bone to pick with Publisher's Weekly review of this one as a hilarious seuel

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Ce fiction under a pseudonym She's happily married to the tall charming diet doctor Peter Krushelevansky and has settled into a life that she finds wonderfully predictable knitting in the front row of her daughter Joy's drama rehearsals volunteering at the library and taking over forty yoga classes with her best friend SamanthaAs preparations for Joy's bat mitzvah begin everything seems right in Cannie's world Then Joy discovers the novel Cannie wrote years before and suddenly There are certain characters you never forget about For me some of those are Holden Caufield Bridget Jones and Cannie Shapiro I read Good in Bed in college when it first came out along with my Good in Bed t shirt that eventually got so faded it looked like it said ood in Be but I digress I'd loved the strong female message in the book and loved the idea of revenge on an evil ex However as I got older the book started to mean and to me I read Good in Bed last week in preperation for Certain Girls and now being pregnant and married the book had even of an impact Certain Girls was wonderful I flew through it in record time up until a twist three uarters of the way through that left me sobbing hey I'm pregnant and emotional and SPOILER ALERT begging my husband to please not die until after our baby is born He's perfectly healthy by the way The relationship between Cannie and Joy really resonated with me I've had a best friend relationship with my mom my entire life but my mom and sister remind me of Joy and Cannie There were certain parts that I read that left me with a physical ache in my chest because they were so familiar they were fights I had heard a thousand times Jennifer Weiner writes with such truth and love it's impossible not to get swept up in one of her stories and find yourself comparing it to your own life