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Read & Download The Secret Fire Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É ➬ [Ebook] ➧ The Secret Fire By C.J. Daugherty ➸ – French teen Sacha Winters can't die He can throw himself off a roof be stabbed even shot and he will always survive Until the day when history and ancient enmities dictate thAn save SachaThere’s only one problem the two of them have never met They live hundreds of miles apart and powerful forces will stop at nothing to keep them apartThey have eight weeks to find each otherWill they survive long enough to save the worl. RESEÑA EN ESPAÑOLI found the characters too cliché Taylor mostly But the main flaw in the book it's that it never turns exciting There's very little action and it doesn't even take much weight in the story It has a good plot but its ejecution could've been a lot better

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Mething awful Something deadly And that day is closing inTaylor Montclair is a normal English girl hanging out with her friends and studying for exams until she starts shorting out the lights with her brain She’s also the only person on earth who c. I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher This in no way impacted on my viewAs you probably know CJ Daugherty has uickly become a favourite author of mine and as soon as I found out that CJ had a new series coming out I knew I needed it In this series which she has co written with French author Carina Rozenfeld we are treated to the dual point of view story of Sacha and Taylor teenagers from France and England respectively Sacha is a 17 year old living in Paris who knows he can not die no matter once Due to some curse placed on his family he will die on his 18th birthday and not a second earlier He is now closely approaching said birthday when he is contacted by an English girl in order to tutor him This girl is Taylor also 17 whose sole ambition is to do well in her exams and go to Oxford university to study with her grandfather She soon finds herself thrown into a magical world when she manages to blow up sound systems etc using just her mind Taylor is the only person who may be able to reverse the curse on Sacha but dark magicians and creatures are doing everything they can to separate themTaylor and Sacha were wonderful protagonists Both of their voices were distinctive and I could imagine that I was actually living their lives with how descriptive their words were I loved them both eually and was invested in their lives as much as they were When they actually met up in person I was so giddy The tension between each other was palpable I think I actually swooned when Sacha called Taylor sweetheart Sacha and Taylor are my newest OTP and I need romance y feels from them in the seuelsThe plot was really intricate too Though it is set in the modern world in both the rural English countryside and the bustling city of Paris the history of the curse and the Alchemists really made it feel sort of outer worldly More people than you would expect are involved in one way or another and that also helped it to feel fully integrated in normal life I really felt for Taylor as she had no clue what was happening at first was was simply shoved head first into this magical world which was a tad scary Imagine finding out that you are the 'saviour' of the known world and if you don't succeed the while world is going to go to pot Yeah that's what Taylor is facing At least with Sacha he had some forewarning though it was still morbid knowing he can't die until a certain day when he will definitely die No wonder he was a bit of a basket case to begin with Once Taylor and Sacha realised how involved they were with everything and that they could work together to stop the end of the world I felt like they matured a lot and really came into their own in terms of their abilitiesI'm seriously invested in this book and series and just wish I had book two in my hands The acknowledgements from both authors at the end of the book were so sweet and I love that the idea of co authoring the book came over a cup of coffee I can't wait to see of Taylor and Sacha's story and would say everyone should just drop everything and get this book ASAP you will not be disappointed

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The Secret FireFrench teen Sacha Winters can't die He can throw himself off a roof be stabbed even shot and he will always survive The Secret eBook #10003 Until the day when history and ancient enmities dictate that he must die Worse still his death will trigger so. A MAGNIFICENT START TO WHATS SURE TO BE A FANTASTIC POPULAR SERIESI don’t have the best relationship with books that have been co written; I tend to stay away from them there good just not great I haven’t read anything by either of these authors but once I read the blurb I just knew I had to reuest an ARC I can gladly say that my previous fears for this book being just another average read were completely unnecessary this was incredibleSacha Winters lives in Paris and comes from a family who is cursed Every first born son will die on his 18th birthday and not a day before With only weeks until his birthday Sacha's English teacher urges him to get in touch with a girl from England for some online tutoring Taylor is a straight A student from England whose dream is to study at Oxford so when the opportunity came to earn some extra credit by tutoring English to a French boy which is sure to look great on her Oxford application she jumps for it The only problem is Sacha is the worst tutee ever he’s rude stubborn but oddly thrilling Sacha and Taylor's ‘meeting’ was no accident in fact their fates are intertwined and keeping them apart could be the end of the worldSounds great really You’d be so right I instantly connected with both characters Taylor I suppose is your typical smart perfect heroine and usually these types of MC's annoy me after a while but I loved her until the end Sacha uickly became my favourite character he’s so sweet and his interactions with Taylor were epic and I was constantly looking forward to the day they finally meet It was soo worth the wait This is such a slow burn romance but the build up had my heart beating out of my chest the angst and suspense was killing me I was originally going to give this book 4 stars because I needed romance but that wouldn't have been right at all because in the end I actually loved the build up So book 2 you better have some spectacular romance moments you hear meI think it's best to mention the easiest selling point to this it's so easy to read; usually when you're introduced to a new series there's lot of info dumping or explanations especially when it comes to magic and how it should be usedlimits etc Whereas The Secret Fire provides information and insight into past events but they are short sweet and to the point The theory behind the magicscience of these new powers is explained and it's easy to understand and follow It will likely be similar to many other YA series but The Secret Fire to me was able to be different and stand on it's own the plot and the characters just worked so well together applauseThis book was perfectly paced and the lack of info dumping love triangles and insta love made for a perfect start to a new series Switching from POV’s from England and Paris and following the characters as they go from across countries was a great concept With the addition of magic action and adventure this book could really do no wrong in my eyes There isn't a cliffhanger ending just the promise of lots to come in the next installment which I’m now anxiously awaiting I highly recommend this to fellow fantasy lovers who are looking for a brand new world to immerse themselves in with great characters a promising romance and a thrilling journey aheadLiterary ly Obsessed