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There’s this moment in Douglas Adams’ The Restaurant at the End of the Universe where to torture a certain character he is put into the Total Perspective Vortex a device that gives him a perfectly accurate glimpse of the entire mind cracking enormousness of the universe and every single thing contained therein including a microscopic pinprick that reads ‘You are here’Reading Last and First Men was like being put into the Total Perspective Vortex My brain is currently uite broken Or at the very least my sense of proportion If next time I’m expected at a party I show up 200000 years late it’ll be entirely Olaf Stapledon’s fault for making me think 200000 years is but a trifling moment gone in an eyeblink and no reason to put away the punch and slam the door in my faceIn this book Stapledon pour yourself a strong one for this tells the future history of 18 consecutive species of hominids over the course of 2 billion years Just for reference 2 billion years ago the planets in our solar system had only finished clumping together into of less cohesive balls of rock Things get trippySo you start reading and initially you follow along; sure 400 years in the future I get that Then it's 1000 years still with you But then suddenly humanity blows itself up in a worldwide nuclear disaster and we slump into the first of many Dark Ages for wait what’s that 10 million yearsThis guy gets space It's huge and slow and mostly uninteresting For most of the book’s time span humanity's not up to anything too exciting; we're portrayed as just another part of nature blindly evolving ever adapting who every once in a while gets lucky and makes some dazzlingly fast technological leap You know like the actual history of humanity so far In a way he’s sketching his vision of what an ideal future moral history of humanity would look like with plenty of wars and aliens to keep things interesting along the way Stapledon seems to have very little faith in our current species hell we don’t even make it to the Moon until approx 300000000 years in the future because our intellectual progress impressive as it is isn’t free from the fetters of our biological hinderings ie sexual jealousy self interest competitiveness There's no realpolitik in Stapledon’s vision of the present; nations keep going to war because they hate each other This book is about humanity's uest to overcome its base passions and become pure mindHaving said all that this novel can be dull Seriously dull It would be a whopping five starrer if it wasn't so egregiously boring at times Writing is not this man’s forte; he gets carried away with flowery metaphysical lyricism that smothers and overwhelms the course of eventsStill Stapledon’s vision and imagination than make up for it One can open this book at random and always find an idea that has been subseuently used in any number of sci fi stories all the way from Dune to biopunk It’s all in there This is a must read for all serious science fiction fansINDIGNANT POST SCRIPTUM The first American edition of this book by SF Masterworks opens with a regrettable foreword by Gregory Benford in which he nonchalantly remarks ‘I would advise the reader to simply skip the first four parts of this book and begin with The Fall of the First Men’ I found myself shouting ‘EXCUSE ME’ at the dumbstruck print What sort of foreword recommends readers skip half the book they’re about to read I’ll readily admit the first half is rather boring but it’s a part of Stapledon's envisioned whole Further it’s essential to fully appreciate the time scale as the book advances allowing one to reminisce about those first few chapters and marvel at how far humanity has come over the course of billions of years It makes you realise how mightily insignificant our present is in the greater scheme of things Oh and he also scoffs at Stapledon for being ‘shockingly wrong’ about the events that would take place in the decades following the book's publication I’m sorry but what exactly is ‘shocking’ about not being able to predict the future Are we holding him up to the standards of a prophet Seriously this foreword is nothing but a puddle of runny arse gravy

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Last and First Men characters ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ð [Download] ➵ Last and First Men By Olaf Stapledon – Last and First Men ST FULL ALBUM YouTube Self titled debut album from last and first men Performed by Last and First Men Produced by Last and First Men with Aaron Vaughn Recorded a E evidence comes along uand l'evidence FIRST and LAST Variables in SAS How to Select Variables to identify the first and last observations in a group SAS places FIRST and LAST Variable in SAS Program Data Vector PDV Then they are available for DATA step processing but SAS does not add them to the output data set as they are temporary in nature Explore the concept – SAS Macro For Beginners How FIRST and LAST Variables Works When an observation is the first in a BY SAS First and Last Variables Note FIRSTLAST variables are temporary variables That means they are not visible in the newly created data set To make them visible we need to create two new variables In the program above i have created FirstID and LastID variables SAS FIRST vs LAST Variables How it works FIRSTvariable when an observation is the first observation in each group values of variable ID The FIRST and LAST functions in Oracle SL I have to say that I don’t really know why Oracle calls FIRST and LAST as functions As you just saw LAST is just that word at the end of line inside all that construct You cannot pass any parameter to it and it does always the same thing which is defining that the rows that are to be kept are the ones that rank LAST It doesn’t return anything by itself It is just a part of the How to use FIRSTvariable and LASTvariable in a Use FIRST and LAST variables to compute duration of treatment Another common use of the FIRSTvariable and LASTvariable indicator variables is to determine the length of time between a patient's first visit and his last visit Consider the following DATA step which defines the dates and weights for four male patients who visited a clinic Matthew But many who are first will be last So the last shall be first and the first last for many be called but few chosen Matthew Whether of them twain did the will of his father? 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Last and First Men The ultimate vision of man’s evolutionPosted at Fantasy LiteratureOlaf Stapledon's vision of mankind's entire future history until the end is profound beautiful and affecting and was written way back in 1930 It is unfortunate that this work has not found a wider audience though it has had a deep influence on many of SF's luminaries including Arthur C Clarke who indicated that this book and its later successor Star Maker were the two most influential books he had ever read In my mind it is one of the most imaginative early SF classics ever written just as important as the works of HG WellsHe touches on so many themes that still resonate today particularly mankind's potential for both great achievements and selfish cruelty for deep insight and self delusion And as mankind progresses through 18 major stages over billions of years apparently influenced by the Hegelian Dialectic even delving into his own racial past we see the vast potential of mind in the universe And though mankind is finally likened to a single movement in the vast eternal symphony of the cosmos this does not detract in any way from the tragic beauty of our brief existenceUnlike modern novels the book reads like a future history without specific characters touching down briefly to document key events and pausing to reflect on their significance Because it was written in 1930 the early chapters about the First Men actually covering world history through our present time so they are interesting in their predictions of world politics between the two world wars However it is only as the time scale picks up towards the end of the First Men that the book hits its stride so some readers may decide to skip the first 3 4 chapters if they want to delve straight into his ever expanding vision of humanity's future The book gets far fascinating as newer generations of men develop forming larger brains a telepathically linked groupmind but ever again falling back into decay and destruction before seeding the next generation of man until the Eighteen Men which turn out to be the Last Men It’s hard to imagine a grander scale of progress and decline and it is stunning that Olaf Stapledon produced a work of such scope and vision during a time when Europe was consumed by nationalism and conflicting ideologies

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