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The Forever KissUpreme as the divine ueen of sensually spicy love stories Affaire de Coeur Thea Devine gives her fan exactly what they desire She knows just the right sexual fantasies to tap intoThere is no doubt that Ms Devine intends to give bliss a new meaning Romantic TimesShe's the hottest writer in the industry Romantic Times calls her The ueen of erotic romance and Affaire de Coeur hails her as the divine mistress of sensual writing She's Thea Devine and she's the author of nineteen steamy historical romances all published by Zebra Books four novellas and featured in the bestselling erotic romance anthologies Captivated Fascinated and All Through The Night She also writes contemporary romance and is a long time freelance manuscript reader. The plot centers around Ducas Sangbourne a military man who has apparently become a traitor to England When he is dying his superiors find a perfect look a like and send him on a clandestine operation to infiltrate Ducas's family estate to find evidence of wrong doing Dar St Onge is the man they send and he uses a tried but true gambit of amnesia to easily distract the family and enter the premises When view spoilerDucas returns from the dead both Dar portraying Ducas and Ducas himself are prowling the house Since the family has extended guests Ducas has to pretend amnesia so he doesn't let on that Dar is an imposter and tarnish the family name It becomes increasingly confusing as both Ducas and Dar are doing the same things with the same people and it's hard to determine which one is actually on point at any given time hide spoiler

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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ The Forever Kiss ð [EPUB] ✷ The Forever Kiss ✺ Thea Devine – There is desire in deception On a bloody Victorian battlefield the penniless soldier of fortune Dar St Onge has just been recruited for a covert mission to uncover the dark secrets of a mysterious fam There is desire in deception OnThere is desire in deception On a bloody Victorian battlefield the penniless soldier of fortune Dar St Onge has just been recruited for a covert mission to uncover the dark secrets of a mysterious family by taking the place of its dying heir Ducas Sangbourne a man who looks enough like him to be his twinlust behind fearFrom the moment he arrives at Sangbourne Manor Dar enters a world of unimagined The Forever PDFEPUB or privilege and wealth where every decadent craving is gratified every erotic fantasy is fulfilled and the sins of the past simmer just below the surface Dar must navigate a minefield of things he doesn't know and raw emotions he's never felt before to even scratch the surface of the secrets of Sangbourne Manor But. There's a good plot buried somewhere in here but it lacks focus The vampire dynamic is a muddle; I liked the Iscariot stuff yet it wastes too much time with repetitive confused identity sex particularly in the middle third And while it was a nice change that the leads didn't despise each other TD is a big fan of hatesex I can't get over the unreasonable uantity HTF does Dar keep boning Angene like 8 times overnight then 4 times in the morning OoAnyway Devine penned a better version of another ultra goth fanged family in THE DARKEST HEART one where the vampirism isn't so convoluted the sex doesn't overpower the story This one bumbles around under the strain of pointless amnesia overly abundant nipple penis action


Nothing can prepare him for the half gypsy Angene who is determined to become Ducas's mistress Wholly feminine exotically beautiful and too suspicious of him by far she has the power to destroy him when she isn't bringing him to his knees with her warm willing sensuality and danger in total surrenderNow as darkness settles over Sangbourne Manor a powerful and unholy menace is gathering force an unnatural bloodlust that hides behind the veneer of society and threatens everything Dar has ever wanted In this opulent world where everything has a price and no payment is too steep two suspicious lovers will have to learn to trust each other as Dar battles body and soul to claim his woman and his destiny Thea Devine continues to reign s. Steamy dark clever plot Secret vampires Which one is the real bad guy