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The Narrows Free download Æ 100 ç [Download] ➵ The Narrows Author Alexander C. Irvine – From award winning author Alexander C Irvine comes a compelling fantastical riff on history and World War II The Narrows takes place in Detroit where Henry Ford’s factories have been retooled for Am From award winning author AlexaFrom award winning author Alexander C Irvine comes a compelling fantastical riff on history and World War II The Narrows takes place in Detroit where Henry Ford’s factories have been retooled for America’s grand war effort But there are also clandestine operations under way–including a top secret effort to produce golems–powerful beings fashioned from the earth–to destroy Nazis Here lurk strange spies in unlikely places–and a not so extraordinary man who is. Alternate history has many virtues one being making the past vivid to readers The Narrows does this fine service for America in WWII specifically Detroit And how often does southeastern Michigan appear in historical fiction or fantasy and sf for that matter Not often enoughIrvine's novel focuses on wartime industry and there's another unusual move for contemporary fiction The main characters are factory workers who spoiler alert don't end up millionaires or leading a fantasy fueled social transformation Instead the book dwells with these people in their daily lives working long hours bickering with coworkers worrying about bills wrangling childcare and making golems I'm reminded of Richard Matheson's underrated Stir of Echoes in this regard Someday I need to do a study about the working class in Gothic litMaking golems Yes The Narrows is also a fantasy novel Or better put it's an alt history that includes some fantasy elements The grand River Rouge factory complex busily produces bombers and jeep parts while a secret department builds golem warriors out of clay Another delight Irvine provides is making this credible from the overworked rabbi in charge to workers trying to spot their products in newreels Like Tim Powers Irvine knits the fantastic credibly into the material world as a kind of technologyThe novel's plot concerns skulduggery among different powerful actors around this golem line Frankenline and how they want to use our hero Some of the book's emotional power comes from watching the protagonist cope with increasing weirdness especially as it stresses his marriage The Narrows comes close to cliches here but usually stays clearEspecially noteworthy is a second fantastic element the inclusion of a Michigan folk character the Nain Rouge The dwarf attains mythic status early on becoming something of a cthonic power over Detroit history and a demon to our hero's family This pushes the novel deeply into pure fantasy territory until we learn to what uses Nain Rouge might be putOverall The Narrows is an excellent alternate history and fantasy novel It only weakens in the conclusion which falls apart after a spectacular yet inconclusive climax Many threads are left hanging and resolution isn't really there But it's a grand ride for the first 96%On a personal note I found the novel compelling because I lived in Michigan for almost 20 years I enjoyed reading about settings I know and learning background I didn't

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Inadvertently poised at the bizarre urgent center of it all Spared fighting in Europe because of a bum hand Jared wishes he could join the cause instead of mindlessly sifting clay to be made into golems But there is something that preys on his dreams the devilish dwarf known as the Nain Rouge In his youth Jared once actually saw the Dwarf–a chilling creature that shows itself to individuals just before their demise Now the Nain Rouge appears to be coming back for Jare. Didn't love this I felt many times throughout the story like yawning and putting the book down There were just so many other books clamoring for my attention and I just couldn't be bothered by the slow drag of this one Although I kept returning to it doggedly like a factory worker back to his job day after day Perhaps it was Mr Irvine's loving depiction of a daughter completely glued to her father perhaps it was the foggy heated exhaustion of a wartime city pumping out materia for the homefront perhaps it was the story of a protagonist who not too bright gets caught up in something much bigger than they are I didn't think that this was a stellar read but a lot of it stuck with me after I finished it I didn't give much of a damn for any of the side characters or even any of the nebulous antagonists but I cared deeply for the family at the core of the story I didn't even and this is a first for me give a damn about the supernatural elements which were a fundamental part of the world building of this novel I could've cared less for golems frost giants tengu etc also I was pretty perturbed that the author decided to pluralize 'tengu' as 'tengus' I could write it off as protagonist naivete but I don't know It rankled I loved the daughter and her strange wild courage I loved the wife and her reticence to accept anything But it wasn't enough It simply wasn't I felt like it tried to be a wartime noir but never uite achieved the efficiency that a noir ie Chandler Hammett would have been able to employ It gets tangled in its own mythologyI think this is a world worth exploring and I enjoyed my time in it but I think maybe I would have enjoyed another author's delve than Mr Irvine I might try his other offerings but I can't say I was wowed by this one

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The NarrowsD himselfMany have a profound interest in Jared’s childhood run in with the Dwarf–including a German spy Jared’s hateful foreman at the golem factory and a shape shifting Indian shaman But what could a simple man who earns a meager living possibly have to do with espionage and dark deeds While Jared toils invisibly in the bowels of Ford’s plant the answer is about to reveal itself in a cataclysm of mythic and sinister proportions From the Trade Paperback edition. I guess my expectations were too high after thoroughly enjoying Scattering of Jades but The Narrows just didn't do much for me The whole idea of the US Army setting up a golem assembly line in Detroit during WWII sounded promising but it seemed like the story took forever to get anywhere and the final revelation about what was REALLY going on at Willow Run wasn't worth the wait