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The Paradise Twin Magemother #2 review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❴Read❵ ➮ The Paradise Twin Magemother #2 Author Austin J. Bailey – In one summer Brinley has gone from small town girl to Magemother a powerful figure in the magical kingdom of Aberdeen Now she must find the miSet of unforgettable characters What order should I read the books in A Well if I did my job right you should be able to read them in any order you want right Seriously though fantasy worlds can get a bit complicated so if you don't want to risk missing anything I would suggest this order The Mage and the Magpie The Empty Throne Novella The Paradise Twin The Bridge to Nowhere coming soon Which one was your favorite to write A That's a tough one The Empty Throne was fun because Tabitha is such a wonderfully strange and uirky character and I really had a blast giving her her own adventure That said The Paradise Twin is my favorite so far The characters really come alive in that book especially Hugo who has some serious demons to wrestle with There is also some great plot twists and comedy in that one if I do say so myself Magemother Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure Series eBook Categories kids fantasy books agesyoung adult fantasy book series middle grade fantasy adventure middle grade books for boys kids fantasy booksmiddle grade fantasy adventure mi. Five stars This was an exciting book filled with anticipation I would recommend this book to anyone between 12 14 Or anyone who wants to read a brilliant book

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Twin Magemother PDF #206 In one summer Brinley has gone from small town girl to Magemother a powerful figure in the magical kingdom of Aberdeen Now she must find the missing mages and restore their power before the evil festering in the Wizard's Ire has a chance to escape Meanwhile her newest mage Hugo is drawn into a battle for his soul that may just tear him apart The Paradise Twin is the second book in Austin J Bailey's Magemother series an epic middle grade fantasy adventure series with witches shapeshifters and clifhangers and awesome The Paradise ePUB #199 kids There are very no boring adults in this book What Readers are Saying Loved the world it took me into to A good clean fun story that left me wanting Loved how developed the characters were for such a uick read A great read for any age Melissa A fresh story of good versus evil set in a fantasy world much like a marvelous daydream gone wild A truly enjoyable and engaging read SRosenuist Interview with the Author Why should I try your books A Because the Magemother books are fast Paradise. The magemother series is a middle grade series about a young girl who basically becomes the mother of all mages Three of those mages are missing and she needs to find them to restore their powers and help save her mother from certain death In this novel Brinley and her friends are searching for clues to the missing mages clues to how to save her mother as well as her father BUT ALSO to find out why creatures are crossing from the Wizards Ire without harm It sets the stage for something bigger to happen in the next novelI do have to say the artwork for this series is beautiful it draws the readers eye in and makes them want to read the book So Brinley is now the new mage mother Tabitha is now her herald as well as apprentice to the Mage of Earth AND is a shapeshiter I love Tabitha she is probably my personal favorite Hugo is now the mage of Light and Dark which means he has his own dark demons he needs to face and find a way to bring balance within himself I love how each character in the novel has their own trials and challenges they need to overcome to become stronger and be who they are meant to be There is a lot that goes into this book so sometimes it might feel like too much all at once but in the end it comes together very well and still leaves the door open for what's to come in book 3 I am not sure if it is up to the standard that the first book was but that tends to happen with series books sometimes there is one that lacks something I think this one needed a little magicBailey does have a gift from creating something engrossing enchanting and electric with this series and I am eager to see what happens next

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The Paradise Twin Magemother #2Twin Magemother ePUB #9734 and fun and I guarantee you'll never forget the friends you find inside them Each of the books is a different experience but each one is worth your time And I'm not just saying that because I wrote them I've also read a TON of Fantasy If you like fun kid friendly books with lots of magic and a plot that twists and turns you'll get a kick out of this series So what makes the Magemother series so special A A few things When I set out to write the Magemother series I wanted to write the types of books that I love to read My top picks are usually fantasy books I'm well into my 's now and I still love reading the middle grade bestsellers Especially ones with a good bit of mystery a few surprises and lots of laughs The Magemother books have a good mix of these things They mostly focus on the children's fantasy teen fantasy adventure genre's over all with some coming of age and mystery aspects thrown in for good measure Overall the Magemother series is designed to invite you into another wonderful fantasy universe alongside a. Now that Brinley the new Magemother will be staying in Aberdeen a magical world in a different universe from our own new troubles have arisen Or rather the troubles have become her priority and the threat from the Wizard's Ire grows every day The Mage of Water Fire and Wood are especially important because Brinley's mother the previous Magemother can only be saved if all the mages come togetherSince Hugo is now the Mage of Light and Darkness he has his own demons to face as he struggles to control the darkness within himself It's almost like a split personality Brinley and Animus are actively helping Hugo but agents of darkness are also interested in helping himTabitha has definitely left her tower far behind as she now serves as Brinley's herald protector She's also the apprentice to Belterras the Mage of Earth and coming into her own magic She lacks confidence in her ability and potential so she still has a lot to learn and much growing to doThere is definitely a lot of action within The Paradise Twin especially since the characters split up to accomplish various tasks to save the world before it's too late