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download Æ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ä Maggie Robinson ?s had to shorten her hours So when a promising position opens up for part time Unsuitable Secretary Ladies Kindle #215 work she immediately accepts despite the fact that her new boss is scandalously indecent and dangerously appealingThough his reputation paints him as a scoundrel Sir Thomas Featherstone is proper than anyone would guess But Harriet’s. Very unusual character driven romance with two virgin characters There is not much going in the story besides two people from vastly different backgrounds slowly recognizing each other as sole mates but the writing the wonderful characters the unexpected humor that what win this story I loved both characters with all of their insecurities uirkiness self depreciation and honesty

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The Unsuitable Secretary Ladies Unlaced #4 review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Þ ❮Read❯ ➲ The Unsuitable Secretary Ladies Unlaced #4 Author Maggie Robinson – From the author of In the Heart of the Highlander a romance proving that inappropriate desires can provide the mo Wit and luscious curves are driving him to distraction She’s the perfect woman to fill his office reuirements and other desperate needs he’s been ignoringHarriet has always held firm to the rule that a secretary must never fall in love with her employer Only Thomas is determined to win her affections and he’s willing to risk any cost to make her hi. Maggie Robinson’s Ladies Unlaced has become one of my favorite historical series While the first one In the Arms of the Heiress remains my favorite I have read each of them with joyous appreciation The Unsuitable Secretary gives romance readers two tropes we see too seldom the Virgin Hero and the Over Size 10 Heroine But both characters are greater than their tropes; they are not types but individuals the kind who capture the reader’s interest and affection and make it easy to root for their HEA I can’t wait to see what’s next in this series

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The Unsuitable Secretary Ladies Unlaced #4Secretary Ladies Kindle #208 From the author of In the Heart of the Highlander a romance proving that inappropriate desires can provide the most passionate encountersHarriet Benson takes her work at the Evensong Agency seriously The Unsuitable ePUB #199 but lately between convalescing from an illness and tending to her father and two young brothers she?. Actual Rating 25As I try to think of something clever to open this review with I come up with a blank To be honest this book isn’t all that memorable It’s a fast paced romance that isn’t much else aside from that Everything happens over the span of a couple of weeks and so the story itself isn’t as well developed as it could be It opens with Sir Thomas looking for a secretary that will help rein him in a little but also help him develop his ideas He doesn’t expect the secretary to be a female but what he also doesn’t expect is to be attracted to her Unsurprisingly Harriet feels the same way and they dance around their feelings yada yada yada I sound so jaded right now don’t it I love historical romance it’s my brain candy but I cannot help but feel let down It’s not that the story itself was bad; it’s my lack of emotion towards the story that makes me unhappy I cracked a few smiles and had the warm happy feelings near the end but there still seemed to be something missing as I read the bookHarriet wasn’t a bad character She was kind of strong she wasn’t annoying but sometimes I really just wished she would stand up for herself Thomas could be so fricking annoying with his head shoved up his ass and it bothered me how she would let him get away with some of the things he did She did end up correcting that in the end so I’ll have to give her brownie points for thatMoving on to Thomas he was not as great It wasn’t that he wasn’t sweet he was but he was always buying Harry nice stuff as if that was the way to win her heart As if by buying someone nice things you can win them over Yeah no It doesn’t work that way kiddo Plus his proposition to Harriet made me than a little uncomfortable because it really made it seem like he didn’t see anything in her besides a pretty face As you can imagine that made it a little hard for me to enjoy the romance but never the less it wasn’t all that bad Of course that’s not what you want to hear about the romance when the book is meant to be primarily one Really I’d say read this book if you’re honestly looking for something to pass the time with rather than something to have fun with there is a difference