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review The Viscount's Addiction 109 ´ ❮Download❯ ✤ The Viscount's Addiction ➻ Author Scottie Barrett – Murderer convict opium eaterJessie Braddock's husband has come home Jessie's stepfather wanting to exploit the estate had brutalized her into marrying his nephew by proxy She soon realizes Ryder Bradd MurN years have left him with a hardened edge The Viscount's PDF or and a ravenous appetite for sexual pleasures Now the only thing in danger is her hea. I'm not sure what to make of this I thought I was reading a historical romance and someone I got sidewinded into a historical erotica It was confusing for me It was also an interesting premise with both a compelling heroine and hero but it lacked in both length and level of in loveness of the two main characters There was a lot of hanky panky but not a lot of relationship building

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G his nephew by proxy She soon realizes Ryder Braddock the wickedly handsome Viscount Blackwood is far from the criminal she'd imagined but his priso. I really uite enjoyed this story After being falsely imprisoned Ryder Braddock Viscount Blackwood finally gets released after five years of pure hell He returns to his home only to find his house falling apart his uncle and cousin residing in it and his household materials have been sold off on account of his cousins gambling addiction but the biggest surprise is that his uncles step daughter is residing at his home too He finds she is the most captivating women he has ever encountered After thinking this woman is somehow married to his cousin it comes out that she is really married to him He wonders how this illegal marriage came about while he was in prison and he feels that he cannot trust Jessie for that she must be a gold digging liar but he cannot resist the pull his body has to her and he cannot resist the temptation of consuming everything about her Ryder does have a horrible addiction to opium that he acuired in prison though it was hard to see Ryder's addiction to opium play out and through the struggles he had with it I felt myself wanting him to overcome this addiction He finds that is addiction to Jessie is powerful than anything else if she could just love him and if he could just trust her Overall this was a great story and I really enjoyed it Because of the sexual content I would recommend 18 on this one

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The Viscount's AddictionMurderer convict opium eaterJessie Braddock's husband has come home Jessie's stepfather wanting to exploit the estate had brutalized her into marryin. Falsely accused of murder and left to rot in prison for 5 years Ryder Braddock Viscount Blackwood is finally proven innocent He returns to his estate a changed embittered man with a craving for opium to learn he is married by proxy Ryder has no memory of signing the contract as it was done when he was high or a forgeryIm not sure Determined to see this complete stranger pay for her trickery no matter how beautiful she is he threatens her with arrest after he enjoys his conjugal rights Ryder finds his Uncle cousin and his wife living on his once great estate an estate that has since been stripped and left in ruin But first he must kick his opium addictionJessies husband has come home Brutalized by her stepfather Ryders uncle into marrying the dangerous convict and opium eater she soon discovers he is far from the criminal she had imagined as she helps him through opium withdrawal And she uickly discovers the only thing truly in danger is her heart With Jessies help Ryder frees himself from the drug only to find it replaced with a new addiction his lusty need for his wifeA uick enough read only 224 pages Its unusual to get a good likeable Hero with a drug addiction thats well done in a histrom Even though the book is short it is well written and you can feel the attraction between Ryder and Jessie and the scenes between them are very spicy But in saying that attraction and lust is all I felt between these two definately not love Also Would a rich Viscount have been jailed for the murder of a common prostitute Then 5 years later other prostitutes came forward to say it wasn't him what kept them Why would the courts believe them and admit to putting a Viscount wrongly in prison for 5 years There is also a scene where Jessie gets grazed by a bullet she is cleaning it when interrupted by Ryder to have sex he dosen't notice her wound and not another word about itIt is worth a read and I will try this author again even though I found some elements of this book unbelievable