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Read & Download Fantômas 104 ↠ [PDF] ✩ Fantômas By Marcel Allain – One episode simply melts away as the next takes over The New York Times in this deliciously sinister turn of the century tale of a French evil genius run rampant Three appalling crimes leave all of Pa One episode simply melts away as the next takes over The New YOne episode simply melts away as the next takes over The New York Times in this deliciously sinister turn of the century tale of a French evil genius run rampant Three appalling crimes leave all of Paris aghast the Maruise de Langruen. There are no ghosts here despite the title 'Just' a criminal mastermind terrorizing the faubourgs of Paris and the countryside chateaux cca 1910 Fantomas What did you say I said Fantomas And what does that mean Nothing Everything But what is it Nobody And yet yes it is somebody And what does the somebody do Spread terror The audience loves to be scared and often enough cheers for the smooth criminal who lives by his wits and challenges the rules of society even if he is an unrepentant thief and a murderer The French public bought the story penned by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain in huge numbers spawning about forty seuels in novel form than ten movie adaptations a television series comics fanfiction plays and art exhibitions A valid argument can be made that The Pink Panther is a comic rewriting of the original Alain Souvestre hero How did Fantomas become such a cultural phenomenon What sets him apart from the other pulp heroes at the turn of the twentieth centuryI believe two aspects of his personality make Fantomas stand out from the pack his audacity and his ruthlessness Without going into plot spoilers a synopsis would totally ruin the numerous surprises awaiting the reader the defining characteristic of the criminal cases investigated by the Fantomas counterpart in the French Police Force Inspector Juve is the high risk of exposure the very narrow margin for error and the talent for improvisation that gives Fantomas an edge in the game of cat and mouse with the police An even greater advantage for Fantomas is his complete disregard for rules of civility and a total absence of scruples He is a serial killer no halfways or doubts about itI know I said earlier there are two main ingredients in the recipe for success of this feuilleton but I had forgotten the third and probably the most important one the mystery surrounding his identity In the beginning even the existence of Fantomas is in doubt He may be only a figment of the imagination from too excitable reporters or a way for incompetent policemen to blame their failures on some very clever opponent Even later when we learn about the crimes and about the chase Fantomas' identity remains obscure He is a chameleon changing not only his clothes and his assumed identity but also his apparent age his skin tone hair colour speech patterns and so on Credibility is sometimes sacrificed in favour of thrilling developments and cliffhanger section endings Same goes for character development which comes secondary to fast action and plot twists as many as possible in the given format Sidenote an interesting trick in the writer's arsenal that is used repeatedly here is to give the reader enough clues to spot the criminal and to 'solve' the murder before Inspector Juve who doesn't have acces to all the information that is passed on to the reader In this way the novel is not a type of 'whodunit' but an early example of police proceduralStylistically and plotwise Fantomas is a bridge between the previous century's serialized melodramas of Eugene Sue or Charles Dickens and modern crime novels both police procedurals and pulps focused on the criminal element in society Inspector Juve is modelled on the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Vidoc has extraordinary deductive powers and uses the best in terms of modern devices available to the investigator Fantomas is emphatically not a gentleman robber although he occasionally likes to play that role The locations are still preponderently upper class a castle a luxury hotel the mansion of a British peer etc The visits to the impoverished segments of society are for now treated as comic relief than social commentaryThe prose feels often dated and melodramatic to the modern reader but I believe it is in line with the taste in popular entertainment of the public before the first world war Context is as usual a great help to appreciate the novel for its important role in the development of the modern pulps and not to judge it based on current sensibilitiesBonus points the first book is available in English translation at Project Gutenberg

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Rains down dark alleys through glittering Parisian salons obsessed with bringing the demon mastermind to justice As thrilling to read now as it was when first published in Fantômas is not a puzzle but an intoxicant” The Village Voi. WOW How I never heard of this series of books until this past year I have no idea I purchased a set of 50 Detective Classics from and the first book in the series was includedI was hooked from the first chapter There were times when the book got a little draggy but never for long at a time There were so many twists and turns right up to the end I can't wait to see how the rest of the series plays outI would say right now the only weakness I see in the first book is that Fantomas' motives in committing all his crimes is not fully explained to the reader I hope that of that will be revealed in the next book in the series

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FantômasIs hacked to death the Princess Sonia is robbed and Lord Beltham is found dead stuffed into a trunk Inspector Juve knows that all the clues point to one suspect the master of disguise Fantômas Juve cleverly pursues him in speeding t. It’s all Grant Morrison’s fault Years ago before his falling out with Marvel he wrote a pretty decent New X Men series where he introduced his character Fantomex a pseudo French mutant assassin clad entirely in white in part inspired by an obscure series of trashy French novels from 100 years ago featuring a bad guy called Fantomas And because I’m a huge Morrison fan and to a lesser extent Richard Sala who’s also clearly a fan of these books that’s all it took for me to pick this one up But to be fair a novel about a prototypical supervillain thief doesn’t sound half bad right – it could be fun Bah It wasn’t It’s sooooo bad Following in the wake of the popular Scarlet Pimpernel Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre’s derivative Fantomas is about one dimensional idiot aristocrats murdering one another while the most bland generic literary detective ever tries to figure out whodunit The motivations and murders are instantly forgettable the characters are indiscernible they all sound alike and seem to share a handful of braincells among them the dialogue is laughable the scenarios preposterous there’s no direction to the rambling incoherent story no point no nothing – I didn’t care about anything it’s all garbage all the time Fantomas himself barely figures in the story – at least by that name To be honest I couldn’t spoil this one if I tried as I’ve already forgotten which character was secretly Fantomas One of the dunces which is to say any of them But the incompetent writers fail at the most basic writing lesson which is show don’t tell and whenever Fantomas is mentioned which is surprisingly little in a book seemingly about him we’re only ever told of his evil deeds and never see them Shame that he turned out to be such a crummy non character One character is so witless he can’t tell his own sixty something year old father from someone half his age wearing a disguise Overwrought pitiful melodrama pervades every worthless page while one scene in maybe fifty advances the stagnant plot – it’s such a tedious frustratingly dull read If this drivel proves anything it’s that any novel will be considered a classic given enough time passes I bet a hundred years from now James Patterson’s dogshit will be in the Penguin Classics range The only reason I pushed myself through was to teach myself a lesson about impulse buys in an effort to stop myself doing that kinda thing in the future And did I learn from this torturous experience I hope so Evil Me That’s what he thinks MoohoohahaHAHAHA Damn you Evil Me – you take that item out of the eBay basket I don’t care if it’s going for pennies Oh gawd I’m gonna get another badly packaged book in the post aren’t I Fantomas is boring nonsense from start to finish Zero entertainment value zero literary value – I recommend Morrison’s New X Men over this tripe