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Fat Girl in a Strange Land Summary ☆ 8 ´ ❰Read❯ ➲ Fat Girl in a Strange Land Author Kay T. Holt – Gwairsoft.co.uk For every supermodel there are thousands of women who have heard Why don't you just eat less far too often Except as comic relief or the unattractive single BFF those women's stories are never told Cr Le luchador before discovering a greater calling in La Gorda and the City of Silver to the big city in the US where superhero Flux refuses to don spandex in Girl in a MOBI #238 order to join her new team in Nemesis to the remote planet Siduiel in Survivor where student Wen survives a crash landing only to face death from the rising sun Fat Girl in a Strange Land takes its characters and its readers places they've never been TABLE OF CONTENTS Sabrina Vourvoul. There were stories in the anthology that I liked than others One of the huge issues is that I was under the impression that the book was about fat positivity but than one of the stories relied very heavily on harmful idealizations of fatness and fat bodies particularly fat women's bodies view spoilerAs I read I wondered if any of the writers were actually fat or fat activists because some of the stories at times sounded like thin people ghostwriting stereotypical imitations of what they think it’s like to be fat I just found myself thinking Wow A fat person aware of the social and political struggles flung at them would never write a story like this Or at least I would hope they wouldn’t“Cartography and the Death of Shoes” by AJ Fitzwater and again Kresnoff’s “Marilee and the SOB” and Ferrante’s “Flesh of My Flesh” the only option for fat women is to go to a new world or a different planet to get far enough away from stupidity stigmatization and persecution on Earth If only it were that simple we’d have all done it by nowAnna Caro’s “Blueprints” is by far the most socio political putting a spotlight on healthism It was honest enough and hard enough that even I couldn’t turn my nose up to it portraying a future where the Earth is dying and people are abandoning their own children who don’t meet the weight reuirements to go live on some other planet paradise designed for and policed by the rich and thin Housed at a school for the rejected humans the narrator at some point flees Earth abandoning her fat students and travels illegally to this new planet only to find that it isn’t the utopia she expected The nugget of goodness in this tale is that us fat folks left on Earth don’t accept the fate handed to us by people who don’t even think we have the right to live on the same planet as them We build our own future our own destinies regardless A very “when life gives you lemons make lemonade or potpourri as I like to say” kind of story hide spoiler

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Ias La Gorda and the City of Silver Lauren C Teffeau The Tradeoff AJ Fitzwater Cartography and the Death of Shoes Josh Roseman Survivor Brian Jungwiwattanaporn The Right Stuffed Katharine Elmer Tangwystl the Unwanted Bonnie Ferrante Flesh of My Flesh Rick Silva How Do You Want To Die Nicole Prestin Nemesis Anna Dickinson Davy Jennifer Brozek Sharks Seals Barbara Krasnoff Marilee and the SOB Anna Caro Blueprints Pete Patch Alberti Lift Cover art by Lili Ibrah. While it evened out to a middling good rating in the end the truth is that I really liked some of the stories and really disliked some of the others I came to the anthology believing that it would be fat positive which in retrospect I guess I was never promised and in some cases it definitely wasn't I was taken aback by the fat shaming and fat hatred in some of the stories and the unexamined stereotypes that formed the foundations of some of the plots But then a couple of the stories were really really lovely I certainly don't regret reading it but be aware of what you're getting into

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Fat Girl in a Strange LandFor every supermodel there are in a Epub #223 thousands of women who have heard Why don't you just eat less far too often Except as comic relief or the unattractive single BFF those women's stories are never told Crossed Genres Publications presents Fat Girl in a Strange Land an anthology of fourteen stories Fat Girl Epubof fat women protagonists traveling distant and undiscovered realms From Guatemala where a woman dreams of becoming La Gorda the first fema. I think I can echo a lot of the previous reviews in that some of these stories were not as fat positive as I might have liked and a few were actively fat shaming I had hoped to read a book about big girls having adventures where their bigness while a part of who they were was not what their stories or their self images revolved around Some of the stories gave that to me some didn't uite make it and a few missed the mark entirely and plunged straight into fat hating The Tradeoff being the worst offender of the latter; it was also my least favorite story because I'm not a fan of stories where guys who won't take no for an answer get the girl they've been sexually harassing That was seriously skeevyThe stories I enjoyed the most were La Gorda and the City of Silver Tangwystl the Unwanted How Do You Want to Die and Nemesis I loved the premises of Blueprints and Marilee and the SOB but I think they would have worked better as slightly longer stories if not full novels If they were full novels I would buy them in a heartbeatThe writing on all of the stories was pretty strong; the execution of the premises were what could be hit or miss The Tradeoff was the only one I actively disliked the rest fall into love like or meh categories and even then I can admire the author's writing ability if not her choice to perpetuate harmful social constructsOverall a very enjoyable read and I'm really glad I picked it up