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Vixen AUTHOR Jillian LarkCaz İçki ErkeklerBu tehlikeli bir karışımdırHer kız sahip olamadığını arzular On yedi yaşındaki Gloria Carmody bir flapper gibi yaşamak istiyor bununla birlikte gelen kısa saçları sigarayı ve müzik dolu geceleri de Artık Chicago'nun en nüfuzlu ailelerinden birinin oğlu olan Sebastian Grey'le nişanlandığına göre Gloria'nın parti günler 375 stars Once upon a time there were three beautiful girls who went to the best schools and speakeasies and they were each assigned booze and clothes that are the cat's meow But the flapper lifestyle took them into different directions and now they work to find out who they are and what makes them truly happy My name is Vixen And so you've been introduced to the first installment of The Flappers series Charlie's Angels' style the best I was able to come up with anywayMeet our Angels Vixens Gloria She's the one who has it all the name riches looks clothes a handsome fiancee everything comes easily to her and everybody seemingly loves her But this poor little rich girl isn't so happy after all and so she begins to rebel Clara Burned by her former flapper lifestyle she's now trying to start over as Country Clara without her sordid past coming to light So has she turned into a goody two shoes or is it just part of a grander scheme? Only time will tell Lorraine Jealous of best friend Gloria she's desperate to step out of Glo's shadow to become the center of attention as an individualBefore getting to my review there are a few uestions that should be addressedIs this great literature? NoWill this book change your life? NoWill you learn anything from reading this book? No Well maybe some twenties' slangIs this book accurate to the period? No there are some liberties but it's good enough as wallpaper to the players and scenesIs this book entertaining beyond belief? A resounding YESVIXEN is very easy to read and captured my attention from the first page and while it may not be the best book ever I had a lot of fun reading it While there's nothing glaringly obvious anachronism wise I did uestion some word choices phrases and actions but overall they were easy to overlook and I likened it to watching A Knight's Tale starring Heath Ledger Written in third person each chapter focuses on one the three girls' point of view starting with Gloria and continuing with Clara and then Lorraine throughout the book until the endAs for the characters Clara named after Ms Clara Bow? was definitely my favorite to read about she's recovering from the aftereffects of her life in New York City which includes a boy of course and is trying her best to leave the past behind and move on with her life Her story had a lot to offer and she felt like a real person who had made mistakes and was now left dealing with the repercussions Lorraine was a trainwreck you can't take your eyes off of and while I can't say I liked her I felt sorry for her She tries way too hard to stand out and ends up making herself look pathetic; if she keeps it up she'll turn into a very ugly person whom everyone hates Forget Gloria Lorraine is the real poor little rich girl of the book She's in the middle of making all the wrong decisions and we're along for the journey which made her multidimensional and interesting to read about as well Gloria was my least favorite mainly because I don't think the author knew uite how to write her At one moment Gloria seemed like a good girl rebelling but then there would be moments where she was a real bitch and those two aspects just didn't gel into a cohesive whole Now if she was seemingly sweet on the outside and really was a conniving bitch underneath then I'd be on board or at least would get it But she wasn't that type of bitch and she wasn't Alexis Carrington bitchy or insert less dated reference here either How she was written made her look like Sybil and didn't render me to sympathize with her at all It didn't help that I felt she was too close to a Mary Sue for my liking I don't like perfect or near perfect characters they're boring and so was she What was her motivation for anything such as singing? Was that always a dream or did it just now come about? Is her recent behavior only happening because she's unhappy? Sorry but there's just not enough there to make me care about this character Gloria needed to be fleshed out to make her feel like a real human with real thoughts in her head and real feelings and not a cliched cardboard cut outThe love aspects of the novel were fairly glossed over mainly Gloria and Jerome's story and felt like teenage hormones than actual real love I don't know you but you're hot and I love youNothing will keep us apartWe'll be together foreverWhich is too bad because I like the idea of an interracial romance taking place in the 1920's it could have been fantastic but instead was tepid and generally unromantic It didn't help that half the duo was boring old Gloria and the other half never developed beyond the fact that he's a black musician who's forbidden to her due to the color of his skin I wished for impact and still hope for that in the next installment of the series Clara's budding relationship with Marcus was far realistic because they actually had conversations gasp and was well paced The relationships between the girls were touch and go sometimes they felt authentic then at other times interactions appeared too advanced to where the relationship had last left off; it was like there were scenes edited out in chunks The same could be said of the developing romance between Gloria and JeromeSo a few things bothered me in the book such as the issue I had with every girl who wasn't one of the main trio being cattily described ie eyes are close together that color makes her look sallow etc Can we get over doing that already? That's not encouraging good behavior A little positivity would be a refreshing change Another thing that annoyed me was at one point the crap hit the fan and minor spoiler view spoilerGloria's career as a torch singer which she's naturally perfect at of course came out into the open So who does she immediately blame? Her best friend Lorraine of course whom she slaps And who to this point Gloria had no provocation to even think it'd be her who had spilled the beans Lorraine had not done anything to deserve Gloria's wrath or at least nothing she knew about yet so I don't know if the author had forgotten that fact or what It did not make any kind of sense because there were other people who knew what Gloria was up to and others who could have easily found out To me it was sloppy writing What kind of friend does that make Gloria anyway? Not one I'd like who always thinks the worst of her best friend without any miniscule proof of guilt Told ya she was a bitch hide spoiler

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kindle ´ Vixen AUTHOR Jillian Larkin 408 pages Download Î ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Vixen Author Jillian Larkin – Caz İçki ErkeklerBu tehlikeli bir karışımdırHer kız sahip olamadığını arzular On yedi yaşındaki Gloria Carmody bir flapper gibi yaşamak istiyor bununla birlikte gelenI daha başlamadan bitmek zorundaYoksa değil mi?Gloria'nın temiz ve uslu kuzini Clara Knowlea bu yüksek sosyete düğününde bir pürüz çıkmasın diye yardıma geldi ama Clara da göründüğü kadar masum değil Onun da gizli tutmak için her şeyi feda edebileceği ufak kirli sırları varGloria'nın cemiyetteki en iyi arkadaşı Lorraine Dyer Gloria'nı When I finished listening to this book I wanted to go wash my ears out with soap Yuck Ptooey Ewww The idea is a good one The story of three teen girls in 1923 Chicago Gloria is the only daughter of an extremely wealthy family and she's engaged to marry into one of the best known families in the city even though he's a stuffed shirt who's made it plain he doesn't love her Lorraine's family is also wealthy but she's extremely insecure about well everything So that makes her desire than anything to be a flapper yeah right Clara is Gloria's cousin a former flapper who has come to Chicago in the guise of a mild mannered farm girl to escape the repercussions of an affair in New York The chapters alternately tell their stories Lorraine drags Gloria to a speakeasy where they engage in sultry flapper repartee with the bartender and patrons while downing drinks This is despite the fact that they're 17 years old and seniors in high school In fact during the course of the book these girls walk around with flasks tied to their thighs and drink than I did in four years of college Gloria becomes infatuated with the piano player a young black man named Jerome On another visit the band's singer uits and wouldn't you know it Gloria decides to try out to become the new torch So now this very sheltered teenager is skipping out of school to go practice with an all black band in an illegal gin joint The situations are so ridiculous they're laughable But what really drove me crazy was the totally anachronistic language Was he coming on to her? It was the engagement party from hell the lack of continuity she's described as going down the stairs from the stage and then they're going across the stage Lorraine is given a handkerchief with ice in it after her face is slapped a minute later she's folding the handkerchief and giving it back and scenes that don't actually end there's a showdown at the end of the book one of several showdowns that we never find out how it ended Clearly the author was trying to appeal to modern teen girls but in doing so she gave up on any sort of historical accuracy Clearly good writing wasn't a top priority either I know a lot of other people really like these books Maybe I read something different?

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N gölgesinde yaşamaktan bıkkın Lorraine'in kıskançlığı umutsuz bir öfkeye dönüştüğünde artık kimse güvende olmayacak Ve sonunda birileri çok üzülecekYazar Jillian Larkin'in ilk kitabı Fettan her şeyin değiştiği 1920'lerin en hareketli döneminde geçen seksi tehlikeli ve son derece romantik bir serinin de ilk kitabıTanıtım Bülteninde This was pretty bland Sad right? Alas VIXEN is an excellent example of an author not living up to the dramatic potential of her subject matterWe're given a handful of stock teen soap characterizations Gloria the Good Girl who wants to rebel; Lorraine the Bad GirlBest Friend tired of living in her shadow; Clara the Mysterious X Factor distant relation who arrives to supervise Gloria's socialite wedding plans Gloria doesn't want to marry her fiance instead she falls into insta lust with Jerome an Unsuitable Love Interest who actually is unsuitable given that he's a black piano player Meanwhile Lorraine debates between friendship climbing over Gloria to take her place atop the heap o social awesomeness Lorraine also resents that Gloria doesn't realize how awesome she's got it in the male companionship department ie Gloria's best dude friend Marcus who plays the role of Golden Hearted Playboy But when Marcus chooses Clara instead Lorraine exposes a dirty secret from her rival's pastexcept naturally her disgust backfires gets her snared by Carlito a nasty Criminal With Sex Appeal Gloria Jerome meanwhile are caught in the crossfire of speakeasy gangsterswhich leaves Jerome's sister to pledge vengeance on Gloria's former bridegroom the stereotypical Backstabbing Rich Boy Hypocrite who is tied to Carlito's crew of Capone wannabesAnd there's a midget gangster named Thor Yup P Clearly there's no shortage of plot but the personalities are wooden as hell If the author has the skill to flesh them out in future installmentswell she didn't show it here I liked Clara Jerome than the rest but even they were glorified cardboard Compounding the problem is the third person voice It's flat flat FLAT lacking any sort of personality relating events with occasional snarky comments that weren't so much funny as lamely anachronistic I do give the author props for a sprinkling of flapper era pop culture Buster Keaton movies Fitzgerald uotes The Sheik etc I also give her credit for the interracial romance angle But these positives aren't enough to boost my rating The retro lingo felt forced the characters were drab the writing wasn't strong enough to support an uber dramatic soap opera Overall a big fat 'meh' I'll stick with Anna Godbersen's flapper books for my soapy teenage prohibition drama