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READ ´ First Day in Grapes » [Reading] ➽ First Day in Grapes Author L. King Pérez – Chicos migrant family moves often making it difficult for him to make friends and fit in But third grade seems different His teacher and classmates are uick to appreciate his excellent math skills Usi Chicos migrant family moves often makingChicos migrant family moves often making it difficult for him to make friends and fit in But third grade seems different. First Day in Grapes written by L King Perez and illustrated by Robert Casilla is about Chico a young boy from a migrant family who recently moved to California and will start another first day of school Chico does not want to go to school but instead be a racecar driver; his mother tells him that everyone has a job and right now his job is school He is always the new kid in school and usually gets picked on by other students The teacher is taken to Chico right away due to his math skills At lunch Chico gets bullied by some older students making fun of his lunch and mother but he stands up for himself and resolves the confrontation without any further problems His classmates watch in awe as he displays amazing confidence and now has enough confidence to talk to the grumpy bus driver the teacher and his classmates When looking at the story taking away race it is one in which any student can relate to; everyone is the new kid at one point and trying to fit in is very difficult especially with bullies and mean people This story also helps students who are of Hispanic background and they can relate in race migrating families and new student experiences Also by the mom telling Chico that school is his job this story highlights the importance of education and that he needs to attend school It is easy for kids to read and relate to this story with the help of the illustrations because the illustrations represent so much than the story It represents how many children live day to day lives and therefore they can relate to not only the text but the illustrations


E fourth grade bullies and gains confidence by showing that it is possible to stand up to seemingly impossible odds and w. Nice idea show kids that kindness triumphs over bullies that migrant worker children are just as clever if not than any other kid in school and that we are ALL human thank you very muchbut was this a well written artistically rendered book No

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First Day in GrapesHis teacher and classmates are uick to appreciate his excellent math skills Using his uick mind Chico cleverly outwits th. 1 Culture or group portrayed Latino Americans2 Summary Chico is a young boy in a migrant family; they travel throughout California working in the fields Chico is starting third grade but he doesn’t want to go because he’s always the new kid and sometimes the other kids pick on him His mother sends him anyway The bus driver is rather gruff but his teacher seems nice and Chico is taken with her right away especially after she sees how uick he is at math At lunch the fourth graders come by and start to bully Chico by making fun of his lunch and insulting his mother He stands up to them and manages to resolve the confrontation without violence All of the other children cluster around him amazed at his confidence 3 CulturalMulticultural evaluation If you take away the racial aspect of Chico’s character you are still left with a story that many children could relate to – being the new kid and trying to fit in the possibility of bullies and standing up for yourself For some Latinx readers however First Day in Grapes offers a story they especially can relate to – migrating families and dealing with outsiders who don’t care to understand your culture and would rather just make fun of you It also highlights that education is important; even though Chico feels that he doesn’t need to go to school because he wants to be a race car driver his mother tells him that “We all have jobs and school is yours” 4 Conclusionverdict Highly recommended for the reasons above This was also a Pura Belpré Honor Book for illustration in 2004