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Fitness for Geeks Reader ê 336 pages ☆ Gwairsoft ´ [Download] ✤ Fitness for Geeks Author Bruce W. Perry – If you’re interested in how things work this guide will help you experiment with one crucial system you usually ignore—your body and its health Long hours focusing on code or circuiS issuesZero in on carbs fats proteins vitamins minerals and phytochemicalsFind and choose food and learn when to eat and when to fastReboot your system through movement in the outside worldSelect from than a dozen techniues for your gym workoutFuel fitness by focusing on the science of nutrition and supplementsApply lifestyle hacks such as high intensity exercise and good stre Some good and useful ideas but overall lacking in scientific rigor I would have preferred a narrower scope with thorough research less anecdotal information and a formal style

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Est self tracking apps and gearTune into components of your health through discussions on food exercise sleep hormesis and other issues as well as interviews with various scientists and athletes and discover healthy ways to tinker with your lifestyleLearn to live in the modern digital world and still be physically vibrantExamine apps and widgets for self tracking various fitnes There were some really great sections in this book I particularly enjoyed the detailed explanations and the nutrition science sections even showing what macronutrient molecules look like The strength of the book also comes from the uality sidebars that share interviews with medical and sports professionals or share recent research findings I found this particularly helpful in the 'intermittent fasting' section and in interval training section regarding Tabatas etc I also liked the Outdoors chapter that mentioned many of the metaphysical benefits to outdoor fitness Downside and reason for 3 stars which is like 35 stars were that I felt this is another book advocating Paleo diet While I am in full favor of eating clean whole foods I think it can be done without going 'primal' It seems to be en vogue to promote Paleo in every fitness book published in the last year

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Fitness for GeeksIf you’re interested in how things work this guide will help you experiment with one crucial system you usually ignore your body and its health Long hours focusing on code or circuits tends to stifle notions of nutrition but with this educational and highly useful book you can approach fitness through science whether it’s investigating your ancestral health or using the lat I tried to like this bookAbout three chapters in I decided this book wasn't for me From indirectly talking about people's auras after working out to indirectly recommending paleo diets this book just hit my woo woo trigger one too many times I enjoyed the discussion about different sites for tracking fitness but when push came to shove about nutrition and such I felt like I was spending time on the web trying to verify every little piece of information in this book I felt like I was reading the euivalent of an infomercial for something that will be thoroughly debunked in ten yearsI was really hoping this book would be something I could enjoy reading without having to be too critical but this book isn't itNote I received a promotional copy of this book from the publisher of whom I have enjoyed just about every other book they've published