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Download Book  Child of Flame Ê 850 pages Ï Gwairsoft ↠ ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Child of Flame By Kate Elliott ➯ – Lost and alone in an unknown country Alain struggles to survive as he is unwittingly drawn into an ancient conflict between humankind and their old enemy the T King Henry's gaze is fixed on the thrones of Aosta and the imperial crown left vacant for two generations As a uman army sweeping in from the eastern steppes ravages the Wendish countryside Henry marches south ignoring the pleas of his beleagered subjectsThe great cataclysm foretold in the stars is approaching I don't know how but Elliott's Crown of Stars series just keeps getting better and better At this point the pacing is tight with brief pauses for the Eika who I no longer care about the stakes are amazingly high the world is beautifully crafted and I can't wait to find out what's nextAnd I'm not sure if it's really a 5 star book for me but I cried a lot so there you go And small spoilers view spoilerUsually I really hate those women holy suicides but the way Elliott wrote it really sold it for meOn the downside I have to say Antonia the serial killer of persons with disabilities continues to be a total fictional pet peeve hide spoiler

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Lost and alone in an unknown country Alain struggles to survive as he is unwittingly drawn into an ancient conflict between humankind and their old enemy the Cursed OnesSeparated from her husband and child Liath must undergo her greatest test in a land of exile Only here can she hope to discover the truth of her A rich and vibrant world fascinating peoples creatures histories religions magics and wonderfully nuanced characters I'm loving this series even as I'm wishing for a faster pace It's truly epic and detailed in its sprawl which at times means it drags I'm realizing that I have to take breaks in my reading so I can continue to enjoy the world without growing too impatient When I start willing it to go faster I take a break and read something else Then at other times I fail to notice the hours flying by This is really a series to be savored With its scope and the weight of each installment it simply won't allow you to rush through So far the end of each book has been rewarding and I miss the world and characters once I'm done I guess I'm just going to be living there for a while

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Child of FlameParentage and learn the extent of her remarkable powersMourning the loss of his wife the bastard prince Sanglant seeks his father King Henry to warn him about the conspiracy of powerful sorcerers who wish to destroy the Aoi the Lost Ones once and for all no matter how much destruction their magic will unleashBu UPDATE I read where Kate Elliott said that the inspiration for Adica was the Egtved Girl and I love this detail Best volume of the series so far in my opinion But it is loooonnng Each book has gotten progressively longer and I really felt it here Fortunately I enjoyed most every bit of it There was only a little bit of drag in the middle during Alain and Adica's extended journey This book stands out for fully presenting at least two major character arcs Adica's entire story a new character in the series and Liath's journey through the celestial spheres Sanglant is better humanized here than ever before Young Anna makes a return to the story after having only a brief cameo in the prior book A number of story elements make complete circles reflecting the Circle of Unity that is the primary holy symbol of the Daisinite church I feel like this book accomplished literarily than the series to date And just when you thought that you coudn't hate Hugh any It's not just the number of pages 850 in the original DAW hardcover edition 200 pages longer than the prior volume it's the density of the text per page which appears to be much higher than in most contemporary fantasy hardcovers It's also not just the word count over 300000 as best as I can estimate it's the slower pace at which the words flow than I am used to Elliott has certainly crafted a complex detailed story set in an authentically early Medieval world with full attention to the weather the flora the clothing art and livelihoods particular to that era As in prior books you really have to pay attention while reading because vital plot points appear without warning This book really slowed down my usual reading pace Usually in a calendar month I will read up to 1000 pages than I did in the month that included this tome I enjoy all of the characters and the path that events have taken which are wildly different than I would have guessed at the start of the series I am freuently struck by the lack of privacy in this setting; even a private secretive discussion between the king and an advisor is done with half a dozen stewards and attendants on hand Royalty go to bed with multiple servants and hangers on sleeping in the same room even for sexy times Regular people in a village might all sleep together in a longhouse Even going to the privy has no guarantee of privacy It sounds exhausting Eually striking is the length of time it takes to do anything Each book takes place over the course of at least a year with factions freuently bogged down for months in a particular location waiting for say the snows in mountain passes to melt A ueen or king here does not spend time in a castle rather they are constantly in progress traveling the land planning for next year's military action during whatever campaign season the climate allows reminding each region's dukes or margraves or whomever that they're in charge and gobbling up everyone's food stores along the way with their massive train of nobles advisers scholerschurchpeople servants soldiers and camp followersIt should be noted that Kate Elliott sufferred from tendinitis while writing this book and had to do part of it in longhand She is one of my favorite writers and is clearly an abject professional