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DOWNLOAD ó For Richer for Poorer A Love Affair with Poker Í ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ For Richer for Poorer A Love Affair with Poker Author Victoria Coren – In September 2006 Victoria Coren won a million dollars on the European Poker Tour In her long awaited memoir she tells the story of thatPoorer also tells the story of the poker For Richer MOBI #234 revolution How did this cult card game populated by a small community of colorful and eccentric players move from the back streets to the mainstream in a few short years It is a fascinating story from a trusted inside. I don't really know how poker works but not knowing my rivers from my big blinds didn't stop me from enjoying this book I guess that's because it's one of those trick books which pretends it's about one thing poker but is actually about another geeky sort of daddy's girl wants to find somewhere where she belongs and does so in an unlikely place As a geeky sort of daddy's girl myself I completely understandThe internal monologues covering Coren's hands in her triumphant 2006 EPT title win have a hypnotic uality for someone like me who began the book knowing none of these words and their meanings and picked it up as I went along Turned out there was a glossary at the back It might have been less of an adventure wading through those words if I had known that Oh wellIt's Coren's line in character sketches I liked most Her way of describing people and places was where the book had its main strength as the people around her in the world of poker saw their fortunes ebb and flow Her own reflections on her problems depression family illness and death were particularly striking by Coren's frankness and the way she refuses to over dramatise them They appear chronologically like all other events there is no heavy handed foreshadowing or unsubtle cliffhangersAs a small social history of the poker scene it was a nice primer although I did have some unanswered uestions at the end But as a book about finding somewhere to belong and then maybe accidentally maybe deliberately maybe neither getting good at it it was bang on target

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For Poorer PDFEPUB #227 In for Poorer A Love MOBI #234 September Victoria Coren won a million dollars on the European Poker Tour In her long awaited memoir she tells the story of that victory but also of a year obsession with the game It is a journey which has taken Coren from a. In real life in addition to The Laws and The Romance and The Fanfic and Veep my current show of choice I am All About Poker I have recently moved to a country with no casinos and certainly no card rooms Back in Blighty I played live poker several times a week at the same casino The same dealers and valets and players The same faces and the same personalities All the same jokes The same stories The rhythmic shuffle of the deck the symphony of riffling chips I miss it I miss everything about it Victoria Coren says of nostalgia“ nostalgia is a primal emotion like fear and anger and maybe love It just seems otherwise because it has a long name and is tricky to define out loud So you might mistake it for one of those fiddly sophisticated feelings like scahdenfreude or low self esteem But nostalgia is simply basic instinctive and it was always there You can see it on the face of a zoo monkey that once lived in the wild Or even one that never did It still knows that it has lost something Ubi sunt ui ante nos fuerunt That’s what I learned at university in exchange for a stand up comedy career Where are those who went before us The wistful motif echoes through the Anglo Saxon fragments that kicked off our English course One of our first impulses was to feel nostalgic for times we had never seen And you can feel nostalgic for something even while it is happening”I rather feel in respect of poker nostalgia is all I have left I’ll have the odd trip to Florida or New Jersey and back home back to the Gala But inevitably it’ll all be different In choosing to break with it I’ll have changed it I played a couple of weeks ago rusty and jetlagged surrounded by a particular brand of American missing my loveable rogues from Birmingham a lump in my throatSo in a fit of self pity I’ve decided to cater to my nostalgia to let it roll over me and to reread again and review the best poker book I’ve ever read The book that best captures the poker experience as I have lived it That said I’m aware that most of my GR’s friendsfollowers probably don’t have too much of an interest in poker So I’ll say upfront this is a book about poker but it is not a poker book Would a poker book muse on nostalgia I’ve read enough of them and I’ll tell you no no it would notCoren’s book is a clever funny irreverent wry and often moving exploration of her life I suppose one might call it an autobiography but I don’t think it’s consistent enough in style for that moniker but through the lens of poker You don’t need to understand poker to read and enjoy this book although it would help – on that later In 2006 Coren won the European Poker Tour ‘EPT’ London She was the first female winner on the EPT about 5% of poker tournament entrants are women She took home half a million pounds The narrative structure of this book is chronological through her life playing with her brother as a gawky teenager eventually going to a casino where she was too scared to actually go to the card room and ended up developing a nasty roulette addiction finding poker players to play home games with being chosen to go onto one of the first televised poker games and so on But interspersed the story are little vignettes detailing the crucial poker hands during her journey at EPT London The autobiographical elements are fantastic Coren is amusing and can sketch a scene very well “On first walking in The Vic where she would become a regular player and eventually win the EPT It doesn’t look like my dream It doesn’t look like the Desert Inn It has garish carpet and cheap fruit machines The air is a soupy smog of BH cigarette smoke Middle Eastern aftershave and non specific Man Smell Everybody looks miserable This is not a holiday casino at all”She’s also an acute observer of people which is pretty crucial when you’re talking about poker because it’s packed full of characters and stories of hands and tournaments and This One Time When Rambo Bet Twice Pot on The River and Doc was so Drunk He Didn’t Realise But Actually He’d Filled His Boat “I’m fond of Stavros He’s so glowering so grumpy that I laugh just thinking about him And he’s always terribly polite to me I suspect that a woman at the poker table plays havoc with Stavros’s brain He wants my money like that of any other player and he certainly bullies me with his bets But he treats me very gently and carefully Which in Stavros terms means that he doesn’t swear at me or throw his cards at the dealer if I beat him in a hand In fact he calls me darling In a grumpy sort of way”I know a Stavros Mine isn’t called Stavros We all call him Van Damme apparently this is because he used to sport a mullet like Van Damme in the early 90s He’s got a perfectly normal haircut now but once these things catch on they stick It’s even written on his casino membership card He’s horrid to everyone but me and the two other lady regulars and he gets me a cup of tea when he goes to the bar Coren perfectly captures the personalities of all these individuals You feel as though you’re in the card room with her “Michael whom I addressed politely as ‘Mr Arnold’ for the first five years I knew him is such a staple of the card room that he has his own catchphrase Whenever a player gets up for the night a croupier is supposed to allocate the seat to a new incumbent Michael never waits for staff to notice the space; he booms ‘One seat here’ across the room Other people do the same thing now attempting to mimic Michael’s voice Scandinavian players female players even Steve with the tracheotomy all can shout ‘One seat here’ in the style of Michael Arnold Later when he gets into a little legal trouble over a chunk of missing money some wag posts on the internet ‘One jail cell here’” The book isn’t just comical sketches of moments and people though It’s than that The personal elements are beautiful About her first trip to Vegas as a poker player she says ”This might be a city of whores guns drug addiction and sick gambling but it feels like we’re six years old and playing hopscotch in the garden all summerThere is something almost unbearably happy about all of it Pure pleasure pure contentment always curls around a small sad centre because you known there is nothing permanent Even as you look at a river it flows on to something else A shadow of cloud on the stream changes minute by minute Even as you hold the water in your cupped palm it trickles out” From this description of Vegas she moves onto a memory of Portobello Market with her father Choosing an item to start a collection her Father saying it’ll be something to remember him by It’s poignant and sad and beautifulWhen her father becomes ill Coren’s fear is palpable So is her relief when he doesn’t die The writing of this episode is straightforward but powerful Punchy sentences few adjectives rather like you’re there in the stark waiting room alongside her reduced to what you know and what you don’t There is no poetry in those moments The rest of the book is weaved with the bittersweet thread of the knowledge that though he recovers from this episode her Father cannot have long left Coren never says it but there is a sense that she believes he lived so he could see her win the EPT He could see her do something wonderful with her gambling an aspect of her life which always perplexed himAnd when his death comes I shed a little tear ”Autumn frosts have slain July but it is a bright sunny Octo

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For Richer for Poorer A Love Affair with PokerSecret culture of illegal cash games to the high stakes glamour of Las Vegas and Monte Carlo Richer for Poorer A Love PDF and brought with it friendship laughter and money but also loneliness heartbreak and defeat With disarming honesty Coren lays all of this bare For Richer For. I've always liked Victoria Coren I find her classy witty and funny and her book is no exception I like playing cards too well not actually playing with the cards but the cards themselves I may have taken on my drunken dad and uncles in a few games as a kid and cleaned house but I have since completely forgotten how to play any game reuiring skill than blackjack or computer based games that tell you what the good tricks are or what cards you can play So at the very least I can relate to her as a young player of cards wanting to join in her brother's games and hats off to her brother for actually being willing to teach her But the great thing about this book is that while it is a poker book as well as a memoir it is not one or the other but truly both You can pick up some things about the game intuitively and isn't that really the fun thing about playing cards because Coren does not like many other people who write autobiographies feel the need to patronize her readers and stop the narrative to explain what a big blind or being on the button is though if you want to know there's a simple glossary of terms at the back nor does she allow the possibility of someone not knowing what these things are to keep them from enjoying her book I liked hearing about her friends and competitors about her travels and about her thoughtsand was surprised to find that when the chapter did come where she tells of her win at the European final I was actually excited and waiting to see what would happen even though obviously I knew There was something about the way she wrote it that really communicated the thrill of the game to me and made me understand why so many people bankrupt themselves at cards if it was that exciting for me I'm sure I would have probably stuck with it than I did too