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Book ð Generous Thinking È 280 pages Download Õ ❮Reading❯ ➶ Generous Thinking Author Kathleen Fitzpatrick – Higher education occupies a difficult place in twenty first century American culture Universities the institutions that bear so much responsibility for the future health of Between our colleges and universities and the public thereby transforming the way our society functions She encourages interested stakeholders to listen to and engage openly with one another's concerns by reading and exploring ideas together; by creating collective projects focused around common interests; and by ensuring that our institutions of higher education are structured to support and promote work toward the public good Meditating on how and why we teach the humanities Generous Thinking is an audacious book that privileges the ability to empathize and build rather than simply tear apart As others have noted an interesting call for the overhaul and realignment of advanced education based on community rather than personality What was lacking was a sense of the way forward in any practical terms there were a lot of descriptions of dedicated but non professional community building followed by statements that the point was not to de professionalize the academy; but then no real ideas of how this could be effectively put into practice until the last chapter In the last chapter there was also a detailed look at the Wisconsin experience and history but precious little on how that failed in a few short years with myopic Republicans in charge and how it could ever be effectively re established There was also nothing that convinced me that the political right and libertarians were ever going to be swayed or engage in meaningful conversations around community Fitzgerald did not convince me that doing good through generosity was going to sway that vocal ideological minority that controls government funding and policy

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Higher education occupies a difficult place in twenty first century American culture Universities the institutions that bear so much responsibility for the future health of our nation are at odds with the very publics they are intended to serve As Kathleen Fitzpatrick asserts it is imperative that we re center the mission of the university to rebuild that lost trust Critical thinking the heart of what academics do can today often negate refuse and reject new ideasIn an age characterized by rampant anti intellectualism Fitzpatrick charges the academy with thinking constructively rather than compe Excellent thought provoking analysis of the university as is and re positioning of where it might be Fitzpatrick's critiues of the academy are spot on and I really like the direction she is suggesting higher education as part of as opposed to separate from the rest of civic life I particularly appreciate her exploration of the tension surrounding expertise and her understanding of how those with specialized knowledge can be eual participants in a conversation or shared venture Similarly her challengeinvitation to academics not to discount other ways of reading and experiencing was compelling especially as someone who always feels as though she is reading on both sides of the town and gown divide I would have added and may make a comment on the open version of this book that academics often fail to recognize the extremely important work the community is already undertaking in all areas including those that fall in the Humanities and Social Sciences This lack of awareness only adds to the gulf that so freuently distances formal scholars from the community or the public as Fitzpatrick would sayThe overarching notions of opening up academic work engaging with a larger community and asserting that the role of higher education is not to make money but to be part of the social project to improve and enrich life for all is critical Fitzpatrick hits the nail on the head when she identifies the assessment and reward systems as a primary blocker for this tenure and review pitting individual academics against each other and institutional ranking systems that pit schools against each other Faculty are the only ones who can change the former a change that will have many many positive side effects I hope some are swayed by this book

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Generous ThinkingTitively building new ideas rather than tearing old ones down She urges us to rethink how we teach the humanities and to refocus our attention on the very human ends the desire for community and connection that the humanities can best serve One key aspect of that transformation involves fostering an atmosphere of what Fitzpatrick dubs generous thinking a mode of engagement that emphasizes listening over speaking community over individualism and collaboration over competitionFitzpatrick proposes ways that anyone who cares about the future of higher education can work to build better relationships Fitzpatrick's book might be able to save us As you well know Trump and his medieval wealth co hort came into power after their stints as slum lords and subjects for Robin Leech's Lifestyles of the Rich and Famousin the 80s and after Ivanka told us to call him The Donald and after the 11th bankruptcy and the job on WWFWWE and the Apprentice and the 3rd marriage This is a cohort of profoundly unread people and the people like them What they like and what their supporters like all the way down to the housekeepers at the Pennelville Red Roof Inn we readers find embarrassing and threatening and toxic This on a political and ecological and characterological level Im NOT condescending Its just that OUR university industry was a useful foil by which to motivate NON readers into a powerful political world threatening Fuck the Paris Protocols force Prof Fitzpatrick goes into this binary schism those who read the lettered the unlettered the comix and graphic novel fans the black and the white the gay and the straight to show how WE might stand united against our non reading nemesis Be tuff Go on offense Be passionate in your presentation Hunt and fish and wear crappy clothes and tuff guy jackets and you girls leather boots and read Jane Austen and Percivel Everett and Alan Moore and Lou Reed and that new authoress from North Africa and SKorea has S America produced any women authors of note in the last deacde? Get your fucking book clubs together so we can destroy this anti reading malevolency that Trump and his cohort have mobilized to further enrich AT OUR ATMOSPHERE's OUR CHILDREN'S EXPENSE their last 18 years of life on the planet