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PDF ´ BOOK You Never Give Me Your Money ô ❧ You Never Give Me Your Money free download ➛ Author Peter Doggett – Gwairsoft.co.uk The world stopped in 1970 when Paul McCartney announced that he was through with the Beatles His statement not only marked the end of the band's remarkable career but also seemed to signal the deFortune staked largely in Apple Corps You Never Give Me Your Money is a compelling human drama and an eually rich and absorbing story of the Beatles' creative and financial empire set up to safeguard their interests but destined to control their lives From tragedy to triumphant reunion and chart success to courtroom battles this meticulously researched work tells the previously untold story of a group and a legacy that will never be forgott As a Beatles fan who has read watched and listened to most of the Beatles related material available I was a little surprised to find that this book has passed me by it didn't make me cry but a little blue Peter Doggett is also a long time Beatles fan who has written many articles on that topic In You Never Give Me Your Money he focuses on probably the least popular aspect of Beatles history their financial legal and personal battles after the group broke up Though it paints each member of the band and most of their wives in the least flattering manner it brings to light many of the backroom and boardroom shenanigans that were kept from the public and also kept the band from ever properly reuniting If you want to keep your fantasy image of the Beatles as four lovable mop tops who went hippie and remained friends this is not the book for youAs depressing and tragic as much of the story is it is also a page turner with many new to me tidbits that explain a lot regarding the post Beatles relationships of John Paul George Ringo and the dozens of other well known people in their orbits It is almost traumatic to watch as the financial missteps of Brian Epstein in the early days of managing the group grow into a many headed hydra of lawyers advisers crooks and corporations that helped to not only kill the golden goose but break every egg it ever produced Even sadder is how the four lads went from friends who had each others' backs to four virtual strangers who didn't much like each other all because of how their money and legacies were mishandled It is a cautionary tale that doesn't end happily for anyone

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The world stopped in 1970 when Paul McCartney announced that he was through with the Beatles His statement not only marked the end of the band's remarkable career but also seemed to signal the demise of an era of unprecedented optimism in social history Though the Beatles' breakup was widely viewed as a cultural tragedy one of the most fascinating phases of their story was just about to begin Now for the first time You Never Give Me Your Mo The nauseating subtitle “The Battle for the Soul of the Beatles” appears to have been replaced in a later edition by “The Beatles after the Break Up” but that’s not uite right either because this is a very detailed account of the break up itself – this is the first half of the book – followed by the history of Beatle legal complications projects and personal bitternesses reconciliations stand offs and flounce outs during the 40 years which followed The first half was riveting reading because Mr Doggett is able to merge together in a clear non editorialising way all the myriad strands of wonder money drugs and pain which led to the ugliness of the court case in which McCartney the Beatle who up to late 1969 was still frantically pretending the band had a future who was the one of the four with most invested in the idea of the Beatles sued the other three to dissolve the partnership Really it’s not a pretty tale and although I bought this in 2009 when it came out only now have I got round to delving into the unpleasantnessMainly because Mark Lewisohn’s definitive Beatles biography is appearing so slowly – the brilliant first volume came out in 2013 part two expected in 2020 part three who knows So You Never Give Me Your Money is like a trailer for Lewisohn part three – no doubt his version of the end of the Beatles will be 900 pages longIF YOU THINK THE FOLLOWING IS RATHER DULLSo this being an account where the business machinery is a major part of the story you have to be okay with several passages like this Apple were now providing full time employment for five legal teams in London and New York the deeper the legal minds delved into the Beatles’ affairs the anomalies and eccentricities they discoveredThere were ueries about the legality of a corporate system under which George Harrison could resign as the employee of a company that he himself ran and in which he held 99% of the shares before deciding that he did want to work for himself after all and applying to himself for his job backWell for all I know this kind of thing goes on all the time in corporate affairsWHO BROKE UP THE BEATLES? THE SIX SUSPECTS1 JOHN LENNONReally he was impossible to work with between 1967 and 1970 – depressed fried on acid and then heroin running hither and yon after every tin pot guru from Maharishi to Arthur Janov and then being cruelly disappointed insisting after September 68 that he was Johnandyoko and making her part of every recording session – the list goes on And finally he decided he’s had enough of Beatles and left in September 69 He’s the only one of the suspects to cough for the crime I formed the Beatles and I broke them up It’s as simple as that John Lennon2 YOKO ONOShe was from another planet the Planet Avant Garde the same place John Cale was from when he joined the Velvet Underground This crowd had nothing to do with anything outside their own bubble Yoko made films people immediately think of if they were asked to describe an avant garde film – a series of random naked bottoms; a fly crawling over a naked woman; and she did strange live stuff like Cut Piece where members of the audience no doubt all of them other avant garde artists came up on stage and cut off a piece of her clothing until she was naked And she did a lot of atonal howling too Being a woman and being Japanese and being weird she got the major hate from the public for breaking up the Beatles by luring John away into her weird world so that five minutes after meeting her he was doing unlistenable albums like Two Virgins which featured a naked photo of John and Yoko on the cover On the cover It was shocking in 1968 and it would still be pretty shocking now – imagine if let’s say Jack and Meg White had appeared completely naked on the cover of one of their albums Pandemonium The contumely poured forth upon Yoko was sexist and racist leading John to write his song “Everybody’s Got Something to hide Except for Me and My Monkey” because he read one comment in the press that Yoko looked like a monkeyBut accepting all of that and the other Beatles’ macho attitudes they were a boys’ club her sudden omnipresence made the changed situation painfully clear like a loop tape PA announcement If John broke up the Beatles Yoko gave him the courage to do it 3 PAUL MCCARTNEYAfter the death of Brian Epstein Paul became group leader by default because Lennon couldn’t be bothered You can see this uite clearly in the A sides of the singles – on the six single A sides after John’s All you Need is Love Paul wrote five of them He got them to do the dubious Magical Mystery Tour film and convinced them to do the disastrous Let It Be sessions in January 69 Thing was he liked to work and the others didn’t He wanted a job the others didn’t They thought there was to life than being fab he didn’t When he realized they had really broken up he spiraled into depression – the other three felt freed from a burden Dragooning the Beatles like that caused much of the bad feelings which enabled John to dissolve the group with no protest from Harrison or Starr 4 APPLEStarting out as a tax avoidance cheme it was then hijacked by the Beatles themselves to become an all purpose artistic collective in some ineffable way “anti capitalist” but still hopefully profitable It turned into none of these things but became a twisting serpent of complicated delusion which began to eat the Beatles’ money They needed serious help so Lennon found his next guru 5 ALLEN KLEINAs McCartney was getting serious with Linda and thinking her dad and brother would be ideal to sort out the mess that Apple had become the other three were agreeing that showbiz shark Klein would be the best bet “He’s nothing but a New York gangster” said Paul The others reacted badly to the Eastmans’ sharp suits and country club manners Klein was street he was their kind of guy So Klein became the flashpoint In order to extricate himself from any management connection with Klein Paul had to sue the other three to dissolve the original partnership No Klein no lawsuit So Klein was the reason the Beatles were legally terminated6 THE BEATLESThe uniue fame and pressure of being Beatles since 1963 appears to have become almost unbearable to three of the four by 1969 Every album had become a great statement each one since Rubber Soul in a radically different style or collection of styles to the previous one No one could have kept it up What should have come after Abbey Road? Given the stuff they came out with on their first solo albums it would have been White Album part 2 a gallimaufry of clashing genres – Monkberry Moon Delight My Sweet Lord Mother Power to the People It would not have been good They couldn’t take it any there was nowhere left for them to go they were inhabiting an art pop landscape which was nothing to do with the power trios heavy metal guitar virtuosi and soul music of the early 70s They left at the right time But it was so sad to see the way it was done

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You Never Give Me Your MoneyNey tells the behind the scenes story of the personal rivalries and legal feuds that have dominated the Beatles' lives since 1969 Journalist Peter Doggett charts the Shakespearean battles between Lennon and McCartney the conflict in George Harrison's life between spirituality and fame and the struggle with alcoholism that threatened to take Richard Starkey's life In vivid detail Doggett also describes the wild mismanagement of the Beatles' Speaking as a super fan of the Beatles I can honestly say I was never one of those people who thought the group should reform as it seemed that the results could only be disappointing However that doesn't mean that informal collaboration should have been impossible It took years for the acrimony to die down sufficiently especially between John and Paul Then in 1976 they made tentative plans to get together in New Orleans to write songs together Lennon's Lost Weekend was ending and he had just released Walls and Bridges And perhaps just as importantly he was still with May Pang who McCartney did not view as an antagonist However an afternoon meeting with Yoko that was to last perhaps an hour or two turned into an invitation to stay permanently He never went back to the apartment he and Pang shared and remained a recluse in the Dakota until shortly before his murder in 1980 Did Yoko exert some strange mind control over John? Perhaps not but this strange story is just one of the frustrating tidbits that make you wonder if things might have turned out differently if he had not had not gone back However Yoko was not the only problem as it turns out George still resented Paul for being bossy during the Let It Be sessionsAlthough there is nothing radically new here the battles involving Allen Klein are well known and he doesn't actually come off all that badly; I am not used to such a relentless barrage of unpleasantness when reading about the Beatles They fared better than other 1960's bands whose entire earnings were stolen outright by thoroughly dishonest crooks and never recovered However a lot of money was wasted on lawyers for no good reasonFor me the most depressing parts of this book deal with the deaths of John and George and the effects on the survivors A lot has been written on John Lennon's last day but I didn't have all the details on George who was famously the victim of a crazed intruder The hideousness and extent of his injuries was downplayed at the time and are revealed here His pre existing cancer which was in remission almost certainly came back because of the physical and psychological injury resulting from being stabbed 40 timesHell even good natured Ringo does not come away entirely unscathed I'm glad I read this but it is definitely not for anyone looking for a fun nostalgia trip