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DOWNLOAD Ø GWAIRSOFT.CO.UK Ã L.D. Cedergreen After years of trying unsuccessfully to conceive a child Gemma Walsh finds her husband in bed with another woman Unable to face his betrayal she retreats to Priest Lake where her family owns a small cabin But Gemma finds that she is not the only one hiding away at the lake to avoid an ugly truth Andrew Monroe was once an essential part. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 45 STARS Wow This was SUCH a good book An unconventional romance with a huge twist and a powerful emotional impact I loved it I honestly don't know how to describe this story to you though without it being misleading because there is a  huge twist that literally changes  everything you know Like really woah Technically even the blurb actually makes make you think the story is something it's not So it's hard to talk aboutPS this review page is spoiler free hidden spoilers belowI'll admit that I actually knew the twist before I started and here's the thing There are many different kinds of readers out there Some of you love going into books completely blind and being taken by surprise by the twists and there are others who like to know exactly what to expect from this kind of storyJust for me personally I'll be honest and say that if I had been taken by surprise by this twist I would have disliked the book This is not a fault of the author or the way the book is presented it is just a reflection of the type of reader I am This isn't me telling you what you will or won't feel just me saying that for this kind of big game changing twist I prefer going in with an understanding of what to expect because it gives me a sense of security Knowing what to expect did not in any way dull the emotional impact of the twist Guys I CRIED Over and over and over again even though I knew what was comingAnd also again just for me the minute I heard what the twist was it made me want to drop everything and read the book NOW So finding out was actually the thing that made me read the bookSo I'm not telling you what to do If you want to go in blind do it Many readers recommend doing that in fact However many other readers have told me that they are so grateful that they were told in advance and that knowing the twist made them able to love the book So the choice is YOURSIf you want to know the twist full spoilers click this link view spoilerGemma and her husband Ryan had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for a long time They loved each other deeply and had had a good marriage but in the last while had drifted apart as the stress of trying to get pregnant turned their intimacy into something mechanic They'd lost touch with each otherShe walked in one day and found him cheating For the record this is the only time he ever cheatedShocked and hurt she left town and got in a car accident But was seemingly ok and went on to her family's lake house to try to figure her life back When she was there she reconnected with her high school boyfriend Drew who she hadn't seen in years She was torn between being unsure about what she should do with her marriage because she really did love her husband even though she was so hurt and the rekindled connection she had with DrewFast forward through story and she found herself pregnant but wasn't sure who the father was Then story happens and she wakes up suddenly from a months long coma due to that car accident and found that her high school boyfriend had been in the same hospital this whole time Only he was in a coma he'd never wake up from dying from a brain tumor Their whole time together had been a dreamThrough this relationship with her high school boyfriend she was able to figure her life out even though their time together happened in her mind while they were both lying in the hospital for that timeShe ended up back with the husband they repaired their marriage Ryan really was a good guy and he really loved her He wasn't a douche he just made a big mistake and I did forgive him which is a BIG deal for me because cheating is one of my hard limits And while she was was the hospital he was by her side at her bed every day He knew just how badly he'd messed up and I believed his apologySo this wasn't really a triangle because there never WAS a current day romance with the high school boyfriend but her dream time with him helped her hea

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SUMMARY Ì Gravity By L.D. Cedergreen ê [Read] ➪ Gravity ➲ L.D. Cedergreen – After years of trying unsuccessfully to conceive a child Gemma Walsh finds her husband in bed with another woman Unable to face his betrayal she retreats to Priest Lake where her family owns a small c After years of trying unsuccessf Of Gemma’s life but tragedy and misunderstanding shattered their bond separating them Now twenty years later Gemma uestions the coincidence of their newly intersected paths as she struggles to resist the sparks that ignite between themJust when Gemma feels that she has found her second chance at happiness she is faced with a shockin. I had this book on my kindle for a long time and I have no idea why I haven't read it earlier I was missing out on a wonderful story LD Cedergreen is a wonderful writer and I will certainly read of her works I HIGHLY recommend this book

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Gravity By L.D. CedergreG truth as her reality spirals out of control She can’t deny the powerful force that brought Andrew back into her life any than she can defy the same force that now threatens to pull them apart An emotionally charged heart rending story that will leave you to uestion the freedom in truth and the existence of fate in its deepest sense. 35 StarsI thought I’d give this a shot what with such intriguing blurb and all the beautiful reviews And it started off to a really good start Gemma and her husband Ryan tried unsuccessfully to conceive a child and because of the pressure they slowly drifted apart Then one morning Gemma had to go back home to get a file she mistakenly left behind when she finds her husband on their bed with another woman Unable to face her husband and his betrayal she went and stayed with her mother who later on suggested she takes a retreat to Priest Lake where her family owns a small cabin And this is where her story begins I uestioned some circumstances in the story which leads me to thinking that there was something off Well either there was something off or there’s something wrong with the story But moving forward I definitely did not expect the hidden twist Totally took me by surprise That said before it got to that twist I was uestioning Gemma’s actions It is so hard to review this book without giving away spoiler So I’ll just say in the middle of the book Gemma’s action failed me Here you’ll also meet Andrew or Drew for short He is Gemma’s childhood friend her best friend and could have been Something happened in the past that drove them apart making Andrew hurt and angry leaving Gemma heartbroken and broken Through Gemma I got a glimpse of their growing up years about how Gemma and Drew became friends and fell in love it made me understand the bond that they have together So when that thing that broke them apart was revealed I can’t help but felt sorry for both of them But that still did not make me wish Gemma to just up and go have an affair with Drew in the middle of reconciling their lost friendshipI also got a peek of how Gemma and Ryan got togetherTheir story was perfect or they were perfect together that is until the pressure of getting pregnant got to them and Ryan betrayed her When the story reached that turning point well that did took me by surprise But sure gave me a lot of confusion at first then doubt I’m basically screaming “What the hell” And I mean surprised in a way a good book do I liked the set up of the story and this is definitely well written but emotionally I wasn’t as gutted as I wished to be But I did feel bad for how things turned out view spoilerIt might just be cause I wasn’t falling for the Drew and Gemma SORT OF affair Now now emphasis on the sort of” ; hide spoiler