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High Desert Kate Delafield #9 review × E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ ❰BOOKS❯ ✪ High Desert Kate Delafield #9 Author Katherine V. Forrest – Gwairsoft.co.uk In this long awaited new installment of the legendary Kate Delafield mystery series Kate is forced to confront her most formidable opponent K to the self Kate once wasEven as she deals with a shocking and inexplicable homicide Kate simultaneously pursues a trail of evidence toward Cameron that leads her into the high desert Here in the high desert she will find challenges to the truth of everything she ever believed in as a principled police officer Here in the high desert she must decide what it is she still believes about her past her present her future. It feels so good to read a new book from Katherine Forrest even though this was written in 2013 and takes place in 2008 However one thing that has always bugged the hell out of me is how over the top she is when it comes to being LGBT politically correct For instance she's jumped on the tranny bandwagon by including a niece of Kate's who's in the process of transitioning to male Also one of the missing characters at the very beginning of the book is a gay man and Kate murmurs to herself hello gay brother when she sees his photograph Oh for christ's sakes if that isn't ridiculous No one would ever say that especially not a lesbian It's like Forrest wants to make sure she covers every base in the LGBT playing field She's not uite as generous when it comes to heterosexual men though Kate's ex partner Ed Taylor for instance She used to write him to be just as stereotypically loathful as a man can be Fortunately she doesn't do that with the men in this book with the slight exception of Jean's boyfriend Brandon Also her alcoholism is pretty annoying although I'm sure it's nowhere near as annoying on the pages of a book as it is in real life And Kate's insistence on being the strong silent manly type is almost cartoonish Otherwise this was a pretty decent book Ms Forrest is pushing 80 so I wonder if this will be the last in the Delafield series or if she has one or two left in her I really hate to see it end

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In this long awaited new installment of the Kate Delafield ePUB #180 legendary Kate Delafield mystery series Kate is forced to confront her most formidable opponent herselfFive months into mandated retirement from LAPD her long term on again off again relationship with Aimee Grant off again hopelessly dependent on the only substance that can drown her pain over Aimee and the High Desert PDF illness of her best friend. I am not even uite done with this book but I love it I am SOOOO glad Katherine Forrest wrote another Kate I seriously have a crush on this fictional character It's not very rational but I so completely relate to her This book is a lot about how Kate confronts her inner demons and I am so happy that these ends are being addressed and tied up Don't want to write any spoilers but I'm secretly hoping there will be yet another one because one thing needs to be resolved to my satisfaction I love this series because it illustrates so much about lesbian life and culture and that makes it very real The book is suspenseful romantic and emotionally stirring It made me cry and that always makes a book a good one for me

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High Desert Kate Delafield #9Lost without her police career beset by terrifying dreams Kate Delafield is in a world of troubleInto this world walks Captain Carolina Walcott of the LAPD with a reuest that Kate uietly and secretly try to locate Kate’s former police partner Joe Cameron who has vanished She also offers Kate a business card the Desert Kate Delafield Epub #218 name on it a woman from Kate’s past who may be able offer a lifeline bac. Ever wonder why I give so few 5 star ratings It is because of books like High Desert which raise the bar on excellence in writing This isn’t Forrest’s first excellent mystery by any means In fact most of the books in the Kate Delafield series are better than any lesbian mystery by any other author in any other series Kate Delafield herself is a true literary icon referenced in dozens of other booksWhat sets Forrest’s books apart is not her stylistic brilliance or her clever conversations—she generally eschews both—but her realistic portrayal of real people in tense but never ridiculous situations And she always has an agenda that leads to a hidden literary essay on an important subject In High Desert she has two friendship and caregivingBriefly Kate has been retired from the LAPD for several months and the separation from the job she has done for so many years is causing her drinking problems to increase She has no idea what she is to do with the rest of her life Her domestic partner of many years Aimee Grant has left her And to make things worse her best friend Maggie Schaeffer who previously owned the Nightwood Bar is in hospice with terminal cancer So when she learns that Joe Cameron her ex partner on the force and another good friend is missing she is determined to find him The reader gets the feeling that she is doing it not only to help a friend but to save her sanity This is not as much of a detective story as most of the other books although Kate does use her considerable ability to find Joe at last And writers take note—although she gets herself in a dangerous situation at the end she doesn’t stumble into it unaware or make a blindly stupid decision She walks into it fully armed fully prepared and fully cognizant of the danger to help a friend that badly needs itAnd as I mentioned earlier friendship is a key motif in High Desert It drives her relationship with Maggie and prods her to help protect Joe But her foray into helping Joe is not a solution for her malaise; it is just a temporary reprieve In the end Kate’s worry about what she will do now that she has come to the end of her career pales into insignificance beside those who have come to the end of their lives Friendship then if it lasts long enough may evolve into caregiving and it is the juxtaposition of these two ideas that fuels the bookSo yes this book is heads and shoulders above the run of the mill lesbian mystery or “romantic suspense” novel Does that mean that 3 star authors should blame Forrest for their comparatively low ratings Not at all They should blame themselves for their penchant for clichéd relationships and easy characterizations for unbelievable plotlines and mangled points of view For not reading—and studying—authors like Katherine V Forrest Note I read what appears to be the first printing of the Spinster's Ink edition of this bookAnother Note This review is included in my book The Art of the Lesbian Mystery Novel along with information on over 930 other lesbian mysteries by over 310 authors