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mobi Ç doc His Secret Alaskan Heiress Alaskan Grooms #5 9780373622986 õ Belle Calhoune õ ➼ [Reading] ➾ His Secret Alaskan Heiress Alaskan Grooms #5 By Belle Calhoune ➱ – Small Town SecretsFor heiress Sophie Mattson moving to remote Love AlasT's handsome newcomer and cook Noah Catalano who inspires dreams of home and family Sophie fears her ruse may drive a wedge between thembut she doesn't know the real reason Noah is in Alaska Hired b Sophie Mattson moves to Love Alaska to escape marriage to John Sussex her dad’s chief assistant at the coffee company her dad owns She gave up her credit cards penthouse apartment and money to get away from her now ex fiancé She grew up as an only child of divorced parentsNoah Catalano is a private investigator hired by Sophie’s ex fiancé He is sent to spy on her and report back to John Sussex The money he makes from this job will help him save his company Catalano Security and pay his employeesNoah takes a job as a cook at the restaurant Moose Café where Sophie works in Love Alaska Sophie is not turning out to be the person her ex fiancé has portrayed her to beOn the contrary she is way nicer There is a program going on called “Operation Love” which is a matchmaking program for bachelors from Love Alaska with women from all over the USA This program is what enticed Sophie to this small Alaskan town A lot of love connections have been made since the town’s mayor Jasper Prescott started the programBoth Noah and Sophie are deceivers The townspeople do not know that Sophie is actually secret heiress escaping her ex fiance and nobody knows that Noah is actually a private investigator That is where each of their battles begins The lies they have told people are bothering both of them tremendously since they are becoming uite close to the people of Love Alaska and each otherWhat happens to Noah and Sophie when they find out the truth about each other? Do their friends forgive them? Does Sophie find a true love connection to spend the rest of her life with? There are a few uirky and fun characters in this close knit community that all begins with a love connectionGet this “Love Inspired” book and find outI received an advance copy from the author Belle Calhoune This is my honest opinion

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Y Sophie's ex fianc to keep tabs on her undercover private investigator Noah is falling for his assignment Is it too late to overcome this double deception or can Love make a believer of them bot His Secret Alaskan Heiress by Belle Calhoune a Alaskan Grooms series Sophie Mattson's father is very very rich He wants her to marry a family friend Sophie doesn't have feelings for the man The man has lied and only want to marry Sophie for her money she will inherit Sophie's father believed the man loved Sophie and wanted the marriage to happen Sophie takes off to a small town called Love Alaska She has been working as a waitress for over a year and has fallen in love with the town and it's people The ex boyfriend hires Noah Catalano to spy on Sophie in Love Alaska Noah is a PI Noah ends up falling for Sophie but has a hard time telling Sophie who she really is and Sophie has her own little secret of who she really is A romance book with a few twist and turns

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His Secret Alaskan Heiress Alaskan Grooms #5Small Town SecretsFor heiress Sophie Mattson moving to remote Love Alaska offers her a chance to find people who care about her not her wealth The townsfolk uickly take Sophie under their wing but i I love this series and get such a kick out of meeting up with the uirky townsfolk of Love Alaska every time I visit And it's fun to catch up with previous heroes and heroines too This is the fifth book in the Alaskan Grooms series but reads like a standalone The only carryover comes in the form of Grandpa Jasper's tumultuous romance which has been brewing over the course of the series But it's easy to pick up on all the JasperHazel nuances even if you haven't read the first four booksSophie and Noah both harbor really big secrets and that had me suirming the deeper I got into the book I mean Noah is literally spying on her while he's falling in love Does it get any angsty then that? I kept telling him to just come clean that the money wasn't worth it but did he listen to me? Even when he began to suspect something fishy was going on? No he did not He completely and totally ignored me HumphSophie has her reasons for keeping mum about her past but it's high time she comes clean and trusts her friends in Love and herself with a future of her own making And if that should include Noah all the better even if he is a lying cad Well not really he's conflicted and has a hard time coming to grips with what he's doing But when he finally clues into the why it's almost too late Love those crackling undercurrents even if my tummy was in knots the whole readA romantical blend of angst humour and faith