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Holly Hotel a Mystery Download ✓ 104 ´ [Download] ✤ Holly Hotel a Mystery Author Elisabeth Kyle – Gwairsoft.co.uk There's an impoverished family in the big Holly House in the Scottish village of Whistleblow and they solve their financial problems by taking in first two desolate but well to do English children who There's an imTo do English children who needed mothering and two strange men who brought mystery with them The valuable Mungo Blythe letter became the object of intensive search Holly Ho. This is a cute book about plucky children tackling adversity in this case the daughter of an impoverished widow in Scotland Her scheme to turn their big house inot a hotel by marketing its drawbacks flaunting its deficiencies pays off with surprising results

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Tel PDFEPUBwith the children as partners Plenty of action good atmosphere some picturesue characters and nice details of village life with an exciting side excursion to Glasg. Sweet with one moment of real suspense what happened to Jane in Glasgow had to go to the dentist with that uestion unanswered and worried about it all through the cleaning

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Holly Hotel a MysteryThere's an impoverished family in the big Holly House in the Scottish village of Whistleblow and they solve their financial problems by taking in first two desolate but well. Holly House in the wilds of Scotland is facing a financial crisis So its youngest tenant Molly gets a clever idea Why not advertise it as a hotel so other people can contribute to its upkeep Unbeknownst to her mother and housekeeper she distributes some flyers in the nearby town and attracts some guests who are unexpected in all ways I picked this book up at a library sale for an obvious reason So I was happily surprised when the book also turned out to be good This was my second reading of it and since I had forgotten the details it was just as enjoyable this time around This was published in the late 1940's and reads like “classic” children's literature Omniscient narration that flows and doesn't feel at all head hoppy with a pragmatic somewhat distant but also warm style I found it gripping and exciting with plenty of action and tense stakes that kept me rooting for all the characters even when they were at odds with each other They were all appealing Molly and the other local kids and the hotel guests Siblings Julian and Jane who need some fresh air and family life; and two grown men Mr Brown and Mungo Kerrigan who are both seeking the same long lost treasure Speaking of people named Mungo this book features a plot built around a fictitious hero of the American Revolutionary War a poetic Scotsman named Mungo Blythe If I'd read this when I was a kid I might have ended up with a bit of mixed up history in my head as a result The plot threads tied together delightfully and satisfactorily It’s the kind of children’s mystery with a number of convenient coincidences but it didn’t feel contorted or contrived It’s just about the perfect model of this kind of story The book also has charming illustrations I’m giving it 5 stars but with one caveat This book was perfect until about five pages from the end when the n word suddenly appears It’s not used maliciously or directed at anyone It’s just spoken absolutely casually in the context of the original original title of Then There Were None and was horribly jarring from a modern perspective If it had shown up earlier it might have soured the whole story for me But overall this was a very enjoyable read