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Hotshot Dark Ops #2Cool head at the controls But ever since they were teens Shay's had a way of jamming his radar Now she's scheduled to tell Congress about Cleveland's escalating gang activity and som Good book but nothing very exciting The gang plot just did not do it for me I found my eyes glazing over in several areas of the book I did enjoy the relationship between Vince and Shay though Definitely had some sizzle and I liked their snarky banter Would have enjoyed some info on Jimmy Chloe from the first book Defender all this book told us is that they were still together I've ordered the next book in the series Renegade so I'll definitely keep going with the series I just hope there is a little substance

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Major Vince Vapor DeLuca may have just accepted his most difficult recon mission ever keeping an eye on Shay Bassett As a pilot in the Air Force's top secret test unit Vince keeps a For a book that started out sort of slow and meandering this one really picked up the pace and had me hooked by the half way mark I think the initial problem I had with it wasn't in the characters but the plot about gangs and legislation involving gang violence I just wasn't all that hooked on the plot But once the relationship between the hero and heroine started to develop I got involvedShay Bassett's a reformed wild child now a responsible nurse volunteering her time at a youth center manning a suicide hot line in a gang infested part of Cleveland Shay understands and can relate to the neighborhood youth; she had a wild and troubled teenage past and problems with her military father who wasn't always there for her After a particularly painful incident that nearly cost her her life she slowly began to turn her life around Now she's getting ready to testify in a Congressional hearing about the escalating gang activity in Cleveland but it looks like someone wants to prevent that from happeningAir Force Major Vince Vapor Deluca hasn't seen Shay since one horrible night that changed their lives seventeen years ago Now his former mentor and Shay's father asks for his help keeping an eye on Shay The FBI has been monitoring the increased gang activity in Cleveland and their possible ties to terrorists and suspect Shay may somehow be involved While Vince hasn't been in touch with Shay since his own former gang member days he can't believe that she would be involved in terrorist activities Since he credits Shay's father Don with turning his life around he's happy to help And he wouldn't mind getting a look at the girl who almost got to him all those years agoTo make a long story short Shay and Vince meet up again find the fire and passion is still there after 17 years but this time they do something about it It doesn't take long before Shay is off the suspect list especially when she keeps having to dodge attempts on her life Vince vows to keep her safe and their forced close contact ignites something in both of them that's been on the back burner all these years He can't resist her long sexy legs; she can't get enough of his shaved head and intimidating muscular tatooed body Hot bedroom scenes ensue But Shay has some hangups about military men due to a rather tenuous relationship with her father Will she trust Vince enough to let him into her heart and reveal the painful secrets of her past that he knows nothing about?Like I said I wasn't too interested in the whole gang activity plot It was kind of ho hum for me And until the relationship between Shay and Vince started to heat up and get interesting I was just biding my time But then things started coming together with the plot and the relationships and I couldn't put it down I really admired Shay for turning her life around and making something of herself and wanting to help the teens of her hometown I thought her relationship with her father was rather interesting; she had doubts about his love for her because he wasn't always there for her emotionally or physically but he truly did care for her just wasn't effective communicating that to her Her father Don had his own rather hot romance with an alpha female FBI agent that at times upstaged the main romance of Shay and Vince Fifty six year old Don even had some hot bedroom moments himself I also loved and admired Vince's character Beneath his gruff and intimidating appearance was a kind heart and gentle soul he was really one good guy And Shay and Vince together really cooked Perfectly matched coupleThe book built to a very suspenseful if at times hard to believe conclusion involving a suicide bomber a kidnapping a birth a smuggling of illegal arms into the country and a wild ride in an experimental Air Force plane Great funAlthough there wasn't a whole lot of military action going on since Vince was on leave the author did manage to work in the other members of his suadron who assisted in some hi tech surveillance of gang members It was nice to get an update on Jimmy 'Hotwire' Gage and to anticipate the future stories yet to be told about the other guysIf your're a fan of hot military romance you'll probably enjoy this series While it wasn't uite as good for me as the first book in the series Defender it did hold my interest once it got going and got better and better as I kept reading A pretty solid if unspectacular effort 4 stars

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EPUB à MOBI Hotshot Dark Ops #2 î 9780425228333 FREE Ô GWAIRSOFT ß [PDF / Epub] ✍ Hotshot Dark Ops #2 ☁ Catherine Mann – Gwairsoft.co.uk Major Vince Vapor DeLuca may have just accepted his most difficult recon mission ever keeping an eye on Shay Bassett As a pilot in the Air FoEone out there is trying to cut her testimony short Living to tell the tale may depend on trusting the one man who burned her so badly years ago and still makes her feel warm all ove Really liked this I hadn't read any Catherine Mann before and it's sometimes hard to get into a new author but I didn't have that issue Shay is a nurse who runs a center for troubled youth She had issues herself as a teen and is no trying to give back Vince is part of a special group in the Air Force testing new surveillance gadgets and other top secret stuff As a teen he was part of a Civil Air Patrol group that Shay's dad ran and they had something of a relationship back then He is called in to help uncover a potential terrorist plot that seems to be related to congressional testimony that Shay is giving on gang activity among teens Shay has a troubled relationship with her dad and he's the one who calls Vince in so there is tension between them because of that alsoIt really bugs me when a high school relationship is portrayed as the be all end all of the heroine's love life so much so that 10 15 years on she's not past it Thankfully that's not really the case here There was much to what happened to Shay and Vince in high school than just a date gone bad The way her dad's perspective and his relationships with both her mom ex wife and new girlfriend was woven in really worked He wasn't just a cardboard bad dad but also the reasons why they don't get along aren't all laid at Shay's door The suspense plot worked for me despite it getting a bit muddled as to the goal and it was easy enough to figure out who the villain was Shay and Vince had a history so the insta attraction between them worked They have both changed since teen days and throughout the story they adapt to be together Loved that he realized was a strong partner and not someone he needed to fixprotect forever