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READ & DOWNLOAD È How Not to Die Alone ↠ ❴Read❵ ➲ How Not to Die Alone Author Richard Roper – A darkly funny and life affirming debut novel for readers of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine the story of one man who is offered a second chance at life and love when he develops an unexpected fri A darHe wall he's been safely hiding behind and their friendship promises to break it downAndrew must choose Does he tell the truth and start really living Not to Die ePUB #180 his life but risk losing his friendship with Peggy Or will he stay safe and alone behind the façade How Not to Die Alone is about the importance of taking a chance in those moments when we have the most to lose Sharp and funny warm and real it's the kind of big hearted story we all nee. Andrew works for the local council and has an unusual job of identifying if people who lived and died alone had a next of kin The irony of the situation is that Andrew himself is estranged from his family single and lives alone although due to a misunderstanding during the job interview his boss thinks that Andrew has a loving wife and two children When a new employee Penny joins the department an unusual friendship is born which changes the way Andrew views himself and other peopleWhile the subject of the book is not light at all the way the author deals with the topic is original thought provoking and yes life affirming I feel this is an important book in this day and age when loneliness has become so widespread for a variety of social reasonsI loved Richard Roper's writing style humour and unusual depth of the characters both main and secondary Definitely recommended Thank you to Edelweiss and Penguin Group Putnam for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion

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A darkly funny to Die Kindle #210 and life affirming debut novel for readers of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine the story of one man who is offered a second chance at life and love when he develops an unexpected friendship if he can expose the white lie he told years ago that grew into so much Andrew's day to day is a little grim searching for next of kin for those who die alone Thankfully he has a loving family waiting for him when he gets home to he. I started reading How Not to Die Alone on 582019 and finished it on 5102019 This story being particularly depressing but I have to admit that I enjoyed reading it It’s different I have never thought about those people who live alone and die alone before I’m aware of people who live through life that either don’t get married or don’t have children and outlived their spouses but I always thought they may have cousins or live in nursing homes with caretakers Andrew’s job is interesting though it’s one job I can never ever perform I like being educated about this area of death and it opens my eyes to know that any job is possible and death can go undiscovered for so long if one lead such a lonely lifeThis book is told in the third person point of view following Andrew 42 an employee at the Death Administration department of public health His job is to find families next of kin and to inspect the houses of those who dies alone to find assets to cover their own funeral costs Andrew’s co workers think that he has a lawyer wife and two kids when he actually comes home from work to an empty house A mistake made during an interview 5 years ago became a full blown lie Andrew is a loner who likes to play with model trains and his only best friends are three other model trains enthusiasts on the internet forum His childhood was particularly depressing where his dad died when he was 3 his mom became withdrawn his older sister bullied and abandoned him and finally a secret that left him withdrawn into himself No one had ever come close to being friends with Andrew until a new employee Peggy joined his department She shadow him and go with him to inspect houses and attend funerals They got along well and he even comes out of his shell for her doing something he normally wouldn’t do like drinking beer on Wednesday shopping for new clothes etcHow Not to Die Alone is very well written and offer a uniue topic to think about Andrew’s life is a bit depressing as well as the topic of the story He grows up inside a bubble of comfort where he doesn’t socialize and anything outside of his comfort zone scares him His childhood is a sad one and it explains why his adulthood is no better I feel so happy when he finally made a friend and he started to develop feelings than just his mundane days There were some suspense moments that I thought he would give in to being bullied by his brother in law The people he works with are something else I like Peggy and her humor I like the happy ending I highly recommend everyone to read this bookPro lonely deaths odd job comfort zones friendship cover humorCon noneI rate it 5 starsDisclaimer I won a copy this book via Goodreads giveaway Please be assured that my opinions are honestxoxoJasmine at wwwhowusefulitiswordpresscom for details

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How Not to Die AloneLp wash the day's cares away At least that's what How Not PDF his coworkers believeAndrew didn't mean for the misunderstanding to happen yet he's become trapped in his own white lie The fantasy of his wife and two kids has become a pleasant escape from his lonely one bedroom with only his Ella Fitzgerald records for company But when new employee Peggy breezes into his life like a breath of fresh air Andrew is shaken out of his routine She doesn't notice t. DNF 60% I really tried to get through this one but wow was it a slog I just couldn't do it any Onto the next one