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How to Do Nothing characters Ü 104 ó ❮Reading❯ ➶ How to Do Nothing Author Jenny Odell – This thrilling critiue of the forces vying for our attention re defines what we think of as productivity shows us a new way to connect with our environment and reveals all that we’ve been too distra This thrilling cThis thrilling critiue of the forces vying for our attention re defines what we think of as productivity shows us a new way How to Epubto connect with our environment and reveals all that we’ve been too distracted to. First I understand the negative reviews of this book The title is misleading as this is not at all a how to on unplugging or leaving social media for that maybe read Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism or Catherine Price’s How to Break Up With Your Phone Instead it’s a really well researched book on some abstract and sometimes seemingly esoteric concepts the self attention bioregionalism what it means to refuseresist in place and the effects of late stage capitalism on all of the aboveThere is really no how to in this book and I don’t think Odell’s work here can be even halfway summarized with buzzwords like “mindfulness” or “digital detox” or whatever The bulk of this book is about the things that we are unable to do when our attention is tied up in social media or the news cycle Yes at the most basic level social media and the news cycle take away our ability to reflect and think deeply about what’s actually happening underneath the status updates and headlines But beyond that it can erode our relationships with other people with time and with the environment around us What parts of our identities get lost when we boil all of our ideas down to 280 character tweets that offend no one When we think of people as brands and corporations as people how does that effect our ability to actually connect with others or even with ourselvesOdell first asks us to rethink the idea of “usefulness” and to really challenge this tendency to think of time and attention as commodities something we’ve mostly taken for granted in the gig economy She uses an example of an old growth redwood tree in Oakland that is useless for human consumption — ironically it is its “uselessness” that saves it from being cut down for timber making it the only tree of its generation to survive They even call it “Old Survivor”Yes there are parts of the book that were near inaccessible Many of her descriptions of art exhibits were difficult to grasp and her focus on bioregionalism was sometimes challenging to get through I imagine there are a lot of us who just don’t see ourselves giving up our phones for a life of birdwatching or going to symphonies where a pianist plays nothing for three movements But I thought of those parts as stretching my limits of understanding — this book was kind of a key to get me to try to pay attention to something different I did admittedly download the iNaturalist app after reading this bookWhat I appreciate about Odell’s approach is that she earnestly considers race and class in the how and why of resisting the attention economy When reading Digital Minimalism I found Newport had some stark blind spots — he says little of race and class and women were conspicuously absent from his book In contrast Odell’s references are wonderfully diverse; yes she references Thoreau a lot but she also draws wisdom from Audre Lorde labor movements and environmental justice among many other things She provides historical context to all this as an antidote to social media’s tendency to keep us forever anxious about the presentAlso while other books about the same topic tend to treat the hijacking of our attention and the tyranny of algorithms as foregone conclusions thereby making digital detoxing seem like a life or death situation Odell manages to avoid sensationalizing and instead invites us to another wayWhat had me screaming “YAS UEEN” at my Kindle was the stuff she had to say about the right to not express oneself I am a writer but in the past two years I rather counterintuitively deleted my Twitter and Facebook accounts my whole platform because I was so fcking tired of reading everyone’s hot takes and of the pressure of having to constantly post hot takes myself I wanted silence the time and space to actually think my own thoughts about a situation or event or thing I also really wanted to consider the uestion of what makes an opinion worth expressing and why I truly thought I stood alone on this that maybe I was just bitter because I haven’t been able to uit my day job for “a job in social media that I’m passionate about” that seemingly everyone on Twitter has It was comforting and refreshing to know that someone out there felt the same way and was able to articulate those feelings much better than I ever could

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Thing Here Jenny Odell sends up a flare from the heart of Silicon Valley delivering an action plan to resist capitalist narratives of productivity and techno determinism and to become meaningfully connected in the proce. A thoughtful steadying book about the importance of doing nothing in a capitalist culture that always encourages productivity Instead of providing hard and fast strategies to disengage from work and social media Jenny Odell offers of a smart flowing reflection on the importance of separating ourselves from feeling like we have to work feeling like we have to broadcast our lives on social media 247 She makes lots of astute observations about the monetization of time and the value of our attention as well as the privilege that comes with the capacity to disconnect from our jobs and from forums like Facebook She channels her energy into bioregionalism and encourages us to attune ourselves to our direct physical environments Reading this book felt like going on a serene walk with a smart yet unpretentious friend Odell’s ideas while calmly expressed carry great implications for redirecting our focus into our relationships and our environment instead of performing busyness and subsuming our identities in our productivity At times I wanted just a bit oomph like a directive stance on how we can actually fuel a shift to often do nothing either on the individual level or the societal level Yet Odell does provide small yet significant examples of that both through what she shares of her own life and the artists she alludes to

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How to Do NothingSee about our selves and our worldWhen the technologies we use every day collapse our experiences into availability platforms for personal branding and products to be monetized nothing can be uite so radical as doing no. Collective self help for middle class leftist intelligentsia Has the feeling of taking a leisurely stroll with your loony hippie friend who is at once an overeducated ecosocialist and a crackpot Zen mind hacker You have no idea why she loves birdwatching so much to her it's a proto spiritual experience to you it seems superficially like playing Pokémon Go nor can you figure out how she affords to live on the Oakland Piedmont border without a full time job The slick meta takeaway is that the very act of reading this book is an exercise in the kind of deliberate anti productivity that Odell is urging Can't decide if this is 2 or 4 stars so I'll give it a 3