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Download Ida B Wells Book ✓ ✓ Diane bailey ☆ ❰BOOKS❯ ✬ Ida B Wells Author Diane Bailey – Jeter Publishing presents a brand new series that celebrates men and women who altered the course of history but may not be as well known as their counterparts Ida B Wells was an AfricaJeter Publishing presents a brand new series that celebrates men and women who altered the course of history but may not be as well known as their counterparts Ida B Wells was an African American journalist and activist who led an anti lynching crusade in the United States in the 1890sOn one fateful train ride from Memphis to Nashville in May 1884 Wells reached a personal turning point Having bought a first class train ticket she was I never learned about Ida B Wells in school so this was a very informative read for me It was written very simply so it would be easily understood by young readers I also love there is a glossary for words they may not already know I highly recommend this for young readers and people that have never heard of Ida B Wells what an inspirationThank you NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

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A number of her articles were published in black newspapers and periodicals Wells eventually became an owner of the Memphis Free Speech and Headlight and later of the Free SpeechShe even took on the subject of lynching and in 1898 Wells brought her anti lynching campaign to the White House leading a protest in Washington DC and calling for President William McKinley to make reformsIda B Wells never backed down in the fight for justice I picked this book up in the New collections because I realized I really didn't know too much if anything about Ida B Wells Sometimes I enjoy grabbing a youth non fiction book because it jumps right to the critical parts of the information and this did not disappoint Ida B Wells served such a critical role in social changes for Blacks in the late 1800 and early 1900's In particular she often wrote she was a journalist about the injustice the black community dealt with and the punishment of lynching they often were given Particularly after a beloved merchant suffered this fate I would offer this book up for anyone wanting to read about social justice for Blacks powerful women and the history of Chicago as she settled down here and Chicago named an honorary street after her

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Ida B WellsOutraged when the train crew ordered her to move to the car for African Americans She refused and was forcibly removed from the train but not before she bit one of the men on the hand Wells sued the railroad winning a 500 settlement However the decision was later overturned by the Tennessee Supreme CourtThis injustice led Ida B Wells to pick up a pen to write about issues of race and politics in the South Using the moniker “Iola” The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon themIda B Wells by Diane Bailey is the first book of the Discovering History's Heroes series that I have read so far and I am a big fan If you want your children or you yourself to learn about the history of African Americans this is the book for that If you want to show your girls that with perseverance they can do big things in the world this is the book for that Instead of just a uick overview of her life there was a lot of detail in this book that really brings it to life Wells was a real hero and this book truly showcased that I also liked the glossary in the back that explained some of the words that not every child may know yet