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Review Ü If I Never See You Again Jo Birmingham #1 Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¹ ➬ [Ebook] ➧ If I Never See You Again Jo Birmingham #1 By Niamh OConnor ➸ – The DetectiveMeet Jo Birmingham Single mum streetwise detective aLance has run her raggedThe I Never See You Again eBook #227 Serial KillerWhen Jo identifies the missing link in a chain of brutal killings she comes under fierce scrutiny from her male colleagues in the force especially her boss and ex husband Dan Mason But as the body count rises so do the body parts As fear stalks the city it soon bec. An average thriller on the whole not a bad read but nothing here to set the characters or story out from the crowd While the main character Jo is likeable enough I found the relationship between her her ex husband irritating Jo's ex is also her boss uses this to try undermine her authority basically treat her like dirt at work no surprise there not an original concept by any means but what made it less than credible for me was the fact that in their personal lives they would appear to be wanting to be back together for me these two points didn't marry up pun intended The storyline itself is okay but the leaps that Jo seems to make in solving things ie; working out the next victim seem to involve luck than logic I'll probably read in the series if I come across them but won't be searching them out

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The DetectiveMeet Jo Birmingham Single Never See Kindle #216 mum streetwise detective and spiky as hell Recently promoted she is one If I Epubof the few female detective superintendents on the Dublin police force But with a failed marriage behind her I Never See Epub #219 and two young sons at home trying to strike the right work life ba. No 1 Jo Birmingham mysteryJo Birmingham is a police detective in Dublin She's also a mother and separated from her husband who also happens to be her superior in workWhen Jo finds the body of a horrifically murdered prostitute it doesn't take her long to link it to other recent murders What she discovers is not pretty It appears they're looking for someone with a religious obsession someone acting out an eye for or an eye a tooth for a toothWith the body count rising the investigation appears to be moving forward once Jo and her colleagues discover what the link between the victims is But with things less straight forward than they appear Jo will find herself in real danger before this case can be concludedI am a big fan of good mysteries and as such was not disappointed in this book It is a bonus that the story is set in Dublin a place I know wellJo Birmingham makes a good main character She is a tough and intuitive detective who knows her own mind and doesn't allow anybody to mess with her She is also a devoted mother and still in turmoil over the separation from her husband This makes her a real and well rounded character especially since she may be good at what she does but is far from perfectThe mystery was very well plotted with enough red herrings to keep me guessing until the very end I thought I had the solution very early on in the book and when Jo came to the same conclusion a good bit later on I felt a bit let down But we were both wrong and that's all I say about thatMy one ualm about this book is that the murderer was virtually impossible to guess for the reader because the clues just weren't there It made for a surprise ending thoughThis book also strikes the right balance between the mystery and the personal story line One never got in the way of the other and both were portrait realisticallyAnother thing I really appreciated is the case O'Connor makes for Separate Legal Representation a system which if adopted would allow victims of violent crime to have their own representation in court Someone to give them a personal voice rather than just the voice of the prosecutor who after all speaks for the state and not for the victims O'Connor makes this case both in the story and in a note at the end of the book and I fully agree with herAll in all this was a great read and a one day book for me I'm very glad that my library has the second book Taken on order and that I will be get to get my hands on it soon My rating for this book is a very solid 45 stars

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If I Never See You Again Jo Birmingham #1Omes obvious both to the police and to the media that a serial killer is at largeA Terrifying Game of Cat and MouseAnd so Jo embarks on a terrifying psychological journey to find out who the killer is and how he is choosing his victims Soon she is involved in a deadly game in which there are no rules Because the killer is waiting for her. Jo Birmingham’s life is far from easy She has recently split up from her long term husband has two kids to look after including a two year old works long hours for the Dublin police and is in charge of a murder investigation that others would love to have Oh and did I mention that her ex husband is also her boss and now living with his secretary If it all sounds too much just wait till you read the book A serial killer is on the loose and Birmingham needs to uickly find out the link between all the victimsIf I Never See You Again is a good read Birmingham’s character is interesting and real We spend time getting to know her at the beginning of the book and the novel is the better for it The story has got a real feel People have real lives and you don’t close the book thinking “Yeah right” even if I find the serial killer’s motives a bit flimsy I thought the ending was also a bit too easy too but the build up is good If I Never See You Again is not scary like other crime novels can be and there is no gratuitous gore It focusses on catching the killer and on the relationships between the characters I enjoyed reading it Three stars