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I insinuano nella vita uotidiana in un crescendo felpato e inuietante Uno straordinario The Black MOBI #234 rac. This depicts a man who has completely lost himself to his illness He was once happy He was once sane He had a loving wife and a warm home full of pets But his illness took over; it sent him into fits of blind rage in which he abused that which he professed to love; he neglected his animals and beat his wife However for a time he left his favourite amongst them in peace He left his beloved black cat alone Well until one day where he was sent over the edge and decided to stab the poor creature’s eye out What a bastard “The fury of a demon instantly possessed me I knew myself no longer My original soul seemed at once to take its flight from my body; and a than fiendish malevolence gin nurtured thrilled every fibre of my frame” Because of this I have absolutely no sympathy for the narrator of this tale; he is a terrible man His illness is his alcoholism or so he says So he causes it himself; he knows the rage that drink brings him yet he persists in its consumption It seems like a convenient excuse for a deranged man to me He further defends himself by saying he is perverse and that he simply commits cruelty because he knows that he shouldn’t This to me is just stupidity I’m not sure when these scapegoat like ideas manifested itself within the narrator because he clearly wasn’t always this way I suppose you could argue that the alcohol ruined him and destroyed his mind but again that seems like an excuse So I can’t fully agree with that idea He claims to have loved the cat and his actions suggest that he did so beyond his wife Yet he immediately tries to replace the cat after he hangs it Surely such an animal would be irreplaceable to him regardless of whether or not he killed it Surely no other cat would be the same Unless the alcohol destroyed his love and turned him to bitterness It's all rather ironic “I was especially fond of animals and was indulged by my parents with a great variety of pets With these I spent most of my time and never was so happy as when feeding and caressing themThis peculiarity of character grew with my growth I derived from it one of my principal sources of pleasure” The new cat doesn’t like him much and I can’t say that I blame it The narrator is incredibly repulsive and disgustingly grotesue He begins to return the cat’s dislike with hatred which turns to anger which turns to an unbridled passion to destroy it What a bastard Humorously he even tries to blame the cat when the problem clearly resides within his own head His mind has been tainted whether by alcoholism madness or some other dark force I cannot fully say But one thing’s for sure he isn’t normal He has somehow convinced himself that the cat harbours the soul of a witch This has been emphasised to his mind by its lack of an eye He thinks it sees straight through him and sees his dark soul; thus it too must be killed This story was incredibly uncomfortable to read even by Poe’s standards Animal cruelty is a terrible thing and I must admit that some of the description made me somewhat angry Don’t get me wrong I do like this story; it is incredibly twisted dark and generally speaking uite fucked up The narrator is an evilly insane man which Poe captured perfectly It’s just that I’m a cat lover so it made me a little sad But overall it is a marvel of writing To evoke such a malevolent vile malicious piece of degenerate filth is a true accomplishment even if it’s horrible to read about I'm glad the cat got the last laugh

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The Black CatConto horror in bilico tra istinto e ragione che è allo stesso tempo l'omaggio di un grande scrittore al gatto. I like Edger Allan Poe's stories very much They are so deep and give very horrifying feelings to me I liked this story too While reading I was feeling that I had experienced something like this before But I couldn't know from where It turned out The Tell tale Heart was similar to this one That's whyI highly recommend this story to everyone

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The Black Cat review ¾ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï ❴KINDLE❵ ❄ The Black Cat Author Edgar Allan Poe – Vittima e testimone tentatore e giudice è il gatto che si aggira in uesto racconto dove la paura e la follia si insinuano nella vita uotidiana in un crescendo felpato e inuietante Uno straordinVittima e testimone tentatore e giudice è il gatto che si aggira in uesto racconto dove la paura e la follia s. Poe's short stories are so similar to each otherSometimes I wonder why I like reading them so muchHe was a genius