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Download Justine ou Les Malheurs de la vertu Book ¼ 303 pages ✓ Gwairsoft ´ [Reading] ➿ Justine ou Les Malheurs de la vertu Author Marquis de Sade – Franču rakstnieka marķīza de Sada idejas par mīlestību un seksu šokēja tā laika sabiedrību Autora darbi vācija kas nepretendē uz plašu lasītāju masu interesi un var tikt novērtēti piedauzī As Will Self puts it succinctly here paraphrased “I believe that humans are innately evil It’s called egoism When egoism hypertrophies when it grows and grows like a cancer then that person becomes a full blown evil person” Enter the uncompromising realm of the Maruis and the seuence of cartoon abuses heaped upon the virginal anti?heroine for over 250pp translated if Paul Bryant is to be believed by the former disgraced songwriter of the Mamas and the Papas who also wrote a monograph on the Maruis note this is a different John Phillips and the ludicrous belief that humans should cultivate their innate evil and flout laws and conventions because God does not love you and the light at the end of the tunnel is the light of an oncoming train and so on yaketynoway Phillips’s introduction for this book’s status as a blistering satire on the hypocrisy of institutions and the absolute corruption of absolute power is a convincing one and since the tortures mount in their ludicrousness one can read this as a parodic period piece and save one’s blushes

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Franču rakstnieka marķīza de Sada idejas par mīlestību un seksu šokēja tā laika sab Great book but i really don't care for translations Let's see something I took from this bookBelieve in God and a bunch of people are going to rape you take advantage of you tie you to a tree and let the dogs get you while your sister becomes a whore and marries a rich guy and gets all the wonders in the world while everyone who's fucked you over got rich and became successfulBut hey at least you go to heaven in the end

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Justine ou Les Malheurs de la vertuIedrību Autora darbi vēl līdz pat mūsu dienām vairāk zināmi kā viņa ideju manifest It is precisely the Misfortunes of Virtue which Sade illuminates in Justine Virtue personified in Justine is perpetually confronted by misfortune and subdued by an omnipresent force which as expected from the Maruis drips animalistic eroticism Justine is inarguably a novel on depravity but beyond its blatant decadent literature Justine is also to be seen and appreciated as a historical document a passionate chronicle and assessment of a culture not governed by law but through the despotic monarchy of King Louis XVI It is essentially a work of political philosophy and a critiue of Revolutionary FranceDespite its ardent imagery the novel expands beyond the prurient joyride evident in its erotic style That is to say Justine is a candid rebuttal of Rousseau’s views of the noble savage and the social contract The Maruis expounds man's unfettered indulgence as being fueled by momentary impulse and pleasure blind to conseuence or affliction to others In the Sadean demimonde characters and people were placed in either a position to impose their desires or as the objects upon which the desires of others were imposed upon occasionally a character enjoys the magnificence of the two The Maruis’s savage is not noble in any perceivable sense but rather merely a bundle of lustful appetites sulking underneath the patina of civilization anticipating the occasion to be satiated Sade not only boldly decorated the macabre side of humanity but he also glorified it and gave it a name—libertinism He did so by drafting the most luxurious nauseating and magnetizing piece of writing since Ovid’s Erotic Poems Justine is arguably the most extraordinary novel of the Maruis; the horrors narrated evoke a plethora of emotions in the reader—one minute inducing uninhibited sexual arousal shortly after the arousal gives way to anguish anguish to desperation desperation into repudiation until repudiation finally precipitates into cholera It’s grotesue inhumane fascinating and extraordinarily compelling Admittedly I was simultaneously horrified and strangely captivated by Justine