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Keeper of the Light Wicked River #1Ried and the laws of their kind prevent them from claiming herWhen Ryah’s husband publically attacks her and Damon rushes to her rescue she knows it’s time to accept his offer of help Discovering the men she loves are vampirelycan hybrids is unexpected but not as surprising as learning hello let me tell you the emergency kit for this book the kit includes tissues dry panties ice cream a stress ball and sometimes on rare occasions pillow to scream intook this book starts off with our lady of the hour ryah you find she's being abused by her husband first verbally then physically when he looses his job during a rodeo tatum and damon run into her and knows she's their mate but the rules of a gavolot wont let them claim her while she's claimed by another ryah knows tate and damon are a couple she can see it with the small touches and looks they give each other and knows she has to keep her love a secretin this book you follow as tate and damon try to show her that she's to them than a friend that she deserves than her husband can give and find a way to claim her and make her theirsthere is mm touching and loving fondling and groping kisses and licks and trust me when i say you will need a new set of panties i loved how the author made the characters come to life i felt like cheering and crying with them she made the whole story with it in my mind and i will suggest this book to anyone who likes a good prn enjoy

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Ménage Amour Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance MMF with MM shape shifters vampiresMated for over a decade Damon and Tate have searched long and hard for their zeta When they meet Ryah at the county rodeo they know instantly she’s their missing mate Unfortunately she’s also mar KEEPER OF THE LIGHT is the first book in Gabrielle Evans' new Wicked River series Like a high speed roller coaster ride you have the click click click slow start then she slams the reader into free fall with her action packed tale of these hybrid creatures and their struggle to find love And just like all good thrill rideswatch out for the blind drop Ms Evans' Gavolot hybrids are uniue in their blending of lycan vampire and demon They initially present the reader with some challenge in understanding but eventually their natures are revealed and clarified Damon and Tate are mates and completely devoted to each other but they both know something is missingtheir zeta the third person that will make their unity complete They know who their zeta is but can't claim her because she is married to another and pack law forbids interference So the two eat dinner every night at the diner that Ryah works at just to be near her and watch over her Ryah never stood a chance Suffering through childhood with a mother who was a drug addict and abusive she marries a man who is a drunk and abusive Ryah cherishes the friendship that she has with Damon and Tate Even though she wants out her husband has threatened to hurt anyone she cares for if she tries to leave him so to keep the two men safe she stays and survives the beatings he dishes out When Carson shows up at the diner and starts to beat Ryah in front of everyone Damon shows up and stops him and they finally convince her to leave himWith the love and support of the two men in her life Ryah starts to find her courage and belief in herself when a shocking discovery puts everything on the line Bur Ryah is stronger than she thinks and this time she has something worth fighting back forWhile this book for me started out slow and the abuse that Ryah suffers at the hands of her husband is difficult to read the story that grows from there is so worth sticking it out I appreciated the strong female character that came from the broken girl you first meet The relationship between the three is incredibly hot and the sex is inventive at times I liked the fact the roles for the three seem to change throughout the book so we get to see each of their strengths If you are looking for a story with a different twist in the lycan world then I think you will enjoy the world that Ms Evans is creating I found this story uniue and sad and funny and sexy and I look forward to the next book in this seriesThis review originally written for The Romance Review

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FREE PDF ´ BOOK Keeper of the Light Wicked River #1 ¾ [BOOKS] ⚣ Keeper of the Light Wicked River #1 Author Gabrielle Evans – Ménage Amour Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance MMF with MM shape shifters vampiresMated for over a decade Damon and Tate have searched long and hard for their zeta When She is a lycan herself and born to a destiny she never could have imaginedThings are further complicated when Ryah’s marriage is revealed to be a sham That doesn’t mean her husband is going to let her go without a fight though And a lot rests on her safety than just happily ever after I won’t lie – I’m a big fan of Gabrielle Evan’s books – so it should come as no surprise that I really like the beginning to her latest series Wicked River I tend to be one of those readers who gravitate towards an author for their writing style and then read everything they write Sometimes I like them for different reasons and depending on my mood but there is inevitably something in their writing that holds true regardless of how their plot or characters may vary So I found myself picking up the first book in Evan’s new series and reading it front beginning to end in a day I enjoy her uniue blending of romance intrigue and humor into a light story that I don’t want to put down Her newest book Keeper of the Light is the first book in the Wicked River series which incorporates several types of paranormal beingsFull review posted at April 21 2011