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A vida sossegada de Max McDaniels está prestes a nunca mais voltar a ser como antes Durante u. Reading the first few chapters I found myself comparing this book to Harry Potter As one of the most avid reader of HP I have to say that I was a little disappointed But when I got past reading chapter 4 I found myself falling in love with this book There's a significant difference between this book and HP The main plot unlike HP this book does not exactly use magic per say it's based on the real stuff like science fiction and folklore I was also amazed by the author's imagination I loved how he imposed charges into this book and the how he uses tapestry as a means of both good and evil The only frustration I felt reading this book was that the author seemed to cut the chapters uite abruptly and move on the the next from time to time I wished very much for him to explain deeply about some of the incidents But overall this book is awesome I just pick up the second book and can't wait to start it I guess for the HP fans it is important not to be bias and just sunk into it The book itself will do the rest of the work for you

SUMMARY The Hound of Rowan

The Hound of RowanMa visita com o pai ao Instituto de Arte de Chicago uma velha tapeçaria celta ganha vida à s. I was originally going to go 4 stars on this book but on reflection I decided I had to go 5 We'll call it a borderline 5 I try to give few 5 star ratings as any book I give a 5 needs to be exceptional or the rating fails to mean muchI went there in this case as I think it will remain a reread book for me if I ever have time to do a reread I have less time to reread books now as there seem to be so many I haven't read yetgo figureSo what do we have here Why did I come to the decision that it should cross over into the 5 star rangeFirst it's just well written I've mentioned before that most plots characters and so on that can occur in stories have at some time That's true here I occasionally go on a YA reading stint I have lately and most have hit me as mediocre Many of the teen books I read tend to bleed over into YAPNR Young Adult ParaNormal Romance This one didn't do any of those Of course the youths in it are around 12 and 13 I assume we'll see interpersonal relationships as the series goes on As I said it's a well written book and draws in the reader Where I often find these books fading in and out as I started this one I got to know the characters and liked many of them So first the writing appeals it flowsSecondly the plot After Harry Potter hit there were a rash of books about young people in magical worlds and in magical schools Not all were good not all were bad many were so soI doubt anyone who's a fan of the Harry Potter books will be able to escape the comparison There's a lot of things to compare but it doesn't rip the story off It's not a copy of the book at all but there are several places where theycross into the same neighborhood What have here is a story that draws on mythology I just read some of the Frost ya books and they hit some of the same ground Of course the Percy Jackson books use Greek mostly Celtic andor Norse mythology From there we spring into the magical world where these myths and legends are of importance today Young people or YAs come to school to be trained in many things from the mystical to tactics and strategy view spoiler and of course our young protagonist is a prodigy hide spoiler

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SUMMARY The Hound of Rowan 107 Å ❰Epub❯ ➜ The Hound of Rowan Author Henry H. Neff – A vida sossegada de Max McDaniels está prestes a nunca mais voltar a ser como antes Durante uma visita com o pai ao Instituto de Arte de Chicago uma velha tapeçaria celta ganha vida à sua frente e A vida sossegada de Max McDaniels Ua frente e pouco depois Max recebe um enigmático convite para ingressar na Academia de Rowan. Okay it might turn out to be what some reviews keep saying a Harry Potter knockoff with no merits of its own But since Jo Rowling stole freely from her predecessors and just happens to be a good writer who revived an old formula at the right time I'm willing to give this one a chanceUPDATE 4709And I'm glad I did Lots of wonderful touches people keep mentioning Mum the reformed well mostlyhag cook with good reason she's wonderfully funny Well told well thought out and I'm glad the seuel is on my new book shelf because I'm ready to read it