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FREE READ Air Guitar Essays on Art Democracy í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➸ Air Guitar Essays on Art Democracy Author Dave Hickey – Air Guitar is Dave Hickey's memoir without tears a journey through the vernacular cultural landscape of the United States Ing from magic and psychedelia to gambling and the culture of little stories from automotive design to series television to Saturday morning cartoons The emphasis in these twenty three essays is on Air Guitar Epubthe way the arts function in the drift of everyday life outside the venues of official culture and on singular lives in the arts lived outside those venu. He reads like a mentor I never met First encountered his editorials in archives of LA magazine Art Issues striking rambling essays It makes sense that most find his views surprising In my view he is a Perennial thinker which is why he is at once successful and unpopular His business sense is also too pragmatic to appeal to the fantasy lottery economics many artists prefer to hear Even his detractors are passionate about it

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Air Guitar is Dave Hickey's memoir Essays on eBook #10003 without tears a journey through the vernacular cultural landscape of the United States in the second half of the twentieth century Looking back from the vantage point of his adopted hometown of Las Vegas Nevada Hickey speculates on everything from jazz and rock and roll to basketball and professional wrestl. I was first introduced to Dave Hickey through one of my painting classes my professor who was found of giving supplementary readings handed out a xeroxed chapter from this book I hated it I found Hickey to be smarmy and reactionary and I disagreed with almost everything he wrote A few months ago however I was reading a symposium in Art in America about the state of MFA programs Hickey was one of the contributors and much to my surprise the most compelling I still disagreed with him on many if not all of his points he argues for example that a school attempting to shield its students from the art market is only doing a disservice to its students in the long run Yet I found myself coming back to his piece several times I enjoyed disagreeing with him interesting and thought provoking than nodding in complacence with some article I agreed with Determined to give Air Guitar a second chance I picked up a copy the next time I saw it in storesHickey remains a reactionary but he's not a reactionary who wants to go back to the good ol' days of a simpler life Rather he longs for a time of rebellion Hickey values Democracy as the highest possible value and thinks that the best parts of human life flourish in the near anarchy of complete freedom This is a far cry from someone like Tom Wolfe who has simply ossified; his writings barely shrouded complaints against the kids these days generally as wrong as they are offensive One of the strengths of Hickey's writing is that he makes no attempt to separate his artistic and cultural criticism from the autobiography in which they were formed His views on the art market for example flow from his early involvement with hot rodding cars a group of DIYers using individual expressions as a way of subverting the hegemony of Detroit and the auto industry Though one may not agree with his ultimate conclusions they are such a logical outgrowth of his personal experiences that it's hard not to stop and for one brief second re evaluate one's own position

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Air Guitar Essays on Art DemocracyEs with meditations on the careers of Liberace Hank Williams Chet Baker Andy Warhol Johnny Mercer Norman Rockwell magicians Siegfield Roy and wrestler Lady Godiva Underlying Hickey's writing is an abiding belief that cultural life in a democracy can and occasionally does function in a democratic manner sustained by the whims of affection and the commerce of opinio. Besides his discussions of culture this book contains a wonderful short story called Glass Bottom Cadillac which is about Hank Williams For me that short story alone was worth the price of admission It remains one my favorite short stories and ought to be enshrined in one those thick as a brick anthologies that are used in university undergraduate courses