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Alabama Skye Gannon Family #1 free read ò 6 Û ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Alabama Skye Gannon Family #1 By J.C. Wing ❅ – When tragedy befalls Cheney McGillvray she decides to pack up and leave her beloved home on Scotland’s Isle of Skye She travels to the beachfront town of Kelby on Alabama's gulf coast and aArah’s beautiful old home into a Skye Gannon Family MOBI #242 proper Scottish B B right in the heart of America’s southland Both women realize the time to face their pasts has arrived in the weeks before they are to open Gannon’s Glen Cheney finds it difficult to hide the darkness of her past when she begins suffering from debilitating nightmares that bring Greer to her bedside at night and a hurricane sweeps in than stormy weather News of the destruction of his childhood home brings Greer’s high school sweetheart and their un. Alabama Skye is a gentle story of the fortunes of five women united by blood and circumstance The writing is excellent and all of the female characters are well presented and individual although the male characters are less well roundedThe two principal characters are Cheney McGillivray and Greer Dover aunt and niece who come together in Alabama to start a Scottish themed guest house in Kelby Alabama Cheney is a native of Portree in Ske a Gaelic speaking islander whose father left home and went to the USA Greer is his grand daughter through his second marriage the two branches only becoming aware of each other after his death Cheney recently widowed finds that she cannot continue her life as a boarding house keeper in the house which had run successfully with her husband's culinary skills She sells up and moves Stateside knowing that her father had made provision for her in his will In the bosom of her alternative family she finds the strength to pick up and carry onGreer is a recently ualified chef and is the perfect business partner for Cheney uickly adding the traditional Scottish dishes to her repertoire once she has got her head around a mix of metric British Imperial and personal measures in the recipes she has been given At the beginning of the book she is in the first trimester of pregnancy and the father has shown a clean pair of heels The family and her best friend honorary sister Noah rally round but the idea from Skye seems to come at just the right moment so despite some misgivings Greer agrees to give it a goWhat follows is a gentle unrolling of personal and family secrets and family events In terms of drama it is of a carousel than a roller coaster but the stories are honest and the unfolding events with hints and partial reveals of private memories brings the story to its conclusion and along the way trust is forged and the family works together to resolve its problems and celebrate its successesCheney's Gaelic can be problematic Only at one point is a translation supplied during an extended conversation and although the context and the absolutely tiny amount of Gaelic that I know related to mountain peaks than conversation usually helps it can be absolutely opaue Given that I have been criticised for my use of Old English and Welsh without translation in Cædmon The Lord's Poet I guess I can hold up my hands and say that I finally understand what the problem is It certainly should not ruin your appreciation of the book and I would invite readers to stick with it and even to try to understand the words that are being saidI would recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a gentle read celebrating the strength of women and family to come together and flourishI received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair review

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When tragedy Gannon Family Kindle #213 befalls Cheney McGillvray she decides to pack up and leave her beloved home on Scotland’s Isle of Skye She travels to the beachfront town of Kelby on Alabama's gulf coast and appears unannounced on her sister Meara's doorstep with a plan not only Alabama Skye ePUB #199 for her own future but also for that of her niece Greer fresh out of culinary school and two months pregnant takes the advice of her headstrong grandmother Sarah and agrees to a partnership with her aunt Together they transform S. Alabama Skye is a multi generational family saga After the death of her husband Cheney McGillvray moves from Ireland to live with her family in Alabama where she finds new life starting a Bed and Breakfast with her niece Greer Cheney is haunted by the circumstances of her husband’s death and struggles with envy and regret that she didn’t have her father in her life as her half sister did Greer struggles with her own demons having become pregnant from an unfortunate fling Together the family help one another grapple with their respective issues forming an even closer bond in the processWing’s characterizations are very well crafted Her characters are likable and lifelike drawing you into their struggles and making you care about the outcome The mystery surrounding the death of Cheney’s husband adds a nice element of suspense as the emotional drama plays outAlabama Skye hits all the right emotional beats Drawing from the world of cinema I would categorize this book as a “chick flick” geared toward women than men but not so much so that it is difficult for the male reader to enjoy If that’s not your thing then this book probably isn’t for you But if you enjoy getting into the lives of engaging characters working their way through interesting and challenging issues this is certainly a worthwhile read

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Alabama Skye Gannon Family #1Resolved relationship back into town Although they are nearly strangers separated by a forty year age gap Cheney and Greer lean on one another as they come to terms with their lives and realize the possibilities of their futures Sprinkled with humor and colorful descriptions of both the Gulf Coast and that of Scotland’s Inner Hebridean Islands Alabama Skye is a story about the strength of four generations of women who discover that when things go wrong the ones who stand by you and the ones who carry you are the ones you call family. I received an e book copy of Alabama Skye in exchange for an honest review I do not like to do a book report You can see what the story line is by reading other reviews or the back cover blurb I base my review on my own personal reaction to the bookThis is a very heart warming story of 5 women who are connected by family and friendship I loved the way the author developed the characters and kept me wondering what the history was of some of the women The way in which JC Wing brings them together is somewhat uniue It is truly not a love story but it is a romantic and tender history of these women I also found it fascinating how the men though an important part of the story really did not become central characters The focus is truly on the growing relationships of the women I almost did not want the story to end yet it has a very satisfying endingI look forward to reading from this author