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Choke Pillage #2Zzy starts her own rampage Beck realizes he can't let the devastation happen again Will he once and for all be able to change the course of events his family curse has destined for him?In this exhilarating seuel to Pillage Beck must use his natural ingenuity to sort out who can be trusted and who can't before it's too lat The first thing I liked about choke was the way the story played out i liked that throughout the book there would be different moments of intensity I felt as if the book could flip a one eighty at any moment Although as the story at the end did feel a tad rushed it was played off well with a sudden turn of events to Becks Dragon a beautiful ueen Dragon that rules over any other dragons The next thing I liked about this book is the feeling of never uite knowing everything until the end This series also to be a reoccurring theme to the ending where it's really good and leaves without giving you a cliffhanger or anything it just ends with all is right then the book ends and the next book begins a short time later in the time of the bookThroughout this book Beck a mischievous shaggy brown haired sixteen year old finds himself in the hospital in the beginning now don't expect me to tell you why if you really want to know you can go read this series Anyway beck moved to Kingsplot at the death of his adoptive mother to live with his dad Of course he makes some friends when he moves to his new home As well as a girlfriend Named Kate a red haired girl who was the first person to meet Beck on his train ride to kingplot who stays with him as she says “why do I like you?” to Beck all throughout the book maybe it's his charming good looks or maybe it's just the feel of adventureAldo there's Wyatt a girl chasing guy who was actually Becks first enemy as to when Wyatt was just the average bully with his goons He now chills with Beck and Kate usually talking his head off about how he gets all the girls He really doesn't

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mobi Ç Choke Pillage #2 ò Hardcover read ☆ gwairsoft ☆ ➾ [Download] ➾ Choke Pillage #2 By Obert Skye ➳ – Beck Phillips has spent his time since the dragon pillage of Kingsplot inflating a huge weather balloon inside a tiny building exploring all the forbidden roBeck Phillips has spent his time since the dragon pillage of Kingsplot inflating a huge weather balloon inside a tiny building exploring all the forbidden rooms in the manor and showing his natural propensity to act first and think laterBut he is a Pillage and dragons are part of his heritage Try as he might he can't igno My kids still loved the second book in this series but it was a lot slower a read and there wasn't uite the drive to keep reading The first book they cried if we couldn't read any given night and begged me to read than one chapter This second book they still enjoyed but with less intensityThe story was uite different from the first but the character was still true to himself There were still secrets and dragons and surprises A cute fun read aloud book

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Re their obvious lure Confronted with conflicting stories from adults who claim to know what's best for him Beck retrieves the last dragon egg in existence and takes it to a mountainside cave to hatchKate should be jealous when Beck becomes too attached to the dragon ueen Lizzy yet she too is irresistibly drawn in When Li I don't care what anybody saysI really really enjoyed this book It was a good ride