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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Heinrich von Ofterdingen Ì ✮ [PDF] ✩ Heinrich von Ofterdingen By Novalis ✻ – Il tema dominante di uesto capolavoro del Romanticismo tedesco è il viaggio iniziatico alla ricerca di se stessi Per la figura del protagonista Novalis si ispira a un trovatore medievale l'Ofterdinge Il Il tema dominante di uesto capolavoro del Romanticismo tedesco è il viaggio iniziatico alla ricerca di se stessi Per la figura del protagonista Novalis si ispira a un trovatore medieval. This is the first time that I have finished this book though I have started it many times if that is a good sign or a bad one I would say simply as a traveller I have freuently got lost in the opening lines Novalis was a bit of a Platonist there is for him the world which we see and then the deeper inner world the hero of this book journeys towards himself an impossible destination the longing and urgings in the text tempt the mind to day dreams did I read the book or dream it I'm not sure even rereading is rather like a reoccurring dreamIn this edition there is a bibliography I like bibliographies for me glancing through a bibliography is like being at the departure board of a railway station not a country station with one or at the most two platforms but a major hub with trains going off to famous cities maybe even to the capitals of other countries the distant places that you've heard of suggest adventures that you yourself might have but for the ticket already in your hand and a certain appointment that can't be missed A book is an adventure a journey in thought and feeling and a bibliography a menu promising strange new feastsNovalis died like all good Romantics of TBview spoilerthe song due to an excess of optimism has it the wrong way round though in the end Jimmie Rodgers got thoroughly whipped by that old TB too hide spoiler


E l'Ofterdingen appunto i cui tratti vengono però trasfigurati e fatti propri dall'autore stesso Heinrich von PDF or Il medioevo di Novalis è in realtà l'universo della sua filosofia. I laughed when I read many of the reviews on this book after the fact I had not read any reviews when I started this book and I'm not sure I would have started if I'd read many of the lack luster reviews I found this book when researching a line from CS Lewis' Surprised by Joy wherein Lewis describes himself as a “votary of the blue flower” which turned out to be a reference to German Romanticism specifically the works of Novalis Why is German Romanticism symbolized by a blue flower Apparently it is a direct result of this seminal work by Friedrich von Hardenberg also known as Novalis So I set out to read this seminal work to decipher the mystery of the blue flower and see if I myself might not become familiar with what Lewis knew Looking back at the reviews now I see that this book was on a list of “1001 books to read before you die” which seems to have inspired many other readers to give this book a try with rather elevated hopes I had no idea I was one book closer to being able to pass on peacefullyIn short I would say that my grand experiment in discovering what Lewis had discovered failed While so many other experiments in reading the books that inspired those who inspired me have paid off deliciously I think I lacked the appropriate background to fully appreciate this book on the first pass Setting aside the admittedly grandiose preconceived notions my thoughts on this book are mostly positiveThe character of Henry is somewhat flat for my tastes He is a young man who is trying to figure out what the world is all about via the tales and education he gets from others while he himself seems relatively un experienced at the beginning of the book He is definitely a dreamer and others see him as a poet From my experience the main attraction in Henry is that he seems to come into contact with interesting people and through him we get to hear their stores Possibly this is a commentary on the nature of the poet that their purpose is to get out of the way and let the stories shine It seems like Novalis is alluding to this dichotomy between “doers” and “thinkers” in the beginning of chapter 6 where he discussing the nature of heroes and poets a part of the book I found fascinatingAfter finishing those parts of the book that the author finished before dying I was sufficiently interested to be sad that it wasn’t finished In style this book reminded me of a combination of the Canterbury tales and the Faerie ueene Like Canterbury tales there is a journey involved as well as freuently a story within a story construction and like the Faerie ueene Novalis used much strong imagery and freuently poetry to convey a sense of mysticismAs this is such a short book and was so densely packed with interesting concepts I would have no ualms recommending this book to anyone genuinely interested in fantasy romantic writings or even philosophy however I could not in good conscience recommend it to anyone looking for a good light readOne of my favorite uotes describes the since of closeness and connection the character Henry feels for his newly discovered love Mathilda “She put a wondrous secret word into his mouth and it rang through his whole being He was about to repeat it when his grandfather called and he awoke He would have given his life to remember that word” I found this to be hauntingly beautiful


Heinrich von OfterdingenIn cui convivono accanto a tematiche oniriche e fantastiche spunti mutuati dall'idealismo tedesco e dall'alchimia in un singolare connubio un universo il cui senso è costituito dall'uom. NOVALIS ie Friedrich von Hardenberg 1772 – 1801‚Heinrich von Ofterdingen‘ published posthumous 1802An Ode to Poetry and Poets from the Great German Romantic periodAt first the novel when young Heinrich sets out to travel and discover the world the story appears very much inspired by Goethe’s ‘Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre’ 1795Pictures of the landscape conversations with fellow travelers new things to see every day Heinrich is delighted with his new life He learns to think about his future and what will be his destiny and what will he be and what he will do Fittingly the first chapter is named ‘Expectation’ Literature style at first appears simple and narrative Poetry songs and romantic dreams transform the traveling story into a wild fairy story of greatest fantasy love philosophy and mythology The second chapter is named ‘Fulfilment’This part is now pure poetry dream come true of love and philosophy of having reached his destinyOnly twenty pages were written in this chapter by the author before he died at a very young ageScholars have written many books about Novalis and his work Proclaimed him one of the greatest German Poets Philosopher and Thinker of his timeGoethe’s eual had he not died so youngIn reading all the notes and comments I became aware of the far reaching value and interest of Novalis’s work and will look for additional documentation