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Escaping NeverlandGood Reluctant to abandon the Lost Boys Peter searches for someone who can care for them and withstand the dangers of Neverland The t. What a daunting prospect writing a character as well known and praised as Peter Pan It would be difficult at best There are some things I think the author did fabulously The descriptions and explanations of Neverland were believable and I was able to picture them easily in my mind I loved the fairies and their various colors the mermaids and the Lost Boys I really loved Jane and thought her character was written well She was consistent fun and likable Peter however was sometimes disappointing As the child we all know Peter is fun loving playful and carefree In this story because he has grown up he is stressed serious suffers from panic attacks and carries the weight of the world Neverland that is on his shoulders In my mind I just couldn't align that Peter Pan with his playful childhood self The pirates were hard to stomach too though they had to be vilified in the plot Overall it was an entertaining read and I would recommend it to those who love fairy tale retellings It is evident a lot of thought was put into the story and I love the cover I'll be watching for future books from this author

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Peter Pan is growing up Nearing adulthood he faces a choice join the pirates of Neverland or face their wrath or leave Neverland for. I'm a huge fan of twists on fairy tales so when a friend suggested this author to me I was thrilled to check her out I chose Escaping Neverland because I loved Peter Pan by JM Barrie and had never read a twist on his story I'm super glad I chose this story because it was fantastic I love how much emotion and depth Peter was given His character was so complex The Lost Boys were adorable and Jane was a great female character as well I really loved this interpretation of Neverland and the characters of Peter Pan It's refreshing to read a story that has a different perspective on mermaids as well This is definitely going on my favorites shelf and I can't wait to read by Melissa Lemon

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Escaping Neverland review Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ➼ Escaping Neverland Download ➻ Author Melissa Lemon – Peter Pan is growing up Nearing adulthood he faces a choice join the pirates of Neverland or face their wrath or leave Neverland for good Reluctant to abandon the Lost Boys Peter searchesOugh and witty Jane seems like the perfect replacement until he realizes that leaving her is almost as unbearable as becoming a pirat. I always wished for Peter Pan to get to the point where he was ready to grow up I never pictured it being so difficult for him to get away but it makes sense that Neverland the lost boys were his life for so long that it would not only be hard to leave but hard for him to imagine the lost boys being okay without him So many things I loved about how the author described Neverland the fairies Trying to decide if Neverland is a much dangerous place than I thought or whether Peter Pan being so close to growing up perceived it as dangerous rather than the adventure it had been while he was younger Things to think about