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Hag SeedHag Seed is a re visiting of Shakespeare’s play of magic and illusion The Tempest and will be the fourth novel in the Hogarth Shakespeare series The Tempest is set on a remote island full of strange noises and creatures Here Prospero the deposed Duke of Milan plots to restore the fortunes of his daughter Miranda by using magic and illusion starting with a storm t I have now read three of the four re imaginings of Shakespeare's plays and this is my favorite to date by far Atwood and I have had an on and off again relationship but here she has outdone herself The Tempest a sorry of magic and fantasy revenge and hatred performed in a correctional institute by non violent offenders their stage manager Félix Félix has known his share of heartbreak and loss most recently betrayed by his assistant and ousted from a prominent positionWhat Atwood has accomplished here is original humorous magical and absolutely delightful She writes rap songs performed in the play reimagines lines and characters updates the dialogue and puts on a play with a few surprises that I would love to attend The characters are amazing lessons are learned and friendships are made Absolutely brilliant in my estimationARC from publisher

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Download Hag Seed Reader ò 293 pages ñ Gwairsoft Ù ❴Reading❵ ➶ Hag Seed Author Margaret Atwood – Hag Seed is a re visiting of Shakespeare’s play of magic and illusion The Tempest and will be the fourth novel in the Hogarth Shakespeare series The Tempest is set on a remote islaHat will bring Antonio his treacherous brother to him All Prospero the great sorcerer needs to do is watch as the action he has set in train unfolds In Margaret Atwood’s ‘novel take’ on Shakespeare’s original theatre director Felix has been unceremoniously ousted from his role as Artistic Director of the Makeshiweg Festival When he lands a job teaching thea After Felix artistic director of the Makeshiweg Festival gets weaseled out of his job by Tony his under cutting 'right hand man' he moves off grid into a hillside dwelling an old rustic small shack with cobwebs a smelly outhouse surrounded by weeds He tidied up the inside space butdespite his pathetic attempts at domesticity he slept restlessly and woke often Both Felix's wife and child are deceased He lived with grief yet when Felix was the artistic director of the very reputable theatre company which slime ball Tony is now it was Felix's memory of his 3 year old daughter Miranda who had recently died of meningitis that gave him purpose in directing The Tempest which he never got to finish being rushed out uickly Sonow Felix has disappeared uite successfully The sorrow of the loss of his daughter is intensifying He'd tries to stay busygoes to the library buys something at the hardware store just to hear the sound of an ordinary human voice Felix begins to wonder what's happening to him Had he begun to shamble? Was he regarded as a harmless local eccentric? Was he subject of tittle tattle or did anyone notice him at all? Did he even care?The silence began to get to him Not silence exactly The bird songs the chirping chirping of the crickets the wind in the trees The flies buzzing so contrapuntally in his outhouse Melodious SoothingSo what did Felix want? What did he care about? What was his purpose now? After spending reprehensible amounts of time sitting in the shade in an old chair he got from a garage sale staring into spaceHe's clear he needs a focus and purpose Eventually he concluded there were two things left for him to do two projects that could still hold satisfaction First he needed to get his 'TEMPEST' back He had to stage it somehow somewhere His reasons were beyond theatrical; they had nothing to do with his reputation his career – –none of that uite simply his Miranda must be released from her glass coffin; she must be given a life Second he wanted revenge He longed for it He daydreamed about it Tony and Sal must suffer His present woeful situation was their doing or a lot of it was They treated him shabbily He realizes that as Felix Phillips he's a washed up 'has been'but as Mr Duke he might have a chance It's been 12 years since he worked for Makeshiweg His new stage takes place inside a prisonThe Fletcher County Correctional Institute in Ontario A low profile job engaging with people getting back in the real world BRILLIANTNothing better to help mend grief and grievances than to bring Shakespeare to prisoners WHAT's NOT TO LOVE? The job came his way through a teacher in the Literacy Through Literature program The woman who hired Felix was worried worried that the prisoners would not be able to handle Shakespeare given that many of them could barely read Felix's argument was that Shakespeare's actors were journeyman and bricklayers and that they never read whole plays themselves They memorize their lines I believe in hands on said Felix as authoritatively as he could Hands on what? said Estelle truly alarmed now you have to respect your personal space you're not allowed to We'll be performing said Felix That's what I mean We'll enacting the plays They'll do assignments and write essays and all that

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Tre in a prison the possibility of revenge presents itself – and his cast find themselves taking part in an interactive and illusion ridden version of The Tempest that will change their lives foreverThere’s a lot of Shakespearean swearing in this new Tempest adventurebut also a mischief curiosity and vigour that’s entirely Atwood and is sure to delight her fa Old Hat New HatIt’s just over 400 years since Shakespeare’s death How can we ensure his continued relevance?The publisher’s answer was to commision a series of Shakespeare Retold novels Atwood’s answer was to demonstrate exactly how to cultivate understanding of and enthusiasm for the Bard to modern and potentially unenthusiastic students low literacy prisoners Picture “Do you have anything new by Shakespeare?”Atwood has a clear agenda Shakespeare was and is for everyone literacy matters and rehabilitation of criminals is possible She is also anti establishment especially politicians and has mixed feelings about pretentious theatricalityPlotFelix Phillips is the Artistic Director of the Makeshiweg Festival renowned for radical and very creative adaptations of the Bard After losing his wife and then small daughter he throws himself into staging his beloved Tempest only to be sacked and replaced by a friend in league with another friend and colleague Felix retreats to an anonymous and solitary life a hermit on a metaphorical island A decade later he takes on the running of a literacy and theatre course at a prison In the fourth year they do The Tempest That production is the main story The book ends with new beginnings for some but also shadows “ That strange mixture of nostalgia for the past mixed with joy for the future; the joy of others”It helps if you’re familiar with Shakespeare’s original though perhaps not if you adore it but the story stands on its own explaining parallels where necessary and there is a plot summary at the backTriumvirate of Themes Grief Revenge and PedagogyAlthough it repeatedly claims to be about revenge it's at least as much about coping with grief and about inspirational teaching GriefFelix lost his wife as she gave birth to their daughter Miranda her name is no coincidence for Felix or Atwood who then died of meningitis when she was only three He rattles off a list of lost daughters in Shakespeare noting that some of them were found Putting on The Tempest is not just a distraction but “ a kind of reincarnation What he couldn’t have in life he might catch sight of through his art” When that is taken away he has nothing left Grief drives him to the brink of madness maybe over the edge He is haunted by Miranda and wants only two things The Tempest and revenge though he makes little attempt to achieve either Felix has no Caliban or Ariel and his Miranda is a ghostly memory of his little girl ever present but aging with the passing years She is visible in twilight “ an intravenous drip Just enough illusion to keep you alive” “He never had to worry about her She was beyond harm It would have been a shock to her to learn that she did not exist Or not in the usual way” Years later he is finally able to cross the threshold of a toy shop only because she would have been too old to be interested by then “a world of damaged wishes forlorn hopes So bright so shining so out of reach for him”RevengeFelix monitors the careers of Tony and his fellow turncoat Sal O’Nally as they move from theatrical success to political office “ He follows them through the vibrations of the Web playing spider to their butterflies”Although revenge is often mentioned Felix seems m