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Free download º Her Best Friends Brother (Taming The Tulanes #3) Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ì [PDF / Epub] ✈ Her Best Friends Brother (Taming The Tulanes #3) ☀ Kay Stockham – They had one night That's all Shelby BroThere are rules against sleeping with friends' brothersThen Shelby discovers she's pregnant And Luke's Her Best PDFEPUBdetermined to do the right thing down to the bended knee proposal and the meeting at the altar As tempting. I have to stop reading these books They are infuriating and pointless Why why why do I keep reading them I can't even properly review this story because it was so god damn stupid that I get angry thinking about itYou sleep with him once and then he guilts you into marrying him and you agreebecause he's a nice guy He just threatened to take your child away unless you marry him and you go oh well gee I guess Are you serious Also I swear to god this is a direct uote The thought of you carrying my baby turns me on Can you just not Can you physically and literally just not Just don't Do not ever Get the fuck out I just I JUST

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They had one night That's all Shelby Brookes would allow herself to indulge in with Luke Tulane Yes he's gorgeous And yes he's the greatest guy she knows but he's her best friend's brother for crying out loud She's pretty sure. Rating 25This is the third in the Tulane series and about Nick's twin Luke the intelligent computer programmer Months before Luke slept with his sister's best friend Shelby on whom he had a crush on forever she was the beauty ueen to his nerd but Shelby has been avoiding him sneaking out and not taking his calls and then she sneaks out of Nick's wedding sick he follows her and learns she is pregnantI didn't enjoy this book much because the heroine was such a pain cruel and unreasonable first off she didn't think she would get pregnant because of health problems and she has been affected her whole life by her parents on and off relationship and her mother's theatrics then she learns that she is the daughter of another man fine I get it we were supposed to understand her emotional problems but I hated the way she treated Luke who was a great stand up guy She acts like a baby avoiding his calls and what not and only when Luke threatens to take the baby away as a last resort she acts a bit better marrying him but still behaving badlyAnd her behavior continues throughout

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Her Best Friends Brother Taming The Tulanes #3As his offer is Shelby's convinced she's not the marrying kind She's bound to hurt him and that's definitely against the rules of friendship Still she doesn't count on how persuasive Luke can be when he really wants somethinghe. Oh this was hilarously awful I mean it was a Harleuin so I didn't have high expectations to begin with Hugely predictable and really really cliched I'd forgotten how bad these books are I have two out of the stack of strip covers that I took home from work today I'm guessing they'll be just as LOLarious