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Mansion for My LoveAnd assault on her heart soon overcame her wavering resistance She agreed to marry him but some deep instinct of self preservation kept her from revealing her love and in time How to rate this angst fest? I'll show you5 stars for the beautiful writing the descriptions of the housebedsitbeachcity in New Zealand are exuisite and set the angsty tone 5 stars for the angst heroine is hurting when she discovers her groom kissing his sister in law on their wedding day5 stars for the rage inducing behavior of the hero post cheating kiss Make me love you and not her LOL make me not murder you and bury the body under that mansion you bought me5 stars for showing the frailties of human nature hero is afraid of intimacy so he wraps his love for his pitiful sister in law around him so he won't feel what he really feels for the heroine and thus be vulnerable5 stars for a heroine who holds on to her virginity and her dignity their entire courtship and many months of their marriage1 star for the heroine taking him back so uickly with only one I'm sorry 1 star for the heroine not going to a lawyer the day after their wedding1 star for the sister in law not apologizing to the heroine for seeking out her groom and kissing him right after the wedding ceremony and then agreeing to have an affair with him while he was still married to the h RD arranged that scene and sis in law should have groveled to the heroine I HATED her She should have divorced the hero's slimy brother and moved on 1 star for the hero pursuing the heroine in very long drawn out courtship and then making it her fault she was upset to find out he was in love with another woman1 star for the hero being such a wimp about his own feelings Yes it contradicts the five stars for human frailty I admire RD for bring it up but I don't have to like the heroSo I found this to be a mixed bag of highs and lows It starts out very slowly with a courtship that doesn't feel uite right RD does a great job showing just how reluctant our heroine is and just how entitled our hero is It lulls the reader into a hope that the marriage will work out and the heroine will be happy and then wham Let's pour on the angst and conflict happy sigh I will never have these character's problems Boogenhagen has all the spoilers in her excellent reviewTriggers dubious consentrape discussions of rape from the stone age

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Free eBook Ú ePub Mansion for My Love è 9780373105670 ☆ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Mansion for My Love Author Robyn Donald – He's not a good man to fall in love withFaine had not ignored the warning but even without his wealth charm and good looks Burke Harding had a magnetismHis deterHer decision was vindicatedI carefully avoided telling you that I love you he told her when Faine discovered she was a stand in for the woman he really loved but could not ha This is one of the absolute worst H's I have ever read The we learned about him the monstrous he became Everything he said was a poison dart sometimes intentional sometimes not

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He's not a good man to fall in love withFaine had not ignored the warning but even without his wealth charm and good looks Burke Harding had a magnetismHis determined pursuit Robyn Donald is one author who writes mean heroesmost of her books have mean rude selfish first class MCP and Burke is no exception he falls in all these catagory infact he is has no moralethics he is a slimy pathetic diplorable dirtbagfeeling much better my pentup anger is out Phewokay so here is my reviewFaine fell in love with Burkeso when Burke proposes she says yes n they get marriedBurke has his own motive to get married to FaineFaine was warned that Burke is not a man to fall is love with but she went ahead n the truth comes out on wedding day itself he was using her and the marriage to cover up the fact that he was in love with his brother's wifeLibby but for grandma's sake n cover up he marries FaineI guess my problem with the story is that Libby and Burke believed they were in love with each other Burke married Faine though Libby was married to Burke's brother Gavin Both Libby and Burke thought Gavin didn't know about each other's feelings? Um even grandma could sense something there I think grandma was happy when Burke married Faine she seemed to really like her and Faine liked Elled grandma So of course Burke uses that as a means to keep Faine at his side He wants to continue to have this marriage and he will hold up his vows Soon Gavin dies and all bets are off? Faine tells Burke to go and of course he does so He thinks to try his luck at Libby My problem is what about what grandma thinks now? They were all concerned before but now they don't care because it meshes with what Burke and Libby want?Burke goes to Libby they try to have Sex i guess they went till kisses n foreplay but they don't do the deed was Burke Libby realise they are not in love it was never love and Burke comes back to Faine n tells her these details n I Love U and all is forgivenBurke was terrible to FaineI found it so painful to read I wanted her to tell Burke to GET LOST Faine should have tried her luck with the other guy that she had been dating before and then I would have felt better about the ending Yet she doesn't and Burke shows up All is forgiven in a few short pages Where is the groveling???? I liked Faine and I liked some of the other aspects of this story but I'm not sure about the ending I cannot recommend this book