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READ Le Livre des Balti 107 á [Reading] ➸ Le Livre des Balti By Joël Dicker – «Se encontrar este livro por favor leia o ueria ue alguém conhecesse a história dos Goldman de Balti»Até ao dia do Drama existiam dois ramos da família Goldman os Goldman de Balti e os Goldman d «Se encontrar este livro por favor leia o ueria ue alg«Se encontrar este livro por favor leia o ueria ue alguém conhecesse a história dos Goldman de Balti»Até ao dia do Drama existiam dois ramos da família Goldman os Goldman de Balti e os Goldman de MontclairO ramo de Balti próspero e bafejado pela sorte mora numa luxuosa mansão Encarna a Le Livre eBook #220 imagem da elite americana abastada e influente ue v. Great book I like this writer although others seem to have reservations re the first book The Truth about the Harry uebert Affair but I loved that one too This book takes the reader through a tragic family chronicle The Balti Boys The Goldman Gang It kept me intrigued from start to finish Only remark I would make think I made this one for the first book too the text could have been edited in my opinion to make the book a bit to the point and lean Other than that that's a detail 5 stars and truly worthwhile to read Slowly the story unfolds you get pulled into the lives of the cast in Florida Balti and New York and you just know the outcome can't be that good Talented writer Interesting to see most book descriptions here as well as the reviews are in different languages I Dutch read the English translation of a French language book So here is the description Fresh from the staggering success of his book The Truth about the Harry uebert Affair Marcus Goldman is struggling to write his third novel A chance encounter in Florida throws him some inspiration Alexandra Neville the beautiful successful singer and Marcus' first love Memories of his childhood and growing up come flooding back Memories of a family torn apart by tragedy and a once glorious legacy reduced to shame and ruin The Balti Boys The Goldman Gang That was what they were called Marcus and his cousins Hillel and Woody Three brilliant young men with their dazzling futures ahead of them before their kingdom crumbled beneath the weight of lies jealousy and betrayal For years Marcus has struggled with the burdens of his past but now he must attempt to banish his demons and tell the true and astonishing story of the Balti Boys

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Ive em bairros exclusivos passa férias nos Hamptonse freuenta colégios privados Já os Goldman de Montclairsão uma típica família de classe média e vivem numa casa banal em Nova Jérsia É a esta família modesta ue pertence Marcus Goldman autor do romance A verdade sobre o caso Harry uebert Mas era à família feliz e privilegiada de Balti ue Marcus secreta. I loved “The Truth about the Harry uebert Affair” and I was delighted to read the seuel Author Marcus Goldman is about to start writing his new book and has relocated to Boca Raton Florida Florida reminds him of his Uncle Saul who lived there when he was older and a chance meeting with his ex lover Alexandra brings back memories of his youth and his cousins ‘the Balti Goldmans’ While his new neighbour the elderly Leonard Horowitz berates him for not getting down to work Marcus spends his time recalling the past and tries to piece together what happened so many years before This book goes back and forwards in time; taking us from 1960 to 2004 It is the story of three cousins; Marcus Hillel and Woodrow Finn Hillel is the son of Marcus’s Uncle Saul and Aunt Anita and Woodrow Woody is a young boy they adopt Throughout his childhood these ‘Balti Goldmans’ seem to define success and happiness to Marcus They live in a beautiful house with a holiday home at the Hamptons and are wealthy attractive and exude happiness and success Marcus delights in staying with them while on his return home everything seems slightly dull and tainted His father is not as self assured as Uncle Saul his mother not uite as attractive as Aunt Anita and he envies Hillel and Woody their closenessAs the story progresses different characters enter the story; including Scott Neville a school friend of Hillel and Woody and his sister Alexandra We learn of friendships relationships family arguments and sporting ambitions Along the way we know from the very beginning that there is a tragedy which unfolds Obviously I do not want to write any spoilers here but we learn of what happened slowly and some readers may find the long winding story difficult Yes this book could have been edited to be shorter but personally I really enjoyed learning about the Goldman family – even if my disinterest in sport was tested to the limit Obviously Marcus gradually learns that everything he thought was so impressive and seemingly perfect as a young man could not possibly be so uncomplicated Through learning about the reality of his cousins lives he begins to come to terms with his own feelings of yearning to belong to the ‘Balti Goldmans’ and to be accepted by them I liked Marcus very much and loved the way that the novel unfolded gradually to reveal the layers of complicated relationships beneath the façade If you enjoyed the ‘Harry uebert Affair’ then you will undoubtedly enjoy this If though you have read the earlier book and found it a struggle then will probably feel the same way about this as in format if not in content it is uite similar I will certainly read anything else by this author which is translated and I am confident I will enjoy it

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Le Livre des BaltiMente desejava pertencer Mas tudo isto se transforma com o DramaOito anos depois do dia ue tudo mudou é a história da sua família ue Marcus Goldman decide investigar Movido pelas memórias felizes dos tempos áureos de Balti procura descobrir o ue se passou no dia do Drama ue mudaria para sempre o destino da família O ue aconteceu realmente aos Goldman de Balt. 'In books people who are no longer with us can meet again and embrace'This is a long over long really book about family brotherhood love lies loyalty rivalry and secrets as seems to have become irritatingly de rigeur we have a fragmented narrative where Marcus skips between 'now' and various moments in the past We know from the first page that his cousin Woody is going to prison and that a tragedy follows but the events are withheld until the end the narrator speaking only of 'The Tragedy' cute or frustratingThere's so much smart writing here that it's annoying when Dicker gets it wrong the first section for example is far too drawn out for what it needs to do We 'get' the points he's making sooner than he seems to think whether his narrator is conjuring up Proust style his childhood with his cousins or faffing around in the present with an annoying next door neighbour and re meeting his one time love That said the characters are attractive and once the boys move into adolescence and early manhood things pick up There are lots of misunderstandings that don't get cleared up till the end but also some lovely portraits of male friendship and love rivalry and brotherhood The end manages to be both moving and also melodramatic I 'bought' it when caught up in the book but when the covers are closed it seems unconvincing and a bit over heated So a book overall which I liked rather than loved but it's interesting to have a kind of family sagacoming of age written with a masculine focus and sensibilityReview from an ARC courtesy of Vine