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Black people live in Kingsmarkham One of them is Wexford's new doctor Raymond Akande When the doctor's daughter Melanie goes missing the Chief Inspector takes than just a professional interest in the caseMelanie just down from university but unable to find a job. Like I mentioned before that book on women crime writers made me want to read crime and so I did Simisola was one of the books analysed and it sounded really interesting so I picked it up It's an Inspector Wexford mystery to be specific it's a police procedural but I think it can be read as a standalone As for the plot that's a bit harder to describe but here goesThe daughter of Inspector Wexford's GP Melanie Akande has gone missing As Wexford investigates the body of Annette Bystock who was probably the last person to see her And then another body turns upThis is a police procedural with an intricate plot and an overarching theme Wexford is a decent man who is struggling in a world that has changed without him knowing The change being that England is no longer 99% whiteThis investigation leads him to recognise and confront his hidden prejudices while painting a bleak picture of England right now Life isn't easy for anyone and a lot of people clearly aren't coping well At times it felt like Ruth Rendell hammered in the England is racist message a bit too strongly and made it very obvious but for the most part she let the characters and the story indict themselves For example possible spoilers if you didn't read the blurb when the second body is found Inspector Wexford immediately assumed it was Melanie because the victim was black even going as far as to break the news to her parents When they realise it's not her their anger is heartbreaking and a huge moment of realisation of how unconsciously racist he is for WexfordThe only weak point of the book apart from veering dangerously close to preachy occasionally is that it'a really really complicated Perhaps my brain isn't just working but despite reading most of the book in one sitting woohoo for free days with no plans when the murderer was revealed my first reaction was who Wexford does do a recap which I was grateful for but unlike most mysteries the reveal was confusing than de mystifyingIf you want a mystery that makes the problem of racism a part of the story you'll want to pick this book up It is a grim bleak read but it is a worthwhile one because we always need to be confronted with our hidden prejudicesThis review was first posted at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile

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SimisolaDisappeared somewhere between the Benefit Office and the bus stop Or at least no one saw her get on the bus when it cameWhen the body of a young black woman is discovered Wexford must overcome his underlying prejudices to allow his investigative skills to succeed. Actual rating 35This book was intended for my Mystery Fiction class but the professor was unable to find an easy way to procure copies for us; most publishers did not have it in print at the time Much later I found a copy at a used book sale and so I bought it on the strength of our professor's recommendationThinking back on the course this book would have been a perfect fit and its replacement The Laughing Policeman touches on similar themes This book's main story arc is that of Melanie Akande a young woman who is part of one of the few black families in Kingsmarkham She disappears one day but the search for her proves to be a difficult one Chief Inspector Wexford is called in to solve the case not only because it is on his turf but also because Melanie's father is his GPOver the course of the story Rendell touches on themes of race and class Wexford and others on the force deal with their own attitudes to race as they solve the case one twist in particular which I shall not give away really opens Wexford's eyes on that front Class and employment are two other important threads to the story Melanie is the daughter of upper middle class parents but she has resorted to the Job Centre to find work in her chosen field of performing arts which her parents feel is not good enough for her All roads lead to the Job Centre actually so it plays a major part in the case It ties to Wexford's personal life too; his daughter and son in law are forced to go on the dole temporarilyThe book was well written reminiscent of A Judgement in Stone which is the only other Rendell novel I've read I did read one of her books that she wrote as Barbara Vine and found it difficult to get through I left it unfinished fortunately this book is not like that It unfolds at a decent pace and the solution is fair and there are several twists that I did not see coming Also the explanation for the title which comes right at the end of the book is very bittersweet But still this isn't one of my favourites Perhaps having it studied in Mystery Fiction would have made it interesting

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Read Simisola ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [Ebook] ➩ Simisola ➨ Ruth Rendell – The sixteenth book to feature the classic crime solving detective Chief Inspector WexfordWhen a young black woman goes missing in Kingsmarkham Wexford must respond to a test not only of his powers of The sixteenth The sixteenth book to feature the classic crime solving detective Chief Inspector WexfordWhen a young black woman goes missing in Kingsmarkham Wexford must respond to a test not only of his powers of deduction but of his basic beliefs and prejudicesOnly eighteen. Read by Christopher RavenscroftTotal Runtime 10 Hours 56 Mins Description Black residents are highly visible in a small English country town like Kingsmarkham Yet Dr and Mrs Akande's daughter Melanie fresh from university but a disappointment to her career driven parents has disappeared into thin air She was last seen at the Employment Centre where she has just signed on for social assistance when she inexplicably vanished Now Inspector Wexford finds himself with an investigation complicated by Melanie's feckless boyfriend his own eye for a too pretty employment counsellor and a bizarrely incompetent burglaras well as a systematic adulterer a vengeful wife a treacly politician and a perplexing corpse The case will take Wexford from a sunny soigne garden party to the greyness of unemployment in a derelict shack and finally onto the streets Here his endless fascination with the peculiarities of human nature leads him from a volatile mix of motives and suspects straight into an explosion of snobbery sexism racism and brutal murder in blood both hot and cold Social issues are to the fore here feminism race unemployment ageism and foriegn workers3 From Doon With Death Inspector Wexford #13 A New Lease of Death Inspector Wexford #23 Wolf to the Slaughter Inspector Wexford #32 The Best Man to Die Inspector Wexford #43 A Guilty Thing Suprised #53 No More Dying Then Inspector Wexford #63 Murder Being Once Done Inspector Wexford #73 Some Lie and Some Die Inspector Wexford #83 Shake Hands Forever Inspector Wexford #93 A Sleeping Life Inspector Wexford #103 Put on by Cunning Inspector Wexford #111 Speaker of Mandarin Inspector Wexford #123 An Unkindness of Ravens Inspector Wexford #133 The Veiled One Inspector Wexford #143 Kissing the Gunner's Daughter Inspector Wexford #153 Simisola Inspector Wexford #163 Not in the Flesh Inspector Wexford #212 The Vault Inspector Wexford #23