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Summary è eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Sherri Hayes Book of a book seriesStephan Coleman knows what his future holds as the president of a not for profit foundation and he knows what he wants out of life All that Slave Finding Kindle changes w. When I first read the synopsis a rich handsome philanthropic young man heavily into Ds acuires a young lady to keep as his submissive in his apartment I was thinking Are the Shades of Fifty to be thus polluted But I was wrong very wrong This book is absolutely nothing like Fifty Shades there is no BDSM hardly any sex and it's not an erotic romance It's a story of a damsel deep in distress being rescued by a knight in shining armour It's beautiful but deeply disturbingStephan is our knight a young but very rich CEO who is very much a dominant One of his friends tells him that he's seen a young girl being kept by someone that they know as a slave and that she looks terrified and is also for sale Stephan has the wealth to buy a slave but is deeply opposed to the practice but goes to check her out anyway When he sees her Brianna he is appalled She is clearly not there by choice she is terrified and badly bruised He buys her and takes her home with a view to freeing her but realises she is deeply scarred emotionally and needs some careful guidance Brianna of course believes she has swapped one evil and brutal sadist Master for another and it takes a long time for trust to buildBrianna just breaks your heart – she has been so badly misused by her previous Master that she is not just submissive she is completely and utterly broken down She is scared to death of her new Master what he will do to her and her fear is just palpableBrianna's experiences with her previous Master are only partially and slowly revealed mostly through her own flashbacks The chapters are told from either Stephan's or Brianna's alternating POV and it's through her anxiety that we start to see what has happened to her in the past It's deeply disturbingSlowly Stephan realises that he is falling in love with this young girl and she is only 18 and that she may never have the emotional strength or capacity to return his love We're left very much on edge at the end of this novel and I just want to bash Sherri Hayes over the head for doing it to us Brianna is left pondering a choice at the end and her decision is unknown Grrrrrr Still I guess it's the hallmark of a good story well told that it leaves you desperate for So I urge people to read this it's not a hardcore BDSM novel which is what I was expecting it's the story of an abused young girl and her first faltering steps on the long road to recovery It's stunning the words zipped past my eyes at a rate of knots and I just couldn't put it down Bring on the seuelBig BIG 5 stars

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Free read Slave Finding Anna ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ ➹ [Read] ➵ Slave Finding Anna By Sherri Hayes ➼ – Book 1 of a 4 book seriesStephan Coleman knows what his future holds as the president of a not for profit foundation and he knows what he wants out of life All that cha Elled to help this girl in the only way he knows howBrianna knows only one thing she is a slave She has nothing She is nothingCan Stephan help Brianna realize that she is much than just a slave. Sorry I was bored There seems to be a whole lot of conversations and scenes of them eating but no sex And seeing that this book was listed as Erotica I was expecting uite a shit load of sex But nope There's barely anyAnd why does this book kinda feel like reading FSOG all over againAnyway long story short I got bored I couldn't finish it Writing was repetitive and boring This book was a waste of time And it seems like them boobs and vagina hasn't been doing it for me lately since I have been chucking book off left and right So I'm gonna go find myself some dick on dick action CiaoBlog Le me has a blogYoutube This is ze youtube

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Slave Finding AnnaHen a simple lunch with his college friend mentor and fellow Dominant Daren leads him to buying a slaveThrust into a situation he never thought he’d be in Stephan can’t walk away He is comp. I did like itI just I don't think that anything has been solved everything is as open as in the beginning of the story Also I am conflicted about Stephan taking upon himself alone the responsibility of saving BriannaBook 2 Need Book 3 Truth Book 4 Trust