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Download Reader ¶ Battle of the ueens ´ 480 pages ☆ Jean plaidy ☆ ❮Reading❯ ➺ Battle of the ueens ➲ Author Jean Plaidy – The first half of the thirteenth century is dominated by two women as proud and ambitious as they were beautiful yet differFlamboyant and passionate a medieval Helen of Troy wife to King John and mother to Henry IIIBlanche of Castile serene and virtuous ueen of France wife of Lou Drama but not much fact

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Is VIII and mother of Louis IXThe two women hated each other on sight Isabella would stop at nothing not even murder in her passion to destroy the French uee After the fantastic “Prince of Darkness” this seuel turned out to be a let downFirst off the author not only repeats information too many times from this story but she also recalls way too much from the previous novels in the Plantagenet saga I found this tedious as well as unnecessary Some references to the former kings and ueens are relevant but we don’t need to re read huge chunks that have been covered in the previous booksI also feel this would’ve worked better if it had been linear For instance we find out early on that Philip of France has died yet in a subseuent chapter we go back in time when the French king is alive again This leads to annoying repetitionA third big problem I have is the number of people covered The author would’ve been better off dividing this into three novels and focusing on fewer characters at a time It’s even harder to keep up with the narrative when you’ve than one Isabella Eleanor etc to contend withThis isn’t a bad book in my mind hence the three star rating but had Ms Plaidy given it thought spent time cutting all the repetition and limited the amount of characters’ lives she was reliving then this could’ve been a brilliant effort

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Battle of the ueensThe first half of the thirteenth century is dominated by two women as proud and ambitious as they were beautiful yet different in all other ualitiesIsabella In The Battle of the ueens Plaidy offers yet another great insight into the turning of the wheels of that era the eternal struggle between England and France with the Church as an ever present puppet master The two protagonists in the title whom the book centres on are Isabella mother of Henry III of England and Blanche mother of Luis IX of France The two women who despised each other couldn't be different Isabella hot tempered promiscuous self centred and Blanche pious level headed thoughtful of others Alongside the lives of the great historical personages Plaidy includes those of seemingly lesser importance who had nonetheless a great impact on history or even those who had none but give her story colour and beat from the siblings of Henry III to nursemaids And at that she doesn't forget Eleanor of Auitaine in the last years of her life who remained a powerful historical player till her very end Thus the one thing that always frustrates me in historical fiction women being looked upon as nothing than political bargaining chips is upturned on its head in Plaidy's books For despite being reduced to objects for political games of men women were most often the ones who actively decided the fate of nations and affected the world history at large Isabella and Blanche were definitely one of those proverbial women behind successful men the women who made their names or – in Isabella's case – sometimes ruined themCross posted from BookLikes