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The Cat the Wife and the Weapon A Cats in Trouble Mystery #4 free read Å 106 Ñ [Read] ➵ The Cat the Wife and the Weapon A Cats in Trouble Mystery #4 By Leann Sweeney – When uilter Jillian Hart returns to her lake house in Mercy South Carolina she discovered her friend Tom is mWhen uilter Jillian Hart returns to her the Wife Epub #217 lake house in Mercy South Carolina she discovered her friend Tom is missing and his est. Jillian Tom and Candice are back with their many cats for another cozy murder mystery In this episode Tom's brother has moved into his home uninvited his stepson has shown up covered in blood and his ex wife is up to something It's up to Jillian to solve the mystery and save the dayand with her daughter in law being the editor of the local newspaper perhaps she can even keep the high crime rate in Mercy from getting any unwanted attention The Cats in Trouble mysteries aren't all that surprising They are written to a formula and all of the books with the exception of #5 The Cat the Mill and the Murder follow the same basic pattern It's not a criticism I enjoy these books a lotbut they aren't the sort of books you can read one after another

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Ranged half brother has moved into Tom's house Jillian doesn't trust the guy especially since he allowed Tom's diabetic cat to escape When police. uilter Jillian Hart couldn’t wait to get home after spending a week at craft fairs and cat shows across several Southern states She hasn’t heard from her friend Tom Stewart and she is than a little concerned It isn’t like him not to answer her phone calls So when she returns to Mercy South Carolina she takes her three kitties home and goes to Tom’s house He’s not there but his brother is A brother she never knew about Jillian immediately distrusts Tom’s brother especially when she discovers he allowed Tom’s diabetic cat to escape and go missingTo Jillian’s horror the police find Tom’s car wrecked with a dead body inside When Tom shows up with bruises Jillian fears for his life To add to the confusion Tom’s stepson arrives in town with a concussion a memory loss and a dog named Yoshi Jillian is determined than ever to find out what’s going on although she can’t help but wonder why Tom never mentioned his brother or his stepson She fears these secrets might have led to murderThis is the 4th book in Leann Sweeney’s “A Cats in Trouble Mystery Series” and each book that I’ve read has been wonderful I read the first two books I haven’t read the third book yet but I have it on my NookIt’s a fast paced book with lively dialogue and a cast of very likeable and charming characters Jillian and her three fur babies – Merlot Syrah and Chablis – are delightful Not only do the human characters come alive in this book so do the furry characters I enjoyed getting reacuainted with all the citizens of Mercy and meeting new ones too We even get a nice romance tossed in the mix between Jillian and TomThis is a “must read” series for any cozy mystery fan especially for a cat lover like meFTC Disclosure The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way All opinions expressed are my own

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The Cat the Wife and the Weapon A Cats in Trouble Mystery #4Officers find Tom's wrecked car with a dead stranger inside Jillian is determined to find out what happened to Tom before someone else turns up de. The Cat the Wife and the Weapon is a cozy mystery This book is the fourth in the series but you don't need to read the previous books to understand this one and this book didn't spoil the mysteries in the previous booksThe heroine was a sensible lady at least when it came to dealing with a crisis She was directly involved in the events so she didn't have to poke about to find clues the clues were happening all around her Whodunit wasn't difficult to figure out though it took a little longer to figure out whyThe characters were either super nice people who all wanted to cooperate to solve the mystery or they were mean scary or obnoxious bad guys It was fairly easy to determine who would play what role in the story And the eighteen year old boy acted like a twelve year old who came from a loving sheltered family not a runaway from a abusive neglectful family So the characters were fun but not very realisticThe cats and dog were also main characters and their every action was mentioned even if it was just to go lie in the sun They acted like idealized versions of cats and dogs or Jullian interpreted their actions that wayThe author freuently cut short potentially suspenseful scenes which meant that the novel lacked suspense The story wasn't always predictable in the sense that the scenes could have had this that or the other happen but didn't but it was never surprisingThere was no sex There was a minor amount of explicit bad language and a minor amount of fake bad language While the novel wasn't bad it also didn't leave me sorry to see it finish If you like mysteries involving lovable cats and dogs then you'd probably enjoy this oneI received this book as a review copy from the publisher