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EBOOK ´ EPUB The Desert Virgin é 9780373125258 FREE ã ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Desert Virgin By Sandra Marton ✪ – Gwairsoft.co.uk Cameron Knight is a fearless troubleshooter on a mission in the desert kingdom of BaslaamLeanna DeMarco is a ballerina; shes been abducted to dance for the sultan of BaE sees a way to escape with her across the sands But shes temptation Can Cam resist taking the sultans gi It was okay The Hero was a bit of a buttface The author relied heavily on tropes to carry the story

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Cameron Knight is a fearless troubleshooter on a mission in the desert kingdom of BaslaamLeanna DeMarco i What a great start to Mills Boon fabulous author Sandra Marton’s The Knight Brothers Trilogy Beginning with Cameron the oldest brother the story takes you on a total flight of imagination set in a desert country that captures you into a world of fantasy action passion and romance Cameron Knight is a true alpha male Described and I uote from author’s description “At thirty two Cameron Knight stood six foot four inches tall He had green eyes and a leanly muscled body courtesy of his Anglo father; jet black hair and knife sharp cheekbones thanks to his half Comanche mother He loved beautiful women fast cars and dangerIn all the ways that mattered he was still the dangerously handsome bad boy half the girls in Dallas Texas had lusted after when he was seventeen” On a mission to the desert country he’s offered a beautiful woman for his pleasure She’s Leanna De Marco a ballerina abducted by slavers and sold to the evil Sultan of BaslaamEscaping together into the desert they are soon on an adventure beyond their imagination Fleeing armed bandits finding an oasis haven and having to overcome a lot of obstacles before being rescued Suspenseful and romantic times filled with some gorgeous and hot love scenesLots of thrills and twists and turns before Cam and “Salome” Cam’s name for her and very apt too get together again oh loved the ballet sceneand find their HEA If only both had been a bit open with each other it may not have taken such a long time for them getting finally together But I suppose it did add tension to the plotThe two characters were very well drawn and great sexual tension between them I liked the dialogue and the storyline was exciting and kept you glued to your seat until the last page I also enjoyed the fact that the story is set in the desert but it’s not about a sheik for a change

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The Desert VirginS a ballerina shes been abducted to dance for the sultan of BaslaamWhen the sultan offers Leanna to Cam h Leanna DeMarcos is kidnapped by sex slavers and sold to an evil despot who in turns gives her to Cameron Knight Cameron and Leanna escape and fall in love yadda yadda yaddaI had high hopes for this story after seeing it's 5 star rating on It was awful awful awful Completely ludicrous Leanna should be traumatised She is held in captivity for weeks sold and stripped naked and mauled in front of a group of male strangers When Cameron meets her he tears off her bra in front of the previously mentioned group of strangers takes her to his room and ties her to his bed Then we get one of the biggest cliches in romance novels he thinks she's a slut but discovers she's a virgin when they have sex I really don't like this plot device It always makes me wonder what would happen if she wasn't a virgin of if he didn't realise I would much rather the hero realises the heroine isn't a slut without having to actually have sex with her first Anyway upon discovering her innocence Cameron withdraws literally to which Leanna responds by seducing him At the end of the book Cameron is furious with Leanna because he thinks she doesn't love him after he has totally rejected her and told her he doesn't love her sneaks into her room in the dark and holds her against the wall by the throat while he once again strips her and feels her up She of course responds by being ecstatically happy to see him Ugh Characters like this are why romance novels have a bad reputation Ludicrous absolutely ludicrous