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READ Î The Devilish Duke Saints Scoundrels #1 ¼ [EPUB] ✼ The Devilish Duke Saints Scoundrels #1 By Maddison Michaels – Devlin Markham the notorious “Devil Duke” of Huntington needs a woman And not just any woman If he can’t woo one of the most eccentric bluestockings of the Ton within the month he c what he wants in business and pleasure A man who’s everything she’s always feared most but whom she reluctantly begins yearning forThen Sophie becomes the target of a killer lurking from the dark shadows of Devlin’s past And they find not only their lives in jeopardy but their very heart. I really loved this book Devlin and Sophie were made for each other and their dialogue was sparkling and witty The secondary characters were fab especially loved Aunt Mabel she made me laugh and Sophie's brother Daniel was rather dishy hope he gets his own book The pacing was great and the murdermystery had me guessing who the bad guy was right up to the end This was a wonderful read from a debut author and I will definitely be looking forward to her future books This ARC was provided by the Publisher for an unbiased review

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Devlin Markham the notorious “Devil Duke” of Huntington needs Duke Saints ePUB #9734 a woman And not just any woman If he The Devilish eBook #9734 can’t woo one of the most eccentric bluestockings of the Ton within the month he can kiss Devilish Duke Saints eBook #8608 his hard earned fo. 35 starsI can't believe I'd forgotten that this book was on my reading list I had a marvellous time reading this story that's set in 1855 Britain This was a lovely debut novel by the author with my favourite type of historical H the rakish rogue H who also happens to be a filthy rich duke And trust me this guy is sinfully rich because he's one of the few noblemen who go against conventional Ton policy by actively participating in industry and commerce The heroine's a bluestocking with a purpose that doesn't include annoying the F out of me the way bluestockings sometimes tend to do in some historical romances with their overbearing know it all attitude and superior self righteousness Sophie was a heroine with a good heart who always looked at the bright side of a bad situation The novel explores the engagement of convenience trope and mingles in some intrigue a murder mystery and a healthy sprinkling of witty repartee as well Devlin the Duke of Huntington has a somewhat unsavoury reputation as a ladies man Women married and single chase after him while he just smiles smugly and laps up all the attentionThe heroine Sophie hadn't ever been introduced to Devlin until one fateful night when she attended a ball at his townhouse Sophie had had a great infatuation with another guy the Earl of Abelard and when she'd seen him enter the upstairs library with a young debutante she wanted to see what was happening The heroine ended up removing her crinoline skirt frame and climbing a tree to spy on the couple But she got than she bargained for because another couple turned up the H and a skanky married woman Sophie's curiosity got the better of her and she couldn't help herself She just had to crane her neck and watchThe naive heroine had heard about married women cavorting with rakes but she'd never actually seen evidence of itIn her enthusiasm to see she ended up falling out of the tree and this prevented the H from continuing with his illicit rendezvous The only reason I'm making light of it is that the H never actually did than kiss the skanky married OW I really appreciated the fact that the author was able to put the brakes at that point and not give the reader a full fledged make out or sex scene between a H and an OW That's the only way I'm able to appreciate a rakish H if his rakishness is a thing of the past after he meets the heroine Devlin definitely gave up his citizenship status in the kingdom of Manwhoria after he got involved with Sophie The engagement of convenience came about after the prudish and family oriented ueen Victoria demanded that Devlin mend his ways “The obvious lack of respect you hold for your title is easily witnessed by all If we did not know of your shrewd business acumen we would think you nothing but a halfwit who was led around by his nether regions” The ueen was never one to mince words Michaels Maddison The Devilish Duke Kindle Locations 292 294 Entangled Publishing LLC Kindle Edition The H is basically blackmailed by the cunning ueen; she refused to agree to one of his important business proposals unless he settled down with a suitable respectable bride At first Devlin was shocked and horrified He totally refused to adhere to the ueen's reuest and made his objections even clearer than this rottweiler doesBut the funniest thing to me is that Devlin loved making money than he wanted to hang onto his bachelorhood Therefore he decided to marry a suitable young lady and there was only woman that came into his mind the heroine This is the heroine SophieThis is the H DevlinThe romantic storyline was buoyed by the MC's sexy chemistry and their humorous attempts to outwit each other Sophie has no interest in getting married and she's totally devoted to raising funds for an orphanage The H's sudden courtship of the heroine meanders into rough waters with the return of her old crush Lord Abelard For the first time in his life the H actually gets into a fight over a woman when he and Lord Abelard both try to outdo each other to impress the dazed heroine It was awesome I couldn't stop laughing during that scene where both men are taunting each other and gearing up to fight in the middle of Sophie's receiving room The advent of the heroine's colourful eccentric aunt Mabel just spiced things up even One thing I enjoyed about the novel was the author's ability to balance the light hearted and funny romantic scenes with the creepy suspense filled murder storyline The secondary murder storyline revolves around this unknown villain who's got a vendetta against Devlin This villain murders 2 maids and a footman in his attempt to conceal his identity from the MC's The MC's are drawn into further intrigue because one of the murdered maids had been an orphan who had lived at Sophie's orphanage The heroine keeps rushing to try and solve the crime all by herself as heroines always do and the H ends up arriving just in time to prevent her creating even further disaster Devlin's character arc was handled uite well in my opinion He's one of the tortured H's; he hates his late grandfather since the latter had engineered the murder of his the H's parents And he's cynical about love because no one has truly loved him since the demise of his parents His hagwitch aunt is also embroiled in the secondary murder storyline since she's in cahoots with the unknown villain One of the best things about these MC's is that they're loyal to each other even before they fall in love This was proven twice over when Sophie refused to believe liesrumours about the H The heroine even stood up for Devlin during a scene at the opera and had a great big verbal cat fight with his nasty old aunt when that hagwitch was belittling him publicly “You go too far Madam” Sophie exclaimed before he could respond stepping forward “You have no right to speak to him like that” Devlin glanced in surp

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The Devilish Duke Saints Scoundrels #1Rtune good bye But he’s always thought love a wasted emotion and marriage an inconvenience at best And oddly enough Lady Sophie Wolcott seems unmoved by his charmWhen Sophie learns her beloved orphanage is in imminent danger she will do anything to save it Even marry a ruthless rake who takes. Not so Devilish in the endI was extremely satisfied with my listening experience of The Devilish Duke The characters were engaging the storyline kept me captivated from start to finish and the love that bloomed between Devlin and Sophie was believable I was convinced I knew who was causing mayhem and murder then found myself doubting myself towards the end A new player came to the front and I knew my doubts were well founded I just never expected him to be as dastardly as he ended up beingThe narrator does a very good job and was convincing playing all characters both male and female Justine Eyre's voice is easy to listen to and it was never hard to tell when the characters changedThis was my first story by Madison Michaels and I enjoyed it enough to say that it will not be my last I liked the characters she created and the love story gave me heart flutters and left me sighing with contentment at the endIf you're a fan of audiobooks enjoy historical romance with a hint of mystery and love seeing a Rake becoming a loving and devoted husband by the end I highly recommend giving The Devilish Duke a try